Reagan Mauia says Lennay Kekua is real

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Just when it seems like the Manti Te’o story can get no stranger, it does.

On Wednesday night, Cardinals fullback Reagan Mauia (a/k/a “The Juggernaut . . . Bitch“) said that the fake dead girlfriend of Te’o is real.  Specifically, Mauia says he met Kekua in 2011.

“This was before her and Manti,” Mauia said Wednesday evening, via  “I don’t think Manti was even in the picture, but she and I became good friends.  We would talk off and on, just checking up on each other kind of thing.  I am close to her family.  When she was going through the loss of her father, I was — I offered a comforting shoulder and just someone to bounce her emotions off.  That was just from meeting her in Samoa.”

Mauia said he was introduced to Kekua by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the man whom the original report regarding the hoax suggests had a role in the creation of the phony persona.  Mauia believes Kekua’s mother operates her Twitter account, and Mauia disagreed with the suggestion that Kekua doesn’t exist.

“No, she is real,” Mauia said.

And now we’ll wait for the story to find a way to get even weirder.

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  1. My honest first reaction in trying to build a theory here was that this was a girl who was hoping for Te’o to take on a “sugar daddy” relationship. He was too naive to pick up on that, eventually got in over his head, and thus now things are playing out weirdly and Te’o is now looking to put the matter behind him without admitting the most embarrassing details about that whole situation.

    I obviously have no reason to believe this other than trying to manufacture the most likely explanation of the truth in case his future story doesn’t make sense. This would fit with Te’o truthfully being able to claim he’s still a victim even if he initially invited her into a relationship of sorts. The bizarre story feels like he’s trying to tell the truth while omitting some of the more embarrassing facts.

    I see a block of Swiss cheese right now until we hear more of the story. I’d ask Reagan Mauia if that theory is plausible based upon what he knows about this person. But for now that’s my guess if this becomes a mystery to solve. Well that’s all for now, I have to get back to figuring out who is Red John on The Mentalist!

  2. Just like running through a piece of 1/2 inch dry wall is a feat of strength…

    And I thought the national championship proved ND were frauds…

  3. Has anyone YET checked to see if she was in fact enrolled at Stanford? Checked the obituaries for her home town? Death certificate? You know, performed the most basic parts of “journalism”?

    Geez, it’s been over 35 years since I took a couple of journalism classes in college, and I still remember the prof’s hammering things like this home. He was fond of saying things along the lines of, “Check the facts. Check the people who give you the facts. Check your fact checkers if you didn’t do the fact checking yourself. Assume nothing–verify, verify, verify!”

    One direct quote that has stayed with me all these years–“The believability of an individual is often in inverse proportion to their status and their closeness to the situation.” I’m keeping this in mind as I see the ND hierarchy lining up behind their latter-day Lance Armstrong.

  4. Ah, the age old dance of trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube…this reeks of one of Te’o’s boys trying to do him a solid. “Oh, yeah, she’s definitely not fake! I chilled with her back in the day and everything”

  5. “No, she is real,” Mauia said.

    Shouldn’t he have responded, “No, she was real”?

    The reason this story took flight is not because he had a girlfriend (online or otherwise), but, because he was inspired to play phenomally because she and his grandmother passed away.

    Hard to believe Te’o is the victim… it’s his story of how he met Lennay in person after a game with Stanford back ’09. And, the young lady we have seen posted on the internet as Lennay is really an old high school classmate of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who claims she hasn’t met Te’o.

  6. If Obama can pull of Newtown, these guys can pull of this… SMH!!!

    (relax, it’s a joke @ conspiracy nuts)

    MoFo’s got Catfished by some 45 yo Reddit dork in his underoo’s.


  7. I hope he drops to the 2nd or 3rd round now and the redskins draft him to replace London fletcher when he retires! No better teacher to learn from than the iron man London for the Samoa machine manti!!!! HTTR

    I met my wife on Facebook and brought her here from Chile! One look at her and you will see why I went thru the trouble to marry her to keep her here!! if manti did get played the fool like that that sucks and has to be heart breaking thinking someone you loved died and then finding out it was all a prank!!!!

    one question tho didn’t he go to her funeral or talk with her family when she “died”????? seems kind of weird he just takes it as she is dead and doesn’t reach out to his gf family and attend a funeral!!!!

    I wonder if he is letting this come out now bc he wants to drop to a playoff team!!!! I hope the redskins can land him and te Tyler efiert and trade away that joke Fred Davis!!! HTTR

    this story just gets weirder and weirder!!

  8. Is there any proof that Reagan Mauia actually exists? Why is it that I’ve never seen him and Manti Te’o in the same photo?? We’re through the looking glass here people!!!

  9. @mazblast

    Ummmm you obviously haven’t read the story. I recommend reading the Deadspin version of events.

  10. “(a/k/a “The Juggernaut . . . Bitch“)”


    That was amazing how he jumped through a sheet of half inch sheet rock that had been hung over an old door opening.

    He may as well have jumped up and yelled “I weigh more than 35 pounds, bitch!”

  11. Not going to assume anything about Te’o… but maybe he is gay. Hence the girl being “fake.”

    Again, not assuming he is. But this story is just getting weirder by the minute….

  12. It’s a con that Internet people probably run like the African/Indian/Australian/Brit/American people call your house or email you with something that sound like “I am suffering from Cancer and my country doesn’t offer the medical attention I need to survive, please send $1200 dollars to this address.” My initial response is how’d you get a computer then.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out as the first “openly gay” NFL star. It may be his only chance at redemption (Besides playing lights out football).. Something fishy with him and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo..

  14. Not for nothing, but I’ve never heard of this alleged “Reagan Mauia” character…anyone care to do some investigation to find out if this is a real person or another hoax??

  15. I wonder if she was a tranny he met online thinking it was a actual girl and then well u know did things he regrets and made up the story about her death so no one would bug him about what happened with that chick he was in “love” with

  16. The confusion arises because Lennay Kekua’s Twitter account is being controlled by her mother Muuuuwaha Kekua, her aunt Bwaaahaha Kekua, and her sister Lol Lol Kekua.

  17. 1. Maybe she was really his grandmother and he was dating her?

    2. I am now starting to doubt that his grandmother died. Where is the death certificate??? Where is Sheriff Joe?

  18. Seems like after his grandmother died, they decided to end the hoax the best way they knew how. Just have his “girl” die off too. That would be an easier letdown than just dumping him.

  19. I’m calling it right now… This was either a prank or an extortion ring done by a few people in the Samoan football community targeting a high profile Samoan players… Individuals (likely Tuiasososopo, a few women and whoever) were trying to get in with top players, then extort them later on.

  20. Nothing is that weird or hard to figure out here. The dude and his buddy faked the death of his fake girlfriend to gain publicity. It is however stupid, immature, insensitive, and should tank his draft stock.

  21. Maybe she turnd out to be one of those “Girly Boy’s” there’s a lot of those in Hawaii!

  22. “When reached by on Wednesday night, former University of Washington and NFL quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo acknowledged that he is a cousin of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo but said he never had met or heard of Kekua. ”

    Marques is a real person. He is the cousin of Ronaiah. Reagan Mauia says he met Kekua through Ronaiah, and thinks they are cousins – yet Marques never met or heard of her? Seems like Reagan’s story is BS. He is claiming that he met a person who doesn’t exist, but can provide no supporting evidence.

  23. BTW, the reason why this incident can tank Te’o’s draft stock is because he is demonstrating some character issues. This story was starting to unravel before the NC game, and some NFL evaluators are concerned that Te’o played such a bad game because he was distracted by the coverup.

  24. All we need now is a Kardashian sister. Rob Parker, and Lindsey Lohan declaring that she’s married to Kekua and we got us some “quality” TV.

  25. The reason why Lennay Kekua doesnt exist is because Lennay Kekua is in Witness Protection under a new alias.

  26. “Where oh where can my baby be? The Lord took her away from me. She’s gone to heaven so I got be good….” Last Kiss, “Original Version” by Wayne Cochran, Joe Carpenter, Randall Hoyal & Bobby McGlon – 1961

  27. Wow this is a great hoax, they got TWO big timers to think she was real. It was even so elaborate they paid a chic to meet this dude.

  28. “Nothing is that weird or hard to figure out here. The dude and his buddy faked the death of his fake girlfriend to gain publicity. It is however stupid, immature, insensitive, and should tank his draft stock.”

    Good for you, you got it all figured out then. Because rather than being a catfish victim-which is real and happens-it makes perfect sense he would have have the foresight to begin this online fraud back in 2011 and keep it going online knowing that a year later (1) ND would be relevant, (2) he would be an unlikely Heisman candidate, (3) and his grandma would die, giving him the perfect time to unleash the death story, all the while being clever enough to make it appear to investigators through numerous twitter accounts to be an elaborate catfish hoax, so much so that he is able to trick ND and its high priced investigators into clearing him at a press conference. Fiendishly clever. Yep, you nailed it.

  29. I’m in the process of getting the rights to the movie but I’m struggling with the title: “Samoan Love Story” or “Dude Looks like a Samoan Lady”?

  30. If she is real why is everyone else saying she is? Why doesn’t she just come out to NBC, espn, fox, or CBS hell maybe Oprah and say I am real. This whole thing is absurd

  31. Why would Te’o lie?? He went to the same private, $19,000 a year tuition high school that Obama attended.

  32. This dude that nobody’s heard of needs to shut his trap and quit trying to grab fifteen minutes of really bizarre fame.

    As for the rest of this bizarre mess, there are two possibilities and neither of them are good. One, Te’o is involved in the fraud. Two, if he’s not, he’s got to be one dumb mother. I’d love to see this Wonderlick score.

    Either way, I’d take a pass on this guy come draft time.

  33. A 3 yr online relationship, now people are saying they seen & talked to her? IMHO, I think he was dating a transgender man, only a person would go through all of this to protect something their hiding.

  34. I’m smelling a VH1 reality show out of this…’Manti Loved Lennay’…

    Or in the alternative, I think we now have the basic script outline for ‘Weekend at Bernie’s 4’.

    Pretty sure Andrew McCarthy is available.

  35. Mauia and Te’o both need to follow the old adage:

    When you’re in a hole–stop digging!!

    Because this little fantasy has been going on for years, I’m inclined to believe that it was not intended to be for publicity sake. As Te’o’s and ND’s star began to rise, the existence of this fake girlfriend became problematic.

    He/they foolishly decided to “make lemonade” and doubled down on the story by getting rid of her in high profile fashion by BS-ing everyone.

    At first I was embarrassed for him and his family, now I’m sad for them.

  36. We will have a better chance of finding the Loch ness monster, Bigfoot, and Chupacabra than ever finding any evidence that Lennay Kekua exists/existed.

  37. I am confused. I hope for his sake he is in on this hoax, if he was truly deceived then that does not speak well of his intelligence and teams will look way down upon that, at least I would, how you you fall head over heels for a girl online that you have never met, maybe I just grew up in the tech age and know most pretty girls online are really guys playing jokes on perverted guys, I’m coining the phrase “hansoning” after 20/20 s own Chris Hanson

  38. Yeah Te’o said he met her too, and now that story has changed. And both Te’o and ND said he’s known her since 2009 so he was obviously in the so called picture when Mauia “met” her. If Te’o did get played then he’s obviously one of the dumbest guys on this planet, but I don’t believe that, I believe he had a part in this. If not, then why go 2 months without telling everyone that you made feel sorry for you the truth, instead of after an article exposes you. Why say you met her, and her family when you didn’t? Why call her your girlfriend, the love of your life when you had never even met her? And why keep doing interviews saying your girlfriend is dead after you already knew she wasn’t even real? There is absolutely NO way he had nothing to do with this. And if it was as complex as he says it was, then would they really make the mistake of calling him from her phone after she was supposedly dead? Yeah just doesn’t add up with what Te’o has said and is now saying.

  39. This just keeps getting weirder by the minute. Te’o will get drafted, but it probably won’t be as high as he and his family had hoped.

  40. His emotions were messed with to get him to play better….hum lying to people so the behave better act better….Santa, JC, Tooth Fairy, etc. There are so many lies out there who cares? ND got to the national championship game, the kid almost won the Heisman, he is going to make lots of money in the NFL, NBC made tons of money this year with ND being so good… Who really lost? The public feels burned once again by a public figure they have no relationship with?

  41. These are the most hilarious comments I’ve read on here. I have spit coffee everywhere numerous times.

    Kudos to all.

  42. idk im not even going to try and judge. theres 50 theories and all of them are interesting.. and @tomtravis76… idk how people can feel burned when you dont know someone personally but i think to alot of people its interesting bec its just bizaar and are curious to see whats what.

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