Browns hire Norv, five other coaches


As expected, the Browns have hired as their offensive coordinator a guy who on three prior occasions has done well enough as an offensive coordinator to get hired as a head coach.

Norv Turner, fired last month by the Chargers, becomes the new offensive coordinator in Cleveland.

“Norv has been one of the most respected offensive coaches in the NFL over the last 25-30 years,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said,  “and he has had a tremendous amount of success at each one of his stops – as a position coach, coordinator and head coach.  I was able to learn a great deal in the time that I worked for him in San Diego, and I expect that having him as our offensive coordinator will make a big impact on that side of the ball.”

Turner first rose to prominence as the offensive coordinator of the Cowboys in the early 1990s, parlaying that assignment into two Super Bowl rings and the head-coaching job in Washington.  His affinity for feeding the ball to a workhorse running back is good news for Trent Richardson, which at a minimum balances out concerns arising from Chudzinski’s revolving-door use of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.  On five occasions, Turner’s offense has created the NFL regular-season rushing champ.

The Browns also have hired receivers coach Scott Turner, offensive line coach Mike Sullivan, and strength and conditioning coach Brad Roll.  Special-teams coordinator Chris Tabor and offensive line coach George Warhop will remain with the team.

It appears that the Browns will, at least for now, have two offensive line coaches.

The team has said nothing about the defensive staff, which could mean that a new one will be hired.

49 responses to “Browns hire Norv, five other coaches

  1. As a Bolt fan, I glad he got a job as an OC. I thought he has alway been good at calling plays on offense when that was his only job. As a coach…that’s a different story.

  2. BTW. Cleveland fans, get ready for : 1st down RB of tackle; 2nd down – swing pass to RB or to TE; 3rd down QB on his back; 4th down – Punt. That’s how Norv played it in San Diego. Offensive genius. Good luck.

  3. Dang man I knew this was coming…AFC North just got much harder to compete in…Dude is 1 hell of an OC….He will have that Browns offensive humming by week 8 and top 12 by 2014…. Even though they are the enemy this is a good hire for the franchise.. Thanks for not hiring Zimmer 🙂

  4. This is the move the Lions should’ve made. And yet we’re stuck with Linehan for another year. When the BROWNS are making better personnel decisions than your team, it’s time for a change.

  5. Time to bring the vertical passing game back to Cleveland. Good hire! Should almost double the touchdown production of the Browns next year. Look out, Pittsburgh. They’re comin’ after ya!

  6. Good news for Cleveland fans. The Browns haven’t had a decent offensive coordinator since ole whats his face that got Derek Anderson to the pro bowl.

  7. Norv was a “genius” in Dallas when he had a team full of future Hall of Famers. He did some good work in Washington, Oakland, and San Francisco as an OC, but nothing to write home about. As a Chargers fan, all I can tell you is that I spent many Sundays extremely frustrated with Norv’s play calling. He is predictable to a fault. He does not know how to run the clock when he has a lead. He also does not know how to conserve the clock when he is behind. We’re talking beat your head against the wall frustrated! I think he will be a decent OC for Cleveland, but he will never be a genius again until he has a HOF roster like back in the day.

  8. Makes me wonder what the Browns brass thinks of Weeden.

    If they are lukewarm, it’s possible Alex Smith could be re-united with Norv.

  9. There is nothing not to like about Norv as OC. He will make your offense better without a doubt. He’s also a great guy. As a Charger fan I blame AJ Smith for not giving Norv the players to be successfull. On the other hand, Chud has done nothing to prove he’s ready to be a head coach.

  10. I am greatly looking forward to the new season to see how Norv’s offense works on the field. He does have a great track record for making QB’s better, and we could use that. For the Browns to have a solid offense would be out of this world considering we have floundered at the bottom of the league in nearly every offensive category since returning in ’99.

    Go Browns!!!

  11. Well, at least the Browns rookie head coach isn’t going to do something as stupid as try to handle offensive coordinator duties too (*cough*Shurmer*cough*).

  12. yes… Norv is good OC…

    NOW: its all about the QB… you’ll live and die by the QB.

    I only know of one team that went without a TD in five str8 games to go to the playoffs and then Super Bowl… and that was?????

    (Trent Dilfer and the Ravens)

    Trent even spent time here and wasn’t really that good.

    So…. Weeden… time to step up but what about the sophmore jinx… meanwhile Ben and Flacco and even Dalton will be tough games

    whats the Browns schedule looking like

  13. Please define “lousy head coach” Downslide. Was he the sexy pic? No, but that doesn’t make him lousy.

    Chud has the makings to be a great head coach. He can form complete sentences, so that makes him immediately more qualified than Shurmur.

  14. uht oh Steelers’ fans. It’s starting to look like the Brownies are on an uptick and the Black & Gold are headed in the opposite direction. One team is young and vibrant and the other is getting a little, well, elderly to be kind. Could this be the Browns reverting to the Ernest Byner days and the Steelers heading back to the Walter Abercrombie days? The NFL has always been cyclical. I know my team is about 5 years away from where you guys are at right now. We’ll see.

  15. “Norv has been one of the most respected offensive coaches in the NFL over the last 25-30 years,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said, “and he has had a tremendous amount of success.”


    Translation—“I plan on selecting assistants that management would NEVER put in my place should we ever go 2-10 to start a season”.

  16. The Cowboys blew that one, now the Browns have the best OC in the league in Norv! Terrible HC but best OC I know I’m a Raider Fan!

  17. Doesn’t sound like Browns fans have been watching the Chargers offense the past few years.


  18. Excellent news for the Browns!!! As a Steelers fan, I don’t know that I’m thrilled, but I do want to see the Browns competitive again and this is a great step in that direction.

  19. Chud is assembling a good staff. Rivera says the one thing he would do over again is hire a former HC as one of his coordinators (Mike Shula does NOT count). Hiring Norv is a smart move. The question is, who will play QB?

  20. justintuckrule;

    Cyclical? How do you explain the past 13 years as an expansion team? The browns were good for 4-5 years in the late 80s and pretty much stunk since their 1 Championship win in the 60s.

    And yes, the Steelers stunk those 4-5 years in the late 80s. However, Steelers dominated the browns in the 70s. Early 80s went slightly to Pitt but the browns dominated from 85-89. Since then, the Steelers dominated. Browns haven’t swept since 1988. Cowher went 21-5 vs Cleveland. Tomlin is 12-2. And the last two playoff appearance for the browns(1994 and 2003) ended in 3-game sweeps for the Steelers.

    One team has dominated with a down year here or there. The other has stunk for the last 40+ years with an up year every now and then (and yes, a brief time of success int he late 80s that ended in heartbreak plays your city still references: the drive, the fumble, etc).

  21. It won’t change much unless they get a number of players that can block, tackle, catch passes, etc. Oh, and put Colt back as starting QB.

  22. as a charger fan, i’m happy to see norv got a job as an OC. I’m not sure if he’ll ever be a great headcoach, but an OC, i think he’s great. Good luck, Norv!

  23. Five million reasons why Lovie Smith will not coach in the NFL unless it’s a HC job this year.

    And frankly, he should make the Bears pay that. (I say that while also thinking that, if they had to let him go, hiring Trestman was a good idea — and I;’m surprised more teams did not contact Trestman).

  24. Some guys are meant to be coordinators. Some guys are meant to be HC’s. Turner was not cut out to be a HC, that’s for sure. Next up for that distinction should be Chip Kelly. The biggest part of being a HC is dealing with grown men, something Chip Kelly has never had to do.

  25. You just come to expect stupid decisions from the browns it happens literally every year.they don’t realize that a coach needs time to devolop the team along with good draft choices for example look at shannahan in Washington, and Carrol in Seattle.

  26. Norv played at Oregon, unfortuantely, it was behind a HOF, Dan Fouts. Norv was “so-so” when he goty his chance to start, but he struggled in the execution of the Veer Option back in the 70”s.

    He excelled at knowing the offensive schemes and became of a student of the game which ultimatley led to his professional coaching career.

    The browns are very smart to get him….I was afraid Dallas would reach out to him, but just like the Cowboys, “they’ blew thelead in the fourth quarter! Go Norv, Give Cleveland and Jim Brown more relevance!

  27. @cbass – first things first…I’m not a Browns’ fan. Second, all good things and all bad things must come to an end sometime. My team went through it in the 60, 70s and 90s. Washington went through it for the last 20 years. The 9ers went through it. On the flip side, the Fins are still going through it as are the Cowboys (to an extent) and Raiders. In short, I think Pittsburgh’s good fortune is about to change and Cleveland’s perpetually bad fortune will too.

  28. ambitoos says: Jan 17, 2013 1:11 PM

    … On the other hand, Chud has done nothing to prove he’s ready to be a head coach.


    Oh? Well here’s one thing. Instead of getting preoccupied with running the offense himself like Shurmur did, Chud’s turned it over to maybe the most experienced offensive coach he knows.

  29. cbass59 says:
    Jan 17, 2013 2:09 PM

    “…The other has stunk for the last 40+ years with an up year every now and then…”

    Sounds just like the first 40 years of the Steelers existance… Minus the “occasional up year” part, of course.

  30. I am still unsure of whether or not “Chud” was the right pick for the head coach of the Browns. But I do like Norv Turner as OC. Now if the Browns can get a decent DC and keep the 4-3 and bag a good defensive player in the draft (pick no.6), we might be on to something.

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