Jeffrey Lurie: Jon Gruden made it clear he won’t coach this year

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There was talk this offseason that Jon Gruden could be lured to return to coaching with the Eagles. But Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie says that talk didn’t come from Gruden himself.

In fact, Lurie said today that when he reached out to Gruden, Gruden told him in no uncertain terms that he will remain ESPN’s Monday Night Football color commentator in 2013 and will not be a head coach.

“Jon made it clear that he was not coming back to the NFL this year,” Lurie said.

But while Lurie did not interview Gruden for the team’s head coaching vacancy, he did pick Gruden’s brain: Lurie confirmed that he asked Gruden’s opinion about Chip Kelly, and that Gruden told him he had attended an Oregon practice and came away impressed with the way Kelly runs his team.

Some day, Gruden may coach against Kelly in the NFL. But that day will not be in 2013. Gruden is staying in the booth.

45 responses to “Jeffrey Lurie: Jon Gruden made it clear he won’t coach this year

  1. Couple million a year for a cush one day a week job…Smart move. Madden ain’t hurting for cash.

  2. He made the decision he wasn’t going to be coaching this year when it appeared Garrett wouldn’t be fired. He wants to coach the cowboys, and I think he is waiting for the opportunity next year

  3. I find this interesting, especially since he never denied any rumors. Except the one that would have him going to Tennessee and part owner of the Browns.

  4. Perfect timing to take over NY Jets. This could make GM attractive again for this organization.

  5. Thank god because I was getting sick of the speculation if he’s coming back or not. Just say you’re not coming back so people can move on from the “If”.

  6. Wow, what a surprise! (read: sarcasm)

    Not once during any of his broadcasts, when coaching was mentioned, did he make ANY even slightly veiled suggestion that he wanted to return to coaching. In fact, he blew the suggestion out of the water as absurd and not anything he was interested in. Am I the only one who watches the games??

  7. I was disappointed when I hadn’t heard that Jon Gruden was even considered as I thought he was the best fit but at least Lurie tried.

  8. He will coach the Cowboys! It’s all a part of JJ’s big picture! He’s.just waiting for the right time for that WOW factor…

  9. I dont blame him. With the pressure placed on NFL coaches and the cush job he has for the money, why would he go back? He’s got a ring, he doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody.

  10. Will you morons saying he’s waiting to coach the Cowboys give it a rest? Nobody with any chops as a head coach wants to work for the idiot GM in Dallas.

  11. I understand you Cowboy fans have hope, but do you think that any coach worth his weight is going to want Jerry Jones as his GM?

  12. Waiting on the Raiders job to open next season when McKenzie and Dennis Allen are shown the door after another 5 wins or less season.

  13. Hopefully after Mike Munchak leads Tennessee to another dreadful season, we can lure Gruden in. He loves Locker, so there’s at least a little incentive.

  14. Gruden is Overrated. Won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s team. He did make the Raiders respectable, which is an accomplishment. Still Overrated.

  15. Lets clear a couple things up. 1) yes gruden won a Super Bowl with tony dungy’s players but who did he win against. That’s correct Oakland a team he built idiots. 2) what coach would want to coach Dallas well parcells did for one so lets not be stupid

  16. All this flirting with NFL jobs is just a decoy to try to get more money in his current job. You think he doesn’t see all of the college coaches who get raises and extensions when they flirt with the NFL? I don’t like the guy, but am willing to admit he is smart enough to figure that out. Why give up a sure thing job that you may be able to hold for 10-20 years to go after something that might leave you out of a job in 2-3 years? Especially when either pays a lot of money.

  17. Maybe Detroit in 2014 if Schwartz doesn’t get the Lions pointed in the right direction?

  18. I have never forgiven my Oakland Raiders for not paying Jon Gruden. I honestly believe we would have SEVERAL more Super Bowl titles if he had remained head coach. I don’t know what it is, but players will just kill for this guy. Tampa Bay was just falling apart when he was released so that really doessn’t count. I actually rooted for Tampa Bay against Oakland in the Super Bowl because he was done so badluy by them.
    He has a great gig now… he should wait until he’s ready to scratch that itch.

  19. Didn’t really think it before but the facts line up that he’s going to Dallas…,,.
    1. Veteran qb that people have given up on when the only guy who he’s developed under Jason Garett…..Gruden believes he can coach circles around
    2. Has already delt with an overbearing meddling owner in perhaps the biggest meddler of all time in Al Davis
    3. Already has his old Bucs defensive coordinator and now Rod Marinelli there making it so he only needs to get an offensive staff together
    4. With his Ego he knows winning in Dallas makes him a coaching legend
    5. Garrett’s brother already gone and knowing Jason is a dead man walking if he doesn’t make the layoffs next year.

  20. Only a fool would become head coach of the Cowboys with Jerry Jones “acting” as the GM. Jerry lives in a parallel universe.

  21. I’m thinking he’s waiting for Garrett or Dennis Allen to get fired. And i’m thinking Garrett will be fired first.

  22. Gotta straighten a few things out. Gruden was NOT treated badly in Oakland. Gruden wanted $$$ that was requisite with the highest paid coaches in the league. Was Gruden worth more than what he was being paid? Yes. The thing that hurt Gruden was that he constantly flirted with college coaching vacancies, and that gave Davis the impression that he wasn’t totally committed to being coach of the Raiders. Davis figured that Gruden was going to jump ship so he might as well get something for him (draft picks + cash) while he still had value, and obviously Tampa Bay valued him greatly. Also, Davis allowed Gruden to bring in Bruce Allen as GM-a role Davis has always had. When Gruden wanted a FA, Davis opened the checkbook and made it happen. Personally, I wish Gruden could have stayed and finished what he started. From what I have read, Gruden has an excellent relationship with Mark Davis. When Davis Jr. gets tired of Sir Pork McKenzie and Dennis the Menance, it wouldn’t surprise me if Gruden came back to deal with unfinished business.

  23. Money talks and Jerry got plenty of it plus he has already coached for a man with a ego bigger then jerry. There were reports that jerry had met with Gruden in Tampa and gruden probably told him the same thing he told philly. So jerry went out and got something to lure him out next season if garrett fails next year.

  24. LOL at comparing the late Al Davis to Jerry Jones. Davis had been successful as an OL coach, Head Coach, Commissioner, and owner. He knew the game of football, if you don’t believe so, find the interview Belichick gave about when Davis interviewed him for the HC job. He may have meddled in the Drafting process, but you never heard stories of him interfering with coaches DURING the game.

    Also I don’t think the Raiders coaching staff or players ever had to resort to locking Al out of the locker room postgame, can’t say the same for Jerrah.

    Lastly, I cannot see Dallas getting another big name coach until Jerrah relinquishes control of player personnel. Not sure why anyone would want to coach there under those circumstances.

  25. The whole “he won a Super Bowl with Dungy’s team” knock is ridiculous.

    1) How many SB’s did Dungy win with Dungy’s TB team?
    2) The team Gruden was playing against in that Super Bowl was the team he built. If Dungy gets credit for that Bucs team, Gruden gets credit for that Raiders team being there and they cancel each other out.
    3) Gruden also had that Raiders team knocking on the door before he left for Tampa. One year they lost in the AFC Champ game to one of the best defenses in the history of the NFL (2000 Ravens), only after starting QB Rich Gannon was knocked out by a Tony Siragusa cheap shot. Gruden and the Raiders also advanced to another AFC Championship game before Walt Coleman pulled the rug out from under the 2001 Raiders team.

  26. I can’t see Gruden coming back at all now. 4 years is a long time to be out of coaching.

  27. Gruden wants a young “good” second tier qb..(i didnt say elite) so he will probsbly want the carolina job or the Lions gig. He will have the qb wr duo that makes coaches drool or have a dynamic playmaker in Cam newton..but i dont really see him taking on the rigors of coaching again..those guys work 100 hour work weeks and have such a stress level it is barely worth it. Especially when he gets to “couch” coach in the broadcast booth.

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