GM: “Gus is who the Jaguars need now and in the future”


The Jaguars made it official, announcing that Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley had become the fifth head coach in franchise history.

In their press release, the Jaguars stressed that they’ve found a long-term fit to go with new general manager David Caldwell.

“It was just a matter of time before Gus Bradley became a head coach in the NFL,” Caldwell said, “and the Jacksonville Jaguars are extremely fortunate that Gus will be on our sidelines for many years to come. Gus more than met every criteria we insisted on from our new head coach, and his intangibles and leadership abilities are exceptional. Gus is who the Jaguars need now and in the future.”

Bradley set a high bar for himself in the process.

“I am very proud to accept the offer to be the next head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars,” the new coach said. “[Owner] Shad Khan and Dave Caldwell expect to win, and that’s what I wanted to hear. That’s why I am coming to Jacksonville – to win a Super Bowl. I can’t wait to meet everyone in Jacksonville on Friday and get this going.”

Bradley’s first appearance in Jacksonville will be tomorrow, but his first order of business will be sorting out their mess at quarterback and how to proceed, and that will take much longer.

16 responses to “GM: “Gus is who the Jaguars need now and in the future”

  1. We will miss u in Seattle Gus. Thanks for helping build our D and our young Seahawks team. Good luck in JAX.

  2. Do they teach these writers to end every story with some sort of cliffhanger or controversy? When did reporting just the facts of a situation become a bad thing?

  3. One step at a time coach. The mention of the Super Bowl from Jax is not realistic. Try winning 9 or 10 to bring the fans back into the stadium. Your biggest crowd occur when the Pats or Jets come into town.

  4. Bradley has been with West Coast offenses for a while, so Shurmur as OC? Eh.

    Lovie Smith really got the short end of the stick this year, but will prob be #1 on next year’s coaches-for-hire list after half of these coordinators flop.

  5. Wait a minute stop the presses , Rex Ryan isn’t the only person in the NFL to talk about a Super Bowl that can’t be right!!!!

  6. He’d be a great pick, if only he knew how to dial up a blitz that worked and figured out how to defend 40 yards of turf for 25 seconds.

    Seriously, has a guy ever got a head coaching job less than a week after f-ing up a scheme as bad as Bradley did on Sunday? Hawks fans are still trying to process the huge flop this guy made, and now he’s a head coach? Wow.

    Glad he’s gone. Maybe Ray Horton to Hawks as new DC.

  7. Gus, you were a large part of building a defense with no stars but feared by the league. It was cleary attitude, determination and grit. The whole is bigger than the sum of its’ parts theory. I hate to see you leave the Hawks, but you built the foundation and I know you will do wonders for the Jags. Good luck to you sir!

  8. “Quarterback mess”?. Control the hyperobole, Gnat. Gabbert had better passer rating/completion rate than the starters for eight other teams this past season. At the time he was hurt that included Andrew Luck and Cam Newton top draft picks last two seasons. Newton passed him after he was shelved, Luck never did. If Griffin is out and the drafted quarterbacks are as lame as they seem, Blaine will still be the youngest starter in the league next season. Certainly not the worst, by a long shot.

  9. @thegreatgabbert….

    Forget about passer/rating. Anyone with two eyes knows that Gabbert is nowhere near the level of Luck and Newton.

  10. I don’t get all of the love for this guy.The way everyone has talked about him you’d think he coached the 1985 Bears defense to a Super Bowl win.This guy only had 1 good year.

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