Bart Scott: Jets’ problem is we don’t have enough good players


Jets linebacker Bart Scott says the problem with the team in 2012 is easy to explain: A lack of talent.

Scott said on Inside the NFL that there’s nothing hard to understand about why the Jets went 6-10. That’s what happens when your personnel doesn’t match up with your opponents.

“You know what the problem was with the New York Jets this year? We didn’t have enough quality players to win. Simple as that,” Scott said, via Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger.

If Scott’s assessment is right, the decision to fire G.M. Mike Tannenbaum was correct. And the next general manager will have a difficult task ahead of him.

But Scott said there’s another problem facing the Jets: The media attacks wore the team down. Scott said the New York media go harder on the Jets than on the Giants, and that they crossed the line by, among other things, following Rex Ryan on vacation and taking pictures of his tattoo.

“I didn’t like the personal attacks,” Scott said. “A quick example now is the media following Rex down to the Bahamas. I mean, who does that? . . . I can’t imagine them going out and catching Tom Coughlin laid out. . . . We are in the same town but we are covered differently.”

One thing Scott should know by now is that the press is more likely to be critical when a team is losing. So the media coverage will get more favorable as soon as the Jets get more good players.

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  1. Hey Bart. There’s a reason why the NY media treats Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin differently. Its because Rex Ryan is a jackass and Tom Coughlin isn’t. Simple as that.

  2. Unfortunately for Bart, he’s not as talented as he once was. He too was part of the problem when speaking to “lack of talent.”
    As fas Rex goes, I agree the media follows him more, but he brings it on himself too….coughlin stays away and mostly stays “Belichickian” at pressers.

  3. Rex Ryan invites the media attention. The Jets organization invited it by bringing the Tebow circus to town. The players invite it by throwing other players under the bus anonymously.

    The Giants do none of these things.

    The Jets need to stop being their own worst enemies and sports writers won’t have all that much to talk about.

  4. A. The list of players that aren’t quality includes Bart Scott.

    B. the Jets aren’t covered the same as the Giants because Ryan invited it. It started with his loud mouth guarantees and turning the Jets into a reality show on Hard Knocks. The Jets don’t act professionally but the Giants do.

  5. Says the guy whose biggest accomplishment for the Jets is yelling “CAN’T WAIT!” at Sal Pal.

  6. Earth shattering news!! Now Bart being one of those bad players please show yourself the door!!

  7. That wasn’t the media, that was TMZ…hardly a real media source. The rest of the mainstream media really had no choice but to pick it up from there.

  8. Bart Scott blaming the media for the Jets issues is rich. The Jets do everything they can to get on the backpage in NYC. The media coverage will get more favorable when and if the Jets become more than a circus.
    As for a lack of talent, Bart must have looked in the mirror. His career is running on fumes.

  9. “You know what the problem was with the New York Jets this year? We didn’t have enough quality players to win.”

    This coming from a LB past his prime that is only on the team because his contract is chock full of guaranteed money. Be careful what you wish for Bart. If they want more quality players then they’ll be dumping scrubs like you pretty quickly.

  10. Red headed step-children are always treated differently.

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the boasts and broken promises coming out of the jet camp.

  11. I can’t imagine them going out and catching Tom Coughlin laid out. . . . We are in the same town but we are covered differently.”

    Bart, they are covered differently because they are different. Black and white different. Your coach is a blowhard loudmouth who makes hollow promises and has a tat of his wife in his overrated QB’s jersey. Tom? I think not. Your coach brings it on himself and the team. Enjoy it for another year!

  12. This has nothing to do with winning or losing.
    It has everything to do with your coach and players running their mouth at every opportunity.

  13. Sorry Scott, in order to bring in better players you need to get rid of the BAD players first.

    Tell management to get rid of Sanchez and Rex…wait, no one wants to be in managment.

  14. Let me get this straight, the Jets love the media’s attention and limelight, but not critical scrutiny and gossip.

    Got it.

    Why is it so hard to understand that you cannot have it both ways? They brought on all of it themselves. Your loudmouth coach, attention-seeking owner and chatty players are to blame.

  15. He is right about the NY media. They are leeches and they put a negative spin on everything…..however…. The players seem to invite the coverage. If they’d stop with the “candid sitdowns” and the “anonymous source” stuff then they’d significantly reduce their negative publicity.

  16. Presumably he includes himself in this group of players that aren’t good enough to win?

    Yet another player that benefited from playing alongside Ray Lewis along with Ed Hartwell and Adalius Thomas

  17. Rex said the Jets are and will be better than the Giants for the next ten years after 2010.

    Heading into the 2011 season the headlines read “NEW JET CITY”

    The Giants didnt cry about it and won the Super Bowl instead ( which included an XMAS Eve beatdown of the Jets that pretty much ended their season)

  18. “A quick example now is the media following Rex down to the Bahamas. I mean, who does that? . . . I can’t imagine them going out and catching Tom Coughlin laid out. . . .”

    Yes, because TC would be taking care of his business, not running out of town as fast as he could as soon as the season is over.

    As for ‘not having enough good players’….in other breaking news, water is wet and the sun is bright.

  19. Thats right Bart, not enough talent, thata why youll not be a Jet next year. Dead weight scott will be joining Tebow in the unemployment line.

  20. He has a point… You dont see any media following Romeo Crennel to Cancun or Mike Mularky to wherever… and their teams lost more than the Jets. Simple, Jets news equals website hits and channel clicks.

  21. That’s not the only problem Bart. Ryan is not a head coach. Some of the same qualities that make him a great defensive co-ordinator sabatage his head coaching aspirations, just as they did for Buddy, and will for Rob. The result, a team in desperate need of lithium, either riding an emotional high, or suffering depression.

  22. Scott is right about the lack of talent level on the Jets. The team got progressively worse in the last 2 years. Ironically, so did Bart Scott.

    He is also right about the media.

  23. I love Bart Scott but maybe he needs to realize that the reason they followed Rex on vacation was because that was the most exciting thing the jets had done all year. Be a leader Bart and lead the team. Stop making excuses. All the talent in the world doesn’t make defenses not catch the ball when Sanchez is throwing it right to them.

  24. This guy is such a whiner. Seems like every time this guy is quoted he is complaining about something. No wonder that locker room is so dysfunctional.

  25. After the year he had I hope he’s including himself in the under-qualified group.

    Media attacks? If the Jets kept their mouths shut (like now) there would be a lot less media scrutiny.

    Coughlin isn’t followed because there would be nothing to see. Between Foot-gate, his quotes and the strange tattoo, Rex gives them plenty of reason to follow him.

    They’ve been stalking Brady for years. It hasn’t seemed to affect his, or the Patriots’ performance.

  26. Why Inside The NFL had him on the set is beyond me. This guy is a complete joke, everything he said was basically garbage with no real insight. “We didn’t have enough quality players to win” Does Bart also include himself in that quote?

  27. just going to state the obvious here for Mr. Scott. you get treated differently by the media because your team and your coach run their mouths about how great you are and how you are destined for the SB every year. you brought it on yourself.

  28. FYI Bart: if you are reading this,,,the press hounds Bill B to death,,who he eats with,,plays golf with,,,even who he calls. To be honest if BB had a tat of his Girl half naked wearing brady’s jersey on his body, or a video of his lady on the web serving guys sexually,,I’m sure they would harass him as well. Your big mouth coach brings it on himself.

  29. You know why the media goes harder on the Jets than the Giants? Because the Jets just give them too much ammo. Rex should take a page out of Coughlin and Bellichicks book: the less you say, the better.

  30. When you repeatedly draw attention to yourselves, you need to expect media attention. Why not try just shutting up and playing football?

  31. Regarding the media focus….try this…if you’re going to be a lightning rod…don’t be surprised when you get hit by lightning…it’s really as simple as that…

  32. I dunno, I think the NY press was pretty tough on the NYG when they had turmoil and were losing i.e. part of the the 07 season, etc. The NYG like any other team has/had some clowncar players, they just aren’t comprised mostly ones who do most of the talking like the NYJ seem to be.

    Coming from a guy who flipped off the media on camera, this complaint is funny, Bart.

  33. It may seem like an obvious comment, but clearly he’s miles ahead of the Jets’ ownership, front office, and coaching staff.

  34. sorry bartt this was all brought on by rex and the jets. when mangini was here not a peep–and rex comes in and declares them world champs. so they love the press when they win but when they are losing its all the medias fault

    and tom coughlin would never be in the bahamas a day after the season ended laying out. u know what tom couglin was doing–he was about to kill himslef because the giants didnt make the playoffs. he said he couldnt sleep all week and was a mess. thats why this wouldnt happen to coughlin

  35. Thats all fine and dandy, unless you bring this on yourself, which the Jets did running their mouths for years. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  36. Mangini’s work undone in spades!
    At least The Jets were a professional acting team
    This is just pathetic that Scott won’t shut up.
    Has not one person from the Jets learn this yet?
    AMAZING !!!!

  37. Coughlin isn’t a media hound like Ryan and the Jets. For example there aren’t any Giants in the media generating headlines by saying, “We went 9-7 cause our staff isn’t talented enough etc etc.” I’m sure Tom Coughlin doesn’t have a tattoo of Rex Ryan’s wife Tebowing in a Sanchise jersey either. He might, that would be extremely weird.

  38. At the beginning of the season Rex Ryan was boasting that this was the most talented team he has ever coached.

    After going 6-10 those same players are the least talented?

  39. We were in back to back AFC championship games and still the media ripped us all the time. Dont write about how it is here if your dumb hick ass aint from here.

  40. I saw Scott on Inside The NFL. Fun guy and a serious Patriots hater. Scott thinks a 9 1/2 point underdog Ravens will beat the Patriots, that Peyton Manning is a better playoff quarterback than Brady, and that Aquib Talib will get burned by the Ravens. He called the Patriots a “finesse” team. The Ravens might beat the Patriots but they will need to play their best game and the Patriots will need to make some mistakes. It is remarkable how much the Patriots are in the heads of so many of the star players of the other NFL teams.

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