Chandler Jones won’t tell Arthur Jones how his ankle feels

Getty Images

The Patriots take secrecy about injuries seriously. So seriously that rookie defensive end Chandler Jones won’t tell his own brother how he’s feeling. Of course, that’s largely because Chandler’s brother, Arthur Jones, plays for the Ravens.

Arthur told reporters this week that he saw Chandler suffer an ankle injury on Sunday and was concerned, but Chandler wouldn’t tell him how he was doing because he doesn’t want the Ravens to have any insight.

“I know he got rolled up bad last week, so I was trying to figure out if he was going to play or not and get the inside scoop,” Arthur Jones said, via USA Today. “But he’s doing a good job not telling me anything.”

Chandler said he’s going to do everything he can to play through the ankle injury, and he is expected to play against the Ravens.

“It’s fortunate to have the opportunity to play against my brother,” Chandler Jones said. “But it all boils down to us trying to win and achieve that goal.”

The middle brother in the Jones family, Jon Jones, is the light heavyweight champion of the UFC. Jon will be at the game, but he isn’t choosing sides.

“I haven’t asked him [who he’ll be rooting for],” Chandler Jones said. “I told him what I just told you guys. I just want to win.”

Having Chandler healthy will go a long way toward helping the Patriots win.