Two key questions for Jeffrey Lurie on Thursday

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When the Eagles officially introduce coach Chip Kelly on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. ET, there will be plenty of questions for owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Two critical questions need to be asked.  One is obvious, the other isn’t.

First, Lurie should be (and will be) asked to explain the extent to which Kelly will have control over the roster.  On one hand, G.M. Howie Roseman isn’t a typical “football guy,” and he has never had “final say” over the composition of the team.  On the other hand, Kelly has never worked at the NFL level.  As in never, ever.  While he surely picked plenty of players while at Oregon, he has never selected NFL players.  Or coached them.  In any capacity.

Second, Lurie should be asked whether Kelly’s contract contains what we’ll call a “Saban clause.”  When Nick Saban became the head coach of the Dolphins in 2005, he had sufficient leverage over former owner Wayne Huizenga to extract a provision that allowed Saban to return to the NCAA whenever he wanted.  Did Kelly have enough leverage over Lurie to get the same kind of escape clause?

It’s an important question because there have been lingering concerns about Kelly’s ability to make — and to stick to — a commitment.  Will he decide after a season or two that the NFL isn’t for him?  Will he begin to scope out possible landing spots in college?

Though the content of the contract won’t matter if Kelly genuinely is miserable and wants out, it becomes a lot easier to leave if the contract expressly allows it.

So does the contract expressly allow it?  That’s the question that needs to be asked, even if it’s not answered.

16 responses to “Two key questions for Jeffrey Lurie on Thursday

  1. Just like he screwed Oregon? Seems to me he is leaving with a winning record and team in a better position , with a winning mentality.

  2. Lurie made it crystal clear in his press conference a couple weeks ago that 2012 was Howie Roseman’s year.

    Fans were impressed with the way the team handled FAs (Evan Mathis), extended talented players (Shady McCoy and Todd Herremans), and restructured certain contracts (Cullen Jenkins). The 2012 draft was even more impressive considering what we saw from Cox, Kendricks, Foles, and Bryce Brown.

    As a fan, I have great confidence in how personnel was handled in 2012. I’m curious, too, what level of authority Kelly will have over personnel decisions. However, I’m not worried about Roseman having too much power, given what Lurie has already said.

  3. How about a 3rd question like, Why fly Gus Bradley in if Chip was already your guy? Way to reduce your carbon footprint Jeffrey…LOL!

  4. Gus bradley should have been the choice here.

    now we have another gimmick offense and still no presence on defense.


    DREAM TEAM!!!!!!!

  5. How about question number 3, why would you send your private jet to Seattle to pick up Gus Bradley and interview him for 9 hours, if your GM was in another room trying to persuade Chip Kelly to coach the Eagles?

  6. Does this mean Mike Vick stays in Philly? Correct me if im wrong, but doesnt Vick fit into Chips “fast break” offense better than Foles?

  7. grybrd says:Jan 16, 2013 3:57 PM

    Just like he screwed Oregon? Seems to me he is leaving with a winning record and team in a better position , with a winning mentality.
    He’s also leaving with the posse hot on his trail. It’s apparent that he had no choice but to leave Oregon, before the investigators came knocking on his door.

    Put Chip Kelly in the “I’m not going to coach at Alabama” group of liars.

  8. If the Eagles can control the clock with a little more running and less turnovers, then the defense won’t be so tired and disgusted with playing from behind all the time.

    Not sure Vick can handle it.

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