Ryan Grigson: Andrew Luck has to get hit less

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Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson didn’t have much money to spend in his first year on the job, but the financial situation looks better heading into this offseason.

On Tuesday, Grigson said that he wasn’t just going to throw money at the biggest names available this offseason. If he does decide to make a big play, though, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen on the offensive line. Quarterback Andrew Luck was sacked 41 times in his rookie season and took plenty of other hits behind an offensive line that Grigson acknowledges has to get better.

“Andrew has to get hit less, we know that,” Grigson said, via the Associated Press. “Andrew took a lot of shots this year but also keep this in mind, and I say this with a lot of conviction, there was only I believe four games this year where our starting offensive line played together. How can you have a cohesive unit?”

Tackles like Ryan Clady, Jermon Bushrod, Jake Long and Branden Albert could be free agents this offseason and would be upgrades of varying degrees over even the healthiest possible Colts unit of 2012. Protecting Luck will be essential to building on this year’s success and it should be a top priority in Indy this offseason.

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  1. They need to go after someone at LT, i’m not big on signing high priced FA’s because they rarely live up to the billing but now with contract structure essentially making all deals 1-2 year deals with money packed in early it lessens the blow, Anthony Castanzo would be a much better fit at RT. Most of the heavy-hitters at LT bailed on the draft, slimmer pickings.

  2. they went from 2-14 to 12-4 via the draft & now you recommend they go to FA to build?

    As the NYG GM said, you earn your money in rounds 3-7. Keep drafting and forget the overpriced FA.

  3. One of the drawbacks from a Bruce Arians offense.

    I think a lot of Steeler fans felt the same way but looking back the Colts made the playoffs and the Steelers didn’t so BA is doing something right even if his QB’s get sacked more than others.

  4. People heaping praise oN Bruce Arians but this is his fault that luck got hit so much. Arians offense produces lots of big plays but that’s because he encourages his QB to hold the ball and look for the big play.

    Arians also puts little stock in the importance of the OL. He believes its all on the QB to get rid of the ball but then at the same time he’s designing slow developing double moves.

    Big Ben holds the ball so long largely because of Arians. That is why the steelers got rid of him. Ben had developed too many bad habits.

    It’s also why the steeler offense stunk in the redzone under Arians. They rarely threw short and running was an afterthought so the steelers became a poor rushing team. That meant that in close they couldn’t run and couldn’t throw short, so they struggled.

    The colts will be lucky if Arians leaves before Luck develops bad habits and starts playing like a 12 year old on Madden trying to go deep every play.

  5. Agree with the other posters about high priced FAs. Raiders have tried it for decades and it has failed miserably more times that not.

    If the OT from A&M Luke Joeckel drops further than #2, Grigson needs to pick up the phone and try and trade for him.

    Raiders and Reggie McKenzie (at #3) have SO MANY holes to fill, I am sure they would be willing to listen, especially if the top DT and DE are off the board at 1 and 2.

  6. This is the exact same knock against the Arians offense in Pittsburgh, that the QB gets hit too much.

    He’s gone off to Indianapolis, Roethisberger’s sacks go down, and sacks become an issue in Indianapolis. Pittsburgh had the same patchwork o-line issue too.

  7. we wont throw big money at questionable talent out there, we have alot of holes to fill, but im sure Grigs will find the right pieces at the right price and we will still take back the afc south.

  8. Ryan Clady is not going anywhere. He’s got Peyton Manning’s blindside and that will be worth an enormous amount of money. Money the Bronco’s will gladly spend.

  9. Saying your QB needs to get hit less is not news. I eagerly await the day when a coach or GM says his quarterback needs to get hit MORE. That would be news.

  10. Dumbass! Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, and Trent Dilfer all won Super Bowls. Quit drinkin the Christian Kool-Aid, Tebow isn’t better than Luck. Thank you, we are now all dumber for your idiotic post. I award you 0 points…and may God have mercy on your Soul.

  11. it happened to “Big Ben” and it’s happening to Andrew Luck. As much credit as Bruce Arians deserves in Indy I would rather see him pack up and find a head coaching position. His gun slinging offense is too dangerous regardless of how good the O-Line is!

  12. No team did “more with less” than the Colts this year.

    Peyton, Garcon, Clark, Saturday, Gonzalez, Diem, Addai, Bullitt, Tamme all moved or unsigned to free up cap space or make room for wave of younger players.

    The result? 9 more wins and a crop of new players to build on.

    Now… Fix the holes and pad key positions with a mountain of Salary Cap space, something the Colts never really had during the Manning Era.

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