Raheem Morris will interview for Browns defensive coordinator position


The Browns have a new head coach.  They soon may have a new defensive coordinator.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Redskins defensive backs coach Raheem Morris will interview for the job on Friday.

Morris previously served as head coach of the Buccaneers.  In 2011, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski went against Morris and the Bucs twice, when Chudzinski was the first-year offensive coordinator in Carolina.  The Panthers won both games easily:  38-19 and 48-16.

Ordinarily, an assistant coach’s team may block him from interviewing for anything other than a head-coaching job.  Per Stroud, the Redskins and Morris agreed when he was hired last year that he would be permitted to interview for defensive coordinator positions.

Of course, the Browns already have a defensive coordinator — Dick Jauron.  If he currently has an opportunity to land work elsewhere and if the Browns are stopping him from doing so because he’s under contract in Cleveland, here’s hoping the Browns resolve his status sooner rather than later so that he has a fair chance to find another job.

UPDATE 7:11 a.m. 1/17/13:  Jauron and all other assistant coaches under contract with the Browns have the ability to pursue other work despite being under contract.

38 responses to “Raheem Morris will interview for Browns defensive coordinator position

  1. Sure, if there really is someone named “Raheem Morris”! That could be anyone in that picture…

  2. Cleveland would have excellent coordinators if he, or Pagano from San Diego, are hired. Also, if Norv Turner is announced as OC, which is said to be done after he returns from vacation, the Browns will actually have a great coaching staff.

  3. Thought he was terrible, but the group got better as the year went on, so I suppose I’m ambivalent… I kind of lean towards the Skins keeping everything intact and procuring more young talent this offseason. If he goes, I dont think its exactly a crushing blow, matter of fact maybe he could take DeAngelo Hall with him…

  4. thats ok, I am a Buffalo Fan and Morris has way to much experience for the Bills. We like guys with no experience and better yet coached at Syracuse

  5. Please Browns keep Jauron. Raheem is a loosey goosey kind of guy who just is not a Brownies personality or need. And that’s not even getting to his professional coaching ability.

  6. Didn’t seem to control the youth in Tampa as a HC. Would be nice to see what he can do as a DC with a team other than the Bucs. Not sure if the Browns are the right team however…

  7. It’d be an interesting selection. Hard to believe, but despite a mountain of experience as a defensive coach, Morris has never been an NFL defensive coordinator. He deserves the chance.

  8. Woot woot please let Jauron go lol

    Tear down the best part of your team lol.

    Typical Clowns lol

    And you wonder why your so bad year after year

  9. The Browns current “D” is a couple of solid players away from being top ten in the league. Jauron has had them playing inspired football. They are finally turning the corner and have nice depth built around the 4-3. Chud will be setting the team back by switching up to a 3-4, and will create more holes,by having to find guys that fit the “new” system. do the right thing Chud, Listen to the fans! We want Dick!

  10. Yes, he’s a good man.
    Tampa Bay is just a mess and he is battle tested as D-cord.
    Bring him in and BRING IT ON !
    It’s a new day in Cleveland folks.

  11. Coming from a tampa fan, you Brown are in for a world of hurt if he becomes your DC. Secondary coach, yes that is what hes good at and hes also a good person. Hope Chud doesn’t bring him in for the sake of you’re franchise.

  12. @thetooloftools

    You’re saying Tampa is a mess.. we’re not a top tier team in the league but we were definetely not a mess.. if anything you guys are the mess, what were both of our records this year? we also had a new head coach that came from college and a bunch of college coaches he brought with him.. we also put up a 7-9 record with a HORRIBLE secondary. Yes it was just pathetic to watch as a bucs fan, but once he improve the secondary, we will be a team to watch out for, I can promise you that..

  13. Really, honestly what are they smoking up there in Cleveland?
    This guy stinks, he stank as Bucs head coach, he stank as the Bucs DC and he stinks as Skins DB coach (6th most passing yards allowed by a team in NFL historyalong with the 2nd most passing TDs allowed last season)
    How is he getting the chance for a promotion after last seasons performance?

  14. Yes, he’s a good man.
    Tampa Bay is just a mess and he is battle tested as D-cord.
    Bring him in and BRING IT ON !
    It’s a new day in Cleveland folks.

    Baltimore, Cincy, Pitt, and the rest of the NFL agree! Time to beat down on the Browns. Business as usual…..

  15. Raheem Morris will a success as a DC. His ego got in the way of hiring a new DC in Tampa after he fired Jim Bates. Remember, this guy has never been a coordinator and I’m surprised more teams aren’t interested in the guy who was once one of the most highly rated, young position coaches in the league.

  16. Uh. I think I can speak for MOST skins fans who can decipher between poor coaching, poor execution and poor talent. I think Raheeem got lemonade out of those lemons we had in the secondary. Poor play was the result of talent first half of the year. The only reason they got better down the stretch was because of Raheem. You should want him to stay…. He’s a position coach so if he goes, fine, you can bet we will be adding new talent via FA and the draft and someone can step into Raheem’s role. But to blame him for poor play this year is ridiculous.

  17. Look Dick J will be gone, regardless of who we hire or look at for one simple reason. Our HC, owner and CEO all want an attacking style of defense one getting sacks and picks one putting constant pressure on the other teams offense. That’s basically the opposite of Dock Jauron. Now he is a very good DC. But he isn’t God of defense. Was he a bright spot yea but was the defense top 5? Or truly game charging? No. So yea it’s a little sad to see Jauron go but let’s not jump off of I 480 bridge over it.

  18. After this year’s performance, I’m not sold on this guy. Player’s coach, but may be too much of a player’s coach. I could never feel comfortable at the end of any game this year due to our horrible DB’s. I understand injuries, and suspensions hurt our backfield, but our DB’s just looked lost in a lot of games. Not sure if this guy can handle the responsibilities of an entire defense.

  19. “Rah” SUCKED as a “DC” in Tampa. He managed to take a top 10 defense (for over 10 years) and turn it into a pile of s#!t.
    Right now he is a very good position coach, nothing more.

    Maybe in another 10 years he can be a DC if his ego does not get in the way.

    Good luck Brownies.

  20. Okay, so Cleveland gets Ray Horton, and the Bears are interviewing Morris for DC tomorrow…After reading these comments, I sincerely hope Trestman doesn’t hire him.

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