Aqib Talib trade working out well for Patriots


When the Patriots sent a fourth-round draft pick to the Buccaneers for cornerback Aqib Talib just hours before the trade deadline, they were taking a major risk. Talib had talent, but he had also had so much off-field trouble that the Bucs were sick of dealing with him and eager to send him packing.

That risk has paid off.

The Patriots, who also got a seventh-round draft pick from the Bucs in the deal, have found themselves with a starting cornerback who helped shore up their pass defense. And Talib says he loves playing in the Patriots’ defense.

It’s real football; that’s what I like. You come here and you know you’re going to play some real football,” Talib told Mike Reiss of “When you’re little and you think about being in the NFL, you think about being in this situation. It’s ideal for me.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick says Talib has been a great presence in New England.

“He’s a good football player, good teammate [and] he’s very well respected because of his professionalism,” Belichick said of Talib. “He studies hard and prepares well. He’s tough. He competes well, both in practice and on Sundays. Smart kid. I like him; the team likes him. He’s a good guy to be around, and he works hard and competes well. I think those are his most impressive qualities. I’m glad he’s on our football team. He’s certainly made us a better football team.”

If Talib helps the Patriots win a Super Bowl, that trade will turn out to be a bargain.

41 responses to “Aqib Talib trade working out well for Patriots

  1. He’s always had the talent to be a stud cornerback. He just couldn’t behave down here in Tampa. I hope he keeps it up.

  2. if he can work a video tape device he will help them cheat their way to another Super Bowl

    * 3 super bowl wins by 3 points each.
    * 2 super bowl loses since caught cheating

    your record is what your record is.

  3. I wonder if all the “Belicheat” trolls will be dropping by to talk about how this guy turned out to be the next Haynesworth/Ocho/Adalius Thomas. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. This pickup was solid.

  4. this was a great pickup..but the real great move was drafting one of my fav Huskers of recent years Dennard late..that was a steal….
    mccourty- haynesworth was a bum, Ocho was on his last leg, Thomas was a bust…it happens…
    besides, Belichick did trade for one of the greatest pound for pound football players of all time, Wes Welker…Let’s go Patriots, beat those Ratbirds…

  5. To fanofevilempire says:
    Same old comments from same old jealous fans of teams they wish were like the Patriots. Blah, blah, blah . . . . we’ve heard it all already.

  6. Belichick was effusive (look it up) in his praise. That is unusual.

    Tells me he wants to keep this guy after free agency… Guy is playing his way into a contract.

  7. His already earned the 7th round pick. Today there are more undrafted players that makes teams then 7th round picks.
    If he can stay out of trouble himself, Patriots will spell trouble for other teams for the next few years.

  8. Coach Bill has a record of taking players that other teams didn’t want, and made them productive. He may not have been 100% successful, but then again, who is?

  9. Funny how all these players who had troubles elsewhere come to the Patriots and fit right into the system, amazing really. Chad, for example, was a big ego maniac until he came here and became a model citizen (too bad he couldn’t learn the plays). Corey Dillon was another problem whom Coach B. straightened out. Talib is behaving himself and is really helping the team. Some of these young guys just need strong leadership to set them straight and they find plenty of it in NE.

  10. Shocker another spy gate comment which taping was legal until 2006 and every coach did it. Other coaches have also commented on spying in the opposing teams play calling booth and they still do!! And yes 2superbowls without taping and 2 losses on freak plays still isn’t bad what has ur team done probably nothing

  11. To footballfan58 says: Jan 17, 2013 7:24 AM

    Just enjoy it.

    We’ll know when this wonderful era is really over, it will be when the snivelers find another winner to snivel about.

    Until then we’ll have the snivelers around to acknowledge the king in their own special way.

    What is best in football?

    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their whiners.

  12. To fanofevilempire and other haters,

    Let me be the first Patriots fan to say it gives us great pleasure to know how miserable your lives must be every weekend during the season as the Patriots win 12 + games and compete for the SB EVERY SEASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Could be 6 SB’s in the past 12 seasons. Keep Hating because in New England we love the Pats and Bill Belichick !

  13. It’s a solid pickup for sure. Talib isn’t elite, but he’s the best player in the Pats secondary. He’ll get you interceptions but he’ll also give up catches. All in all both teams got what they were looking for; the Pats bolstered their secondary for a possible Super Bowl run and Tampa can continue to rebuild with a draft pick for a player they were going to let walk away at the end of the season.

    Personally, my favorite thing is reading all of the pro-Talib comments from Pats fans on this site. The same people who were clicking the thumbs down or calling the man a turd when the gun situation came up a year ago now mistaken the man for the second coming of Deion
    Sanders. It’s funny how things change once the ‘turd’ in question becomes a teammate as opposed to an opponent.

    I always defended Talib during the gun ordeal, read the full story and you’ll probably end up doing the same, however, his other incidents ranging from fighting his own teammate at the rookie symposium to slugging a cabbie to popping Adderal are pretty much indefensible and is the fault of Talib, not Tampa Bay the team or city. Keep this in mind Pats fans if you resign Talib at the end of the season, because he’s one more screw up from a long term suspension.

  14. Hey all you Belicheat spygate squids..

    Since 2004 the pats are 98-30.. w/ playoffs 106-36

    The Patriots have turned over and rebuilt their roster twice during that period.. some teams haven’t even had a winning season during that span, Period!!

    Since “spygate” the pats are 76-20. w/ playoffs 81-24… No team can come close to sniffing that.. talk all you want, facts are facts. The pitch was filmed from right field not center field. Despite being ruled illegal, that somehow diminishes the play on the field? you are idiots.

    no need to edit this out admin!

  15. gotampabay52 says: Jan 17, 2013 7:15 AM

    Good luck talib this weekend ravens got big wr you will get torched take the fourth rd and you not in Tampa you wont be in the super bowl sorry

    If nothing else, that post will make you keep your kids out of Tampa schools.

  16. Was really hoping the Ravens would trade for him after Webb went down for the year. Deal looked like a steal at the time and even more of one now. 4th round pick for first round talent when he came out and you get a pick in return? Unreal.

  17. I would love someone to explain to me what the major risk was…? The Patriots desperately needed help in pass defense. The Patriots have a track record of taking so-called ‘problem’ players & transforming them. They gave up one 4th-round pick, not like giving up a 1st or 2nd rounder. Plus, they got another draft-pick along with Aq.T. The trade makes Tampa Bay look like fools, rather than making New England look like gamblers.

  18. I”m a Steelers fan,

    And all this talk about the Patriots cheating is a bunch of crap. The Patriots are legit and if it wasn’t for some miracle plays by Eli Manning, Brady and Bellichick would be in a place where no one could ever touch them.

    Their organization is solid, and they have a clear vision of what they want to do. Anyone who keeps talking about this “cheat” stuff are fans who are jealous because their team can’t do the same.

    The Patriots beat people on the field.

    You wish your team were as solid and your front office as focused as the Patriots.

  19. Are you really saying that the Pats ‘aren’t that good’ because they’re 3-2 in the Super Bowl in the last 11 years? SERIOUSLY? How many teams haven’t even been in the PLAYOFFS 5 times in the last 11 years, let alone in the Super Bowl. I don’t even LIKE the Pats, but theres gotta be some respect for that.

    With that said, the problem really wasn’t ever DURING the season for Talib. It was in the off season when he went back to being a hood rat at home, that the problems start.

  20. Not sure why folks give Belichick heat about his “troubled player” pickups sometimes not working out, like Haynesworth. These are guys no other team wants, who are often playing (or not playing) their way right out of the league. The fact that Belichick gets even half of them to turn back into quality players is amazing. Most other teams would be happy to get 10% of them to turn out well.

  21. Talib is doing well with the Pats but the real question should’s Mama Talib doing?

  22. All the Patriot defensive players can tackle, but Talib is an excellent tackler. I love watching him work. They should put his tackles on an instruction video.

  23. First of all- I hate the patriots. Passionately. Tuck Rule amd all.

    However, William B. constantly turns his roster over (save Brady) and continues to win, consistently, for over ten years. The chowds are lucky to have him.

    That being said, they do cheat and take the term “gamesmanship” to new levels, but so be it.

    Just like the RAIDERS in the 70’s and 80’s, the patriots wear the black hat in this league now- like it or not. William and William are just as crafty (shady) and cunning (conniving) as Al Davis (RIP) ever was.

    Embrace it chowd lovers, it’s a good thing. I just wish more of you transplant donkeys would stay home and stop jamming up my beautiful California. Be sure to tell a friend.

  24. The Patriots used to be a squeeky clean outfit but now they bring in questionable guys like Aqib Turdlib. I’m sure the hoodie will be salavating over the release of Rolando McClain…..

  25. Where’s the story about Corey Graham? You know, the CB the Ravens picked up in the offseason (WITHOUT giving up a 4th rd pick) who was said to be a 4th or 5th CB and primarily a special teams guy that has (due to injuries) worked his way into a starting role and has playing some phenomenal football this year, including 2 picks of Manning, one for a TD and one to seal the 2OT win last week? And furthermore, where is the note about Ozzie finding these guys in the offseason that everyone has given up on that tend to play key roles? Want me to name a few? Corey Graham, Jacoby Jones this year and in the past guys like Chris Carr, Bryant McKinnie (who has played fantastic at LT in the playoffs), and Matt Birk.

  26. Talib’s tackle of Foster on 4th down might have been the best tackle (even though he made the 1st down) by a Pats db all year. The whole defense got a lift from that.

  27. Nah, I wouldn’t say the Bucs gave up on Talib too soon. He is a UFA after the season and with all the issues he had in Tampa, he wasn’t coming back anyways. A win-win for both teams here, the Pats get a talented but troubled player, the Bucs get something for a player they weren’t bringing back.

  28. We need a new rule that all of the spygate haters have to create a signature with which team they represent before posting about spygate/belicheat, etc.

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