Report: Andy Heck will be Chiefs offensive line coach

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Since Andy Reid made his way to Kansas City, we’ve heard talk of both Juan Castillo and Tony Sparano as candidates to become the team’s offensive line coach.

Based on a report from Alex Marvez of, that will never progress beyond talk. Marvez reports that Andy Heck will join Reid’s staff to coach the team’s offensive linemen.

Heck has spent the last seven years as the Jaguars’ offensive line coach, but was set free to look for other opportunities even before the team fired head coach Mike Mularkey last week. The Jaguars line helped Maurice Jones-Drew to a rushing title in 2011 and paved the way for the three biggest rushing seasons in franchise history during Heck’s tenure. He’s never worked with Reid, who employed just two offensive line coaches during his tenure with the Eagles.

Heck spent 12 years in the NFL as a tackle with the Seahawks, Bears and Redskins. Should the Chiefs hold onto the first overall pick, left tackle Luke Joeckel could be on the list of players they consider selecting with the pick.

11 responses to “Report: Andy Heck will be Chiefs offensive line coach

  1. If the report is true, this is a good pick. KC can already run the ball, and Heck would help make them an even stronger running team. Maybe that would make Reid less pass-happy and give whoever the new QB may be a chance to develop.

  2. The Jags o-line has been mediocre under Heck. Good at run blocking for MJD but when he was out, the team couldn’t run the ball. And they were mostly bad in pass protection other than Eugene Monroe.

  3. Jags fan here. This may sound weird, given that the team just gave up 50 sacks, but Heck is a good coach and I’m sad to see him go. Best of luck, Andy

  4. So, Andy Reid is being smart in how he is picking his staff. His choice for DC is a long-time AFC guy. So is his O-Line coach. Good moves for a guy unfamiliar with the AFC in general, and the AFC West, in particular. Doug Pedersen at OC is the pick I somewhat question, but, the guy has a good football mind and has time to learn the AFC West on film.

  5. Seattle will end up trading Flynn and THEIR 1st round for Chiefs no. 1 pick.

    One way or the other, Chiefs are getting Flynn.

  6. Who wants a mustache ride to the super bowl??? I do! I do? We can all take a REID!!! on that sweet sweet Tom Selleck Magnum PI stache right to the Lombardi Trophy son!! Yeeeeee haaaaaaaw! Bring it on!!!

  7. Look! We have the team! We just needed a real coach! Not an offensive coordinator turned coach with no head coach experience or an already proven failure of a coach, even tho a very nice man. Yeah we need a qb. We can find that in free agency. Let’s take best player in the draft and let the real coaches man up and put the big boy pants on the chiefs organization and win some football games.

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