Jaguars hire Gus Bradley as head coach

Gus Bradley is the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That’s the word from ESPN’s Adam Schefter and FOX’s Jay Glazer, who reported on Thursday morning that Bradley had accepted the Jaguars’ head-coaching position.

Bradley, a defensive coordinator who spent the last four years on the Seahawks’ staff, became a hot coaching candidate after Seattle’s defense went on a dominant run down the stretch in the regular season.

Bradley was believed to be the Eagles’ choice if they hadn’t been able to convince Chip Kelly to leave Oregon. As it turned out, even though Bradley lost out on the Philadelphia job, it took him less than 24 hours to become coach of the Jaguars.

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  1. Good for him and good for Jax. Is the Cards job that bad of a gig that nobody really seems to want it apparently?

  2. As a Jags fan – I like the hire mostly because I loved the way Seattle played this year…physically and mentally tough. If Gus was a major contributor to that – then I am all for it!

    We are in desperate need of some toughness around here. Our former GM Gene Smith was a total WIMP who actually said he evaluated the players wives and marital status in looking at Free Agents!! He went WAY overboard on the character issue and we had a roster full of guys who just couldn’t get it done.

    And then he picks another wimp Mike Mularkey as a coach…it’s been a total excuse making wimpfest down here. I truly hope this dude is a badass and brings in some badass players!

  3. I really liked this guy and wanted the eagles to hire him,the Eagles would no longer be the “softest” team in the NFL anymore if he was the eagles coach

  4. Shame this talent has to rot in that dump of a team. No talent, blackouts, constant threat of relocation, and a division with a few playoff teams. Good luck Gus.

  5. JAX having a decent off season so far with new GM and promising HC. At least there seems to be some potential and hope. Are they going to move from Jax or stay?

  6. I’m sure once he saw Chip Kelly was hired and his options dwindle, it made his decision a lot easier. Ashame, he is the guy I wanted. Not a gimmicky college guy. I think Jags fans should be very happy

  7. bears0492 says:Jan 17, 2013 7:51 AM

    Good hire. Curious to see what he can do with some of those players on offense…the cupboard isn’t bare in Jacksonville

    The cupboard isn’t exactly overflowing either…we have a former GM Gene Smith built roster that lacks speed, atleticism, and toughness. There are only about 10 guys on the roster as keepers – the rest are all in need of an upgrade. The overall talent is truly subpar.

  8. Gus: Happy to hear it. The fans will love you and you won’t have to pay that horrible city wage tax in Philly and like Washington, there’s no state income tax. The reporters are much more civil. The weather is far better. Philly didn’t deserve you.

  9. The 49ers won three times in one week. They clobbered Green Bay and advanced to the NFC Championship. As a result, They kept their offensive coordinator for atleast another season and he won’t be distracted during this playoff run and their division rival just lost their defensive coordinator.

  10. This guy was a mess until Pete Carroll came in and fixed things.

    Who knows maybe he’ll be a good coach. But I think most fans who pay close attention realize Pete and his elephant front, getting bigger physical players, goin man insted of Bradleys Tampa 2 Zone was the reason the defense was #1. Hopefully he learned something from Carroll.

    Like not going to a soft zone and a half ass 5 man rush/prevent defense with 31 seconds left like the playoff loss to Atlanta.

  11. If Arizona plays their “Cards” right. They are going to get the best offensive coach now in Bruce Arians. Arians has tutored Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck. Arizona is going to win out here when it comes to hiring their head coach.

  12. So I guess the progress of the much-coveted, up-and-coming coordinator turned coach will be the NFL’s reason for giving Jacksonville 5 prime time games again……..

  13. Jags had toughness when Del Rio was in town. They better make a significant hire for the Offensive Coordinator position or this will be the same old story. Run enough to make it to the playoffs every other year with a great defense with no real intentions of building a Superbowl winning franchise. We’ve seen it with Jack and we’ll see it with Gus.

  14. Woohoo!! I am very happy with this hire. I think the Jags just stole two cream of the crop personnel with Caldwell and Bradley. Things are looking up!!!
    Go Jags!!!

  15. Hey Jag fans, as a Hawks fan we really wanted him to stay. Loved his press confrences ,he is the only guy left over from when Pete took over. One of the best teatchers Pete said he’s ever worked with and also an up lifting guy. He runs a very basic defense thats predicated on two major things. 1-knowing what your players do well and putting them in the best positions to use thier skill sets. See Red Bryant, Brandon Browner, Leo end Chris Clemons,,These are 3 guys that were nearly out of the NFL and all 3 very important to the teams great D. 2-playing your asignment in a basic system that allows players to go on instinct and not having to think to much which cslowa a guy down.Im glad he went to the AFC and not AZ or Philly. Good luck Gus,all the best to you and your family.

  16. I’m hyped that the Eagles landed Chip Kelly, but Gus was a close second – hope he does well in Jacksonville, Jags fans deserve it.

    Forget all the classic matchups, Jason Babin vs. Doing His Job is the one to watch next season!

  17. I hope he doesn’t forget to pack that ‘soft zone’ he used to lose the game in Atlanta last week…
    And good luck instilling Pete’s defense in Jacksonville…It’s the players that makes the Hawks defense great, not the scheme.

  18. Solid pick. Jaguars are finally moving in the right direction and in 3 years they will have moved from 20th in the NFL in attendance to the top 10.

    Watch Bradley build a Seattle East defense- big, tough corners and safeties.

  19. I like this hire too, but for different reasons. I wanted Bradley in Philly. Now we get to compare these two bottom dweller teams and see who has greater success. If it’s Gus, the Eagles braintrust is going to get creamed by the Philly faithful.

  20. If Bradley succeeds and Kelly bombs, this is gonna add another chapter in the long book of Jeffery Lurie’s failures with the Eagles.

  21. I was hoping Bradley would sign in Philly too. At least now we can compare the two. I am sure all the beat writers are thinking the same thing all through Philly – if Bradley has better success, they will pounce!

  22. Why do Eagle fans pretend they are happier with some gimmicky college coach than a guy with proven NFL success? How gosh darn silly is that?

  23. As a Ram’s fan I’m glad to see him out of the division but the Seahawks will still be one of the toughest most physical D’s in football. That’s something you don’t teach

  24. JAX already has a decent D, they just were on the field too long w Gabbert doing nothing.

    They just need a QB as they have many of the pieces on O too. Could be decent even as easrly as next year.

  25. sveltegodzilla says: Jan 17, 2013 8:54 AM

    I’m hyped that the Eagles landed Chip Kelly, but Gus was a close second – hope he does well in Jacksonville, Jags fans deserve it.

    Forget all the classic matchups, Jason Babin vs. Doing His Job is the one to watch

    love it and you are correct,Do your job Babin and shut up !

  26. Fun Fact: If the Jags get three wins next year, Bradley will be the third winningest coach in team history.

    Seriously though, I like this hire a lot. Go Jags!

  27. Congrats to Gus for getting the job…I favored him here in Philly over the other candidates because I thought the Eagle’s biggest problem is/was defense, and he would have been well-placed to fix it, considering the success he had in Seattle.

  28. For the uninformed: The Jaguars haven’t had a blackout in several years and are not moving anywhere! You must have us confused with Miami or Tampa or maybe one of the California teams.

  29. Happy about the hire. Fresh start. Time to start evaluating some OL/DL talent. We have got to pressure (and sack) the QB and protect our own, whoever that may end up being. Best center? And I’ll comment due to previous posts: I feel sorry for Eagle fans. How many times do we have to see gimmicky offenses like these fail before we realize they won’t work? This isn’t the NCAA. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer city also.
    Hurry up offseason! Lets go Jags!

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