Decker says Peyton was on board with taking a knee

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The Broncos have been criticized for choosing to take a knee with 31 seconds left in regulation on Saturday and the score against the Ravens tied at 35.

And since success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan, Broncos receiver Eric Decker was asked during Thursday’s PFT Live whether he knows who made the decision.

Decker didn’t specifically identify any one person, calling it a decision made by the coaches.  He also said that quarterback Peyton Manning expressed no disagreement with the decision — or any inclination to override it.  (Yes, I specifically asked whether Manning made that face he makes when he’s frustrated.)

Coincidentally, the Falcons also had 31 seconds on the clock after the Seahawks claimed a late one-point lead.  But the Falcons had no choice but to try to get into field-goal range.

Still, the decision to play it safe in Denver remains confusing.  The Broncos paid Manning $18 million in 2012 and will give him another $40 million over the next two years.  One of the best quarterbacks who ever played the game shouldn’t be taking a knee when there’s still a chance to win the game.

But No. 1 seeds tend to play a little tighter and more careful when hosting their divisional-round games.  The Broncos in that moment were playing not to lose.  When playing a team with nothing to lose, that can backfire.

Decker addressed plenty of other issues in an appearance conducted in conjunction with his role as a finalist for the Vizio Top Value Performer Award, which goes to the best players who aren’t paid very much money in relation to their peers.

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37 responses to “Decker says Peyton was on board with taking a knee

  1. Peyton’s job is to make plays on the field, not analyze statistical probabilities of managerial choices that are the responsibility of the brain trust off the field that is supposed to be supporting the team with the right decisions that give them the best odds to win games.

  2. Manning knew better than anyone that his arm was shot and he was likely to throw a pick in OT…all this talk of Fox calling conservative plays and Manning sits quietly letting someone else take the blame like he usually does…he calls audibles at the line all the time and stuck with conservative to cover up that he can’t throw downfield anymore in the cold air…those last 31 seconds were just a chance for him to give the game away…Denver is going to guarantee $40 million to a dead armed QB who can’t play in the cold…and their home playoff games are in the cold…Tebow will have more playoff wins than Manning for Denver

  3. The whole organization is towing the company line. Consistent is as consistence was and that was beat down in their back yard with the fans working their tails off not to freeze to death! The Ravens, on the other hand, were fighting to not end the season like the Broncos should have been.

  4. “One of the best quarterbacks who ever played the game shouldn’t be taking a knee when there’s still a chance to win the game.”

    Right on. And he also shouldn’t be handing off when 7 yards will get a first down to win the game. Sheesh.

  5. Valid qn… The difference here is that broncos were tied and Atlanta was behind. But when u have or claiming to have best qb in the league then why not give it a try. Either a dump off or something away from reed.
    Now they have to wonder a long time about this decision.

  6. Interesting considering that Manning has overridden Tony Dungy when he wanted to punt. He’s also not the type of guy who would throw coaches under the bus, so I’d have to believe that deep down Manning did want to have an attempt but didn’t want to show up the coaches this early as a Bronco.

  7. I agree with that 3rd and 7 get 7.1 yards game over finished done. LOL I gotta laugh some here, being the Browns fan that I am. Let’s see what shall we call this I mean this game needs a name too doesn’t it? The Choke, The Knee Game, The well help me out here will ya. But that was a classic something hu Elway? LOL

  8. “Tebow would have won that game.”

    I like Tebow as much as the next guy, but he would not have won that game, because the Broncos wouldn’t have made the playoffs with Tim at QB.

  9. h0c2000 says:
    Jan 17, 2013 8:41 PM
    “Tebow would have won that game”


    Tebow would have not make it it the playoffs in the first place.
    Tebow won’t be in the NFL next year.

  10. I thought John Fox cleared this up pretty well in his Monday presser with Elway. Basically he said the team and the coaching staff were reeling, in shock, after the game tying bomb to Jones. That based on his experience with the team, it was not a good time to go for it. You can argue with his reasoning, but clearly Fox thought discretion was the better part of valor in this instance.

  11. Peyton threw a pick-six and a back-breaking interception in overtime to lose the game, both without facing the pressure to put points on the board with 30 seconds left.

    I don’t really understand the intense criticism of John Fox not pressing for points with little time left on the clock given that basic fact.

    When you have one of the NFL’s top defenses, a great offense, are at home, have special teams that have already scored two touchdowns, and the new OT rules make it unlikely you’ll lose in one drive, I don’t think it’s a horrible idea to play it a little safe personally.

    Manning doesn’t have the arm he used to. He’s been pretty forthcoming about that. That makes it preferable to shoot for methodical, long drives than quick strikes.

    I’m sure Fox did a cost-benefit analysis and felt more comfortable preparing for an overtime battle given the momentum the Ravens had and all the other factors.

  12. The Bronco’s as well as the rest of the league are so obsessed with forcing the defense to use their timeouts late in games is the reason for the loss. Facing third and seven with 1;30 on the clock, Ravens with one timeout left, the Bronco’s and all the other teams, run the ball to force the last timeout. I’m sorry, but everyone in the stadium knows its a running play. The defense stuffs the run. If I had Payton Manning in that situation, why not throw the ball for a first down. Complete it, and the game is over. I’d rather take my chances this way? True, incomplete pass, and the Ravens have a timeout left. Still gotta trust Manning will complete a pass against a defense stacked against a run?

  13. All I know is that Belichick would never have Brady take a knee in that situation. That’s why he has 3 rings and Fox has and will always have 0.

  14. Its simple. The Broncos got “John Foxed”. He is about as conservative as they come in crunch time. His schtick will wear thin in Denver quickly, just wait and see….

  15. People Denver had a very good season, Peyton had a very good season. What craziness are people talking, yes, he threw a pick in OT… but you will let that one pick override the entire body of work for the season?

    Only one team can win the super bowl, does that mean all 31 other teams sucked? The people in the media who are getting on about Peyton, are probably the ones who came out and said he was going to be terrible this year and Denver would miss the playoffs. So now they want to grab at anything and blow it up to epic proportions to save face… Get over it Peyton had a very good year, you were wrong, carry on!

  16. Didn’t Denver get 3 or 4 possessions in overtime? What did they do with those possessions? Nothing. What makes you think they would’ve done any different from their own 20-yd line and 30 seconds left, with at least 40 yards to go to get in position for a 57-yd field goal try?

  17. How can we even concentrate on a story like this when we have an innocent girlfriend that died, and never even had the chance to exist?!

  18. If that’s the case, then Peyton isn’t the QB he was two years ago, and it doesn’t have anything to do with his neck. Maybe it is another part of his anatomy. I hated the kneel down, and I pull for another team. Two years ago he’s going for the field goal and sticking the dagger in the other team’s chest.
    If the Broncos thought they were built for OT they were terribly wrong.

  19. The good thing about having Manning on this team is that next year around this time we will be talking about 1 st place Broncos going to the The playoffs with home field advantage through out, and Tebow being a superstar in the CFL, and you can take that to the Bank.

  20. Taking the knee was not the problem. Running on 3rd and 7 was the issue. That is the exact play you brought the guy to Denver for.

    I don’t have an issue with taking the knee.

  21. To All of the Denver Fans who wish they had Tebow back, I wish you had him back also and I am sure that the other 31 teams in the NFL wish you had him back.

  22. Shut up about this, the better team won…period.

    If it wasn’t for the two special team gaffes by the Ravens, that game wouldn’t have even been close.

    Please close this idotic argument already.

  23. I guess John Fox can’t use the “we play for 60 minutes” cliche anymore can he? More like “We play for 59 minutes and 29 seconds.”

    It’s just mind boggling to me why you wouldn’t even try. You have 2 timeouts left, and Peyton Manning at QB!

    It’s taken me all week to deal with this loss, and you gotta wonder “what if?”
    Oh well… we’ll get ’em next year, right?

  24. yssupasigninnamnotyep says:
    Jan 18, 2013 9:53 AM
    Shut up about this, the better team won…period.

    If it wasn’t for the two special team gaffes by the Ravens, that game wouldn’t have even been close.

    Please close this idotic argument already.


    Yeah because special teams plays don’t count do they? That comment makes no sense.

  25. yssupasigninnamnotyep says:
    Jan 18, 2013 9:53 AM
    Shut up about this, the better team won…period.

    If it wasn’t for the two special team gaffes by the Ravens, that game wouldn’t have even been close.

    Please close this idotic argument already.


    I mean, if Rahim Moore doesn’t whiff on a deep ball with 31 seconds left in the game, then we aren’t even talking about this.
    Let’s close this idiotic argument already.

  26. As a Patriots fan who has watched his team compete with the Colts for titles over the last decade, it became apparent that Manning does not play well in cold weather. He is very uncomfortable in cold wind and if snow is falling he squints constantly. He was like a different player when the teams met in the dome vs. on the field in Foxboro. Denver should be concerned.

  27. h0c2000 says:
    Jan 17, 2013 8:41 PM
    Tebow would have won that game.

    Was hilarious to see the footage on “Inside the NFL” of Suggs taunting the Denver fans about wishing they had Tebow.

    As a side note as a Pats fan we keep hearing that Flacco outplayed TB by a large margin in last year’s AFCC. Well why don’t we hear this about him and PM this year? It’s no less true. But media has different standard for TB than they do for PM.

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