Broncos promote Adam Gase to offensive coordinator


Neither Ken Whisenhunt nor Tom Moore is going to be the next offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the team will promote quarterbacks coach Adam Gase to offensive coordinator. Gase replaces Mike McCoy, who left the team to become head coach of the Chargers this week.

Whisenhunt was linked with the job on Wednesday after the Eagles hired Chip Kelly and it became clear that Whisenhunt wasn’t landing another head coaching job after being fired by the Cardinals at the end of the regular season. Moore’s name came up because of his connections to Peyton Manning from Indianapolis and his own desire to return to a coordinator position after spending the last couple of years consulting with the Jets and Titans.

In the end, though, the Broncos opted for continuity. Gase has been on the staff since 2009, serving first as the wide receivers coach before moving up to work with Manning and the other quarterbacks. That experience working with Manning and the fact that Manning can take on some of the play calling burden from the line of scrimmage likely helped convince John Fox that Gase could handle the promotion at 34 years of age.

15 responses to “Broncos promote Adam Gase to offensive coordinator

  1. My initial response to this was not positive.
    But after a little bit of thought, I can see why Denver did this for a few reasons.
    1) He is young and can learn from Manning still
    2) They most likely won’t have to go through the process of hiring a new OC next year
    3)In a few years he will be the one that will have trained Brock Osweiler up to become the starting QB
    4) He is young and therefore will not pose much threat to John Fox’s conservative play calling and approach.

    So I think this could work out for the long run. Congratulations coach Gase.

  2. Will it really matter as long as fox is the coach? the broncos will be right back where they were Saturday,and there’s a strong possibily another go for it,or kneel down and die situation will occur so who’s gonna make that call?

  3. I don’t know about other Vikings fans, but I would love to have someone like Ken Whisenhunt on our staff. I think he would do a much better job than Bill Musgrave and actually help Christian Ponder show progress.

  4. Great hire, and anyone who blames Manning for that lose last weekend is dumber than you sound with your uneducated posts. That game was won, and a bone headed play by an over confident safety ruined their season. Period.

  5. Why hire anyone? Guess they have to make it seem like they actually have an OC in place other than MegaHead.

    And jaxjhawk, if it wasn’t for those two special teams breakdowns by the Ravens the game would have been a blow out…the better team won. And MegaHead just proves once again he sucks in the playoffs…get over it.

  6. doesn’t change the fact that Fox will always make the wrong decision on clock management…

    sometime next year, they’ll be tied at the 2 minute warning with all 3 time outs left, and Fox will call 3 knees to go to overtime…

    Fox should be fired for that call…. worst coaching call by any coach all year

  7. jaxcjhawkm I disagree with you 100%. Yes the safety blew the game in the 4th quarter. HOWEVER it was Manning who failed in overtime to generate ANY points. It was Manning who AGAIN threw a stupid INT in his own territory. It was Manning who lost the game for the Broncos. Amazing to me how this guy continually chokes in the postseason and he gets a pass.

  8. How much longer do greedy Peyton and Elway have in the NFL? Should Elway get canned after next season’s Peyton playoff choke?

    $19 million could have fixed some holes in that ancient defense instead!

  9. Let us not forget why Denver was the #1 seed in the AFC to begin with. I’m guessing that haters will be haters regardless. What a sad way to live. Probably the same jokers whom in the off season and all season long couldn’t post anything other than “wait till he gets hit one time and his head falls off” Don’t know how many times I read that one…When was the last time the #1 seed won the SB? There is parity in the NFL and anything can happen on the field.

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