Bears hire Marc Trestman as head coach


The Chicago Bears search for their next head coach has apparently come to a conclusion.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears will hire Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman as their next head coach. The team made the move official early Wednesday morning.

Trestman was selected over Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Biggs said both Arians and Bevell have been informed of the Bears decision during an interview with Les Grobstein on 670 The Score in Chicago early Wednesday morning.

Per Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, Trestman had his second interview Monday while Arians and Bevell were interviewed on Tuesday. Pompei reports the decision was believed to ultimately have been between Arians and Trestman.

Trestman has served as the Alouettes head coach since 2008 and led Montreal to three Grey Cup appearances and two titles in five seasons.

124 responses to “Bears hire Marc Trestman as head coach

  1. Nooooo! The other two, Bevell and Arians, are better tuned to today’s NFL and could have better dealt with Jay Cutler. I still have problems with Trestman’s past failures as an OC.

  2. Trestman new coah “ehh”? Don’t know much about Trestman but if I was a bears fan I’d be nervous. I gotta admit until a few days ago I never heard of this guy.

  3. Hey, at least he’s used to coaching CFL quality players. He won’t have to adapt much, especially at QB.

  4. He always seemed to be listless as a much ballyhooed OC. Don’t see him inspiring the masses. Kinda like a Norv Turner type. Who knew, a month ago, he’d be on anyone’s radar. For his troubles he gets to deal with petulant Cutler. Good luck with that Marc.

  5. the best thing I can say about this move- is that jerry angelo would’ve never done it- so that alone makes me kind of feel a bit more comfortable about it.

  6. Oh no! Not an offensive innovator with a track record as a successful head coach!

    I’m not used to the Bears making competent decisions. It legitimately freaks me out.

  7. I love this hire! The first thing he’ll do is have a heart to heart w/ Cutler to inform him that he’s about to enter a transformation period as a Bear QB. Cutler will either get with the program, or they’ll let him walk. The Bears brought him in to figure out whether or not Cutler has a future in Chicago so they can start planning for the future with Trestman’s team…

  8. Welcome to Chicago Marc… got your chance…only problem is Bears fans won’t give you much of one and you are in one of the hardest divisions in football….

  9. Anything can happen, but I’m pretty shocked the Bears are the franchise willing to take a risk like this. Not only because they’re a proud organization with a bit of a conservative reputation…but because they don’t need to! They’re not that far from being a contender.

    Trestman could work out for them, but Arians seems like a more sure thing. This is the kind of move you’d expect a desperate team like the Jaguars or Browns to make.

  10. Think it’s a very good hire…Rich Gannon, Steve Young and Jon Gruden all have very good things to say about him. Now keep Marinelli as our DC and lets get an LT, LG and a TE…a lot of needs there but at least Cutler will be in the same offense for more than two years instead of the revolving door of inept (Ron Turner and Mike Tice) and inflexible/behind the times/forgetting to call in the full play (Mike Martz) OCs we have had to deal with the last 4 years….Go Bears !

  11. LOL who? This guy should work well with Jay Quitler. Have fun at the bottom of the NFC North Bears fans.

    Go Pack Go. Still reprensentin Titletown.

  12. Heck ya! Now lets get that line situated and the tight end from Notre Dame and (fingers crossed) re-sign Urlacher

  13. Bad call. Should’ve been Arians. The defense would’ve stayed at a high level with Marinelli helping them through the transition as Bruce focused on the offense.

    Instead? This guy, who is being promoted as a QB guru who will fix Cutler’s confidence/mechanics/intangibles/attitude/etc., will also have to spend time simply ADJUSTING to being an NFL coach.

    Emery’s most questionable move since drafting Shea in the first round. The awesome trade for Marshall can only get you so far, Phil.

  14. Wasn’t sure about this pick at first but after listening to Steve Young this morning on Waddle and Sylvy, I’m sold! Welcome to Chicago Mr. Trestman! Bring us a Championship now! Go Bears!!!!

  15. Very very interesting hire. Hopefully Emery knows what he is doing here. However, I find him a bit questionable at this point since he began the search by immediately crossing off any defensive candidates. I would have preferred to just hire the best HC available regardless of their specialty. Hopefully this guy ends up being what the Bears and Cutler need.

  16. Bears fan here — I was one of those who liked Lovie but ultimately understood he couldn’t get the job done.

    Honestly, I like the hire.

    1- I absolutely did NOT want Bevell. I’m liking Wilson ‘n all, but I’m simply not a fan of his.

    2- Trestman has almost 20 years of NFL experience, so he knows how the NFL works.

    3- Three Grey Cup appearances, CoY, two titles. The guy knows how to win — and more importantly COACH. He’s the only person who head coaching experience (even if it’s in the CFL).

    4- Hopefully he’ll keep the defensive coaches in place, but with all these other teams getting their staff together, I was afraid Bears would lose out, but he can bring over his staff from his old job.

    5- He’s worked with Cutler before. Always good to have a little bit of chemistry from the start.

  17. Think it’s a very good hire…Rich Gannon, Steve Young and Jon Gruden all have very good things to say about him. Now keep Marinelli as our DC and let’s get a LT, LG and a TE that can catch…a lot of needs but at least Cutler will be in the same system for more than two years instead of the revolving door of inept OCs that we have had for the last 4 years. Go Bears!

  18. What an intriguing hire. This guy has been fantastic calling plays in the NFL and I don’t know why he hasn’t gotten a shot sooner.

    That defense will take care of itself; if the offense can overcome some of its talent shortcomings, this is a playoff team.

  19. When you see Montreal Alouettes it looks bad but if you look at his history in the NFL, it doesn’t. Interesting choice. We’ll see what he can do.

  20. Why not just hire him as the offensive coordinator? Seems like a bit of a stretch to make him head coach.

  21. He did a great job in Montreal, although any CFL team that has Anthony Calvillo (how no QB needy NFL team took a chance on this guy is beyond me) will contend, and everywhere he went in the NFL.
    This could be a very good hire for the Vears.

  22. I like this hire. I was for Arians but Trestman intrigues me and everything I have read and heard about him these past couple of weeks have been nothing but positives and rave reviews. He turned Rich Gannon from journeyman to MVP. I am excited about him helping Cutler develop and see how he runs the offense. Give the man a chance Bears fans.

  23. The bears fired Love Smith for this guy? Trestman would make a decent OC, but as a head coach he will flop. I feel bad for Chicago fans.

  24. Before people hate on the guy for coming from the CFL, take a look at his resume. I had the WTF reaction when his name first popped up as a candidate, but he quickly rose up my list. The guy started at Miami under Jimmie Johnson. He coach Bernie Kosar while at the U and he gives a lot of credit to Trestman for his development. He coached Steve Young when he had the best year of his HOF career and also lead the league in offense. He was in Oakland when he took an average, journeyman QB in Rich Gannon and turned him into an NFL MVP, lead the league in offense again, and went to a superbowl. GM’s said he didn’t have the personality to be a HC, so he bolted for the CFL. He then proceeded to go to 3 Grey Cups in 5 years, winning 2. Steve Young and Rich Gannon absolutely raved about his offensive acumen and his ability to be a HC in the NFL. Mortenson and Shefter have known the guy forever and they both raved about him also, Shefter going as far to say he has recommended him for HC jobs before. Every respected football person I’ve heard talk about him has had nothing but good things to say about him and his ability to become a HC, and it’s hard to argue against a resume like his.

  25. So they fired Lovie Smith and passed up the guy who lead a 2-14 team to the playoffs with a rookie QB and a guy who improved a much maligned Seahawks offense last year and set up an offense that allowed a midget rookie QB to set NFL playoff records for a guy whos been coachin in the CFL since 08′!? I know he has some NFL experience but really!? Either theyre cheap or dont know much bout football cuz this sounds like a dumb move on the Bears part. I wouldnt be surprised if Cutler starts whining soon. At least McDaniels did something in the NFL…wow

  26. Bears fans rejoice. You hired an intelligent man that has desire. Really wanted him back in Oaktown, but so be it.
    Trestman is a difference maker. Cutler will face some humility..and that’s good.

  27. I almost cant wait for the “herp derp they hired a Canadian!?” comments. He is a longtime Nfl and college coach who chose to take his talents to Canada when he couldnt get a job as an HC in the Nfl. There, he more or less built a dynasty out of the Alouettes, the CFL equivalent of the Patriots of the early 2000s

  28. Trestman may very well be the right choice for the job, but hiring a CFL coach leaves Phil Emery with no political cover if this backfires.

  29. I hope this means Bruce Arians will now stay in Indianapolis. Chicago was the last open position with a established QB.

  30. O Canada . What a JOKE. this guy has been out of the NFL loop for 8 years nice work Phil. This will set the franchise back a few years. Why don’t you go interview another 13 more candidate. Clown.

  31. Wow I’m guessing his interview skills must be ridiculously good! I’d understand if he was a college coach but being able to get an nfl head coaching job with pretty much no prior experience? Wow

  32. Ariens and Bevell were informed during a radio interview? That’s heartless. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t teach grammar and sentence structure anymore.

  33. Steve Young, Jerry Rice and Rich Gannon lead the list of players familiar with Trestman who give him ringing endorsements…good enough for me to have faith that he can turn our offense around. Bear Down!

  34. Unbelievable. Note that today, the Chicago Bears picked a man who’s been out of the NFL for years over a man who coached a playoff team last season (and they already fired a man who was a better coach than both of them).

  35. Yesterday, I heard Steve Young praise Trestman, and said it was Trestman that took Young to the success he attained in the NFL.
    I also think he will work well with Jay Cutler, and take Jay and the Bears to the level of success all Bears fans have been waiting for since ’85.

  36. I know there are a lot of knocks on this guy, but I kind of like this hire. Let’s see what he can do to make Cutler play up to his potential.

  37. The most interesting part about this is that Jimmy Johnson’s tweet was correct. I wonder how many male enhancement pills he took before he decided to post.

  38. I think it’s a good hire. They need help on Offense and this guy has tremendous experience and I think his time in the CFL will pay great dividends.

    That aside – it seems like more and more coaches get fired more for glaring weaknesses in talent than anything else. A bad O-Line, D-Line, QB, or D backfield can get you fired.

  39. he’s a good hire. he’s the best coaching canditate available who isn’t already in the NFL. coaching in the CFL definitely outweighs coaching in the NCAA. u deal with the draft, free agents, trades and coaching at a pro level – and he went to the Grey Cup 3 times and won twice within 5 years. he also has had success in the NFL as an assistant and coordinator. good hire.

  40. He was very successful in a legit football league. Talent is talent so we shall see. I give them points for that great 90’s term “thinking outside of the box.”

  41. Glad its over. I would have been happy with either Arians or Trestman, but Trestman intrigues me.

  42. Is football in Canada played by the same rules? Will he have a learning curve with the NFL?

  43. Good for Trestman. I was kinda hoping a bit he’d be hired by my Browns, but nonetheless, I think the Bears have themselves a great coach, guy’s a winner.

  44. I’m really happy that Arians will likely return to the Colts now but I feel really disappointed for him. Not saying that Trestman or McCoy aren’t good hires or they aren’t qualified but Arians deserves to be a head coach.

  45. Omg! This guy is the best that they could do? Did Chicago even look at his past coaching record? Why do you think he’s coaching in Montreal, because Buffalo didn’t have a opening? This team is in huge trouble!

  46. Great hire by the Bears!!! You will be missed in the CFL!! Alouettes are in trouble!!! Go Ticats!!

  47. This is a fantastic coach. Not an outgoing personality thats the only reason he wasnt picked up by an nfl team sooner.

  48. 3 games stick out to me in Trestman’s career.

    1995 49ers 5-4 Vs Cowboys 8-1. Cowboys were throttling everybody in the NFL. 49ers go into Dallas as heavy underdogs. Trestman devises a gameplan that ripped the Cowboys D to shreds with Elvis Grbac at QB. Put up 38 pts on that #1 ranked defense.

    2002 Raiders Vs Steelers and Broncos games. Absolute passing clinics on national TV.

    He hasn’t received his just due because he seems to always follow Offensive legends. Lindy Infante in Cleveland, Mike Shanahan in Frisco, and Gruden in Oakland. He’s a heck of a coach though.

  49. Trestman has been coaching for the last 8 years in the JV league to the NFL. Some of you say CFL players are professional players as talented as NFL players. If that was the case, they would be in the NFL. How do you not hire Arians over this guy is beyond me. Arians is locked and loaded to succeed and the Bears couldn’t see it. Strange because everybody else does. Such is the thinking in Bearsland. Good luck.

  50. Dont sleep on the CFL, especially in terms of offense … Trestman is an awesome coach and will turn the Bears offense around, and this is cominig from a Lions fan (and Canadian)

  51. I have to echo another article I read – look at the names praising Trestman (Young, Gannon, J Johnson) and then look back at the last year any of these guys played or were in the NFL. If this was 2003 and they were making this hire it might make sense; but he has not coached in the NFL since 2004! His first boss in the NFL was BUD GRANT and Jay Cutler was 2 years old at the time. That’s how long he’s been connected with the league and no one else thought he was head coaching material; even with his connections. I hope I’m wrong and this is a brilliant, out of the box hire, but I am skeptical at best on this one working.

  52. The dopes in here saying Trestman has no prior experience. You’re intelectually dishonest as there’s readily available information that he is extremely experienced.

    Steve Young, Rich Gannon, Marv Levy, and Jimmy Johnson all highly recommend the guy. Steve Young in particular raves about him.

    And Marv Levy came straight from the CFL to the NFL.

    All of you pitying the loss of Lovie – if Emery made such a mistake on that move, why has no one hired Lovie to be a head coach?

  53. Good job Marc Trestman:) Smart person & good coach, he’ll probably win a lot of games for the Bears. The CFL loves to see a success story! There will always be naysayers but usually they are not informed opinions. Trestman is a very calm & cool customer, so I don’t think he will be overwhelmed by anything. Good luck!

  54. Easier to win a championship in the “8 teams league” CFL.
    He spent the last 5 years in a team that was built by the previous headcoach. Since then, the team is going down. Slowly, but surely.
    He spent 5 years playing with the 85 years old QB Calvillo instead of training a new QB for the future. Great coach.

  55. This guy is getting a lot of unfounded flack, but I think he’s got what it takes, and this is coming from a true to the core Packer fan. I thought Arians would’ve been a solid move for them and agree that Bevell was not the answer for Chicago, but will likely get his chance before long.

    Trestman has the brains and has the experience in the NFL and the CFL to make the right changes in Chicago, I think. Whether he recycles guys like Marinelli (or with any luck Tice), and what he actually can get done with Cutler will be the keys. It will be interesting to see how that plays out and how Trestman handles a few guys like Marshall…he’s mild mannered like Lovie, but he won’t take much of the antics that Lovie ignored.

    The same things most of the Bear fans are saying about Trestman are roughly the same things that were being said about McCarthy when he was announced to Green Bay…about how he wasn’t on anyone’s radar…he doesn’t have NFL HC experience, he wasn’t proven…yada yada.

    You have all of your eggs in the Emery basket now….he made his choice and now you have to let them do their jobs. If his biggest main role is to try to turn Cutler into the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers….he’s got more than his share of work cut out for him.

  56. I think this is a great hire for Da Bears from a football standpoint.

    Looks to me that more and more teams in the NFL are adapting CFL type offences, which leans towards being very pass happy, and bringing Trestman onboard makes sense.

    I wonder if he now tries to hire Scott Milanovich to be his OC in Chitown.

  57. “Is this a first? A Head Coach being hired straight out of the Canadian League to be an NFL Head Coach?”

    Bud Grant and Marv Levy. Look ’em up. Both pretty successful.

  58. They can hire anyone they want as head coach. Until they get an offensive line that can protect one of the best gun slingers in the NFL, I don’t see much changing. This is a stingy franchise that doesn’t like to pay the players, so until the revolving door slows down, I don’t see much changing.

  59. Not a Bears fan but a Bronco fan (always next year) living up in Canada and have seen this man’s work up in the CFL and have to say this is a very good hire for the Bears. He is very smart, most of the time when a CFL team hires “NFL type coach’s” they don’t have much success (ego) because they don’t take the time to understand the CFL game and they push “nfl type of play” onto the field with terrible results. With Trestman (not letting ego get in the way) being hired in Montreal he first hired CFL assistants who knew the game and were able to coach the players while Trestman got caught up to speed with the way the CFL game is played. He since then has become a very good CFL head coach and deserves this chance with the Bears. Wish him nothing but the best.

  60. This guy helped turned Gannon from a journeyman QB into one of the leagues Best. Gannon was nothing until Trestman showed up 2001-2003 It was 2002 when Gannon had his amazing season. He’s did well working with Steve Young (not that doing that is very hard) but without any doubt, he did Great with Rich Gannon who was Nothing special at the time.

    The guy knows how to move a football and limiting sacks against his QB’s.

    Been to 3 championships and won 2.
    There’s nothing to suggest this is a bad hire.

  61. youngs79 says:
    Jan 16, 2013 7:13 AM
    Bears have to get a guy from Minnesota to straighten out their team.

    And the Vikings had to get an ex-Bear to straighten out theirs.

  62. trollingthisbridge says:
    Jan 16, 2013 12:07 PM
    They can hire anyone they want as head coach. Until they get an offensive line that can protect one of the best gun slingers in the NFL, I don’t see much changing. This is a stingy franchise that doesn’t like to pay the players, so until the revolving door slows down, I don’t see much changing.


    What the hell are you talking about?
    The Bears don’t like to pay their players?
    Look up their salaries.
    They have a revolving door?
    Lovie Smith was the Head Coach for 9 years.
    How long do you think players like Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman, Garza and Mannelly have been with this team?
    Bringing in one of the best WRs in the NFL and a Hall of fame DE is a “revolving door” to you?
    If that is true then I hope it keeps spinning.

    Do you even watch football?

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