Jeremy Bates is out in Chicago

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It was believed that new Bears coach Marc Trestman would keep Jeremy Bates, the quarterbacks coach whose strong relationship with Jay Cutler commenced when they were together in Denver.

But the Bears have now announced that Bates is out.

It’s the first tangible action taken by the Bears with which Cutler possibly will take issue.  And he possibly won’t resist speaking his mind about it.

The Bears also announced that offensive coordinator Mike Tice, linebackers coach Bob Babich, tight ends coach Mike DeBord, receivers coach Darryl Drake, offensive line coach Tim Holt, running backs coach Tim Spencer, and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will not return.

31 responses to “Jeremy Bates is out in Chicago

  1. Hated to see lovie go but am excited about trestman…that being said it really hurts toub and marinelli left since special teams and defense has always won games for us. I think babich and drake should have been kept but everyone else needed to go. Is it April yet?

  2. Mike Tice, Bob Babich and Jeremy Bates should all end up with assistant jobs somewhere in the league. Outside of Tony Sparano, Mike Tice was the worst OC in the entire league.

  3. Cha-cha changes!

    These things happen.

    Be a pro and deal with it. Say your piece in-house.

    If you didn’t proactively call your new boss to introduce yourself, congratulate him and put in a good word for your guy…..then you didn’t really try and have zero to whine about.

  4. After Lovie was fired, Cutler said he didn’t think Bates would stay on the staff. Of course, PFT does no research to know such a thing and instead guesses what Cutler will think/say. Typical.

  5. The Jets have also announced that Qb coach Jeremy Bates offensive coordinator Mike Tice, linebackers coach Bob Babich, tight ends coach Mike DeBord, receivers coach Darryl Drake, offensive line coach Tim Holt, running backs coach Tim Spencer, and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli are ALL WELCOMED TO JOIN THE JETS RIGHT NOW!!!!

    Pretty pretty PRETTY PLEASSSSSSSSE?????

  6. Jay Cutler should ask Jason Campbell what it is like to have a new OC every year of your career? Campbell has first hand experience.
    Just remind Tressman that the motion rules differ in the NFL from the CFL.

  7. From what’s known about Trestman, I don’t think Cutler will take issue with any of his decisions … unless he brings in Tebow. And after watching the lunacy in New York, you couldn’t blame any NFL QB who’s serious about focusing on a championship for not wanting to be caught up in that media sideshow.

  8. It’s too bad about Bates…he called the plays when Cutler threw for 4500+ in 2008. Tice was such a horrible and dysfunctional OC. Lovie gives Tice the reins eventhough he has never called a play in his entire life. From there Tice has Bates design both the running and passing game plans each..presumably so Tice can work on the sieve we call an oline that he has been in charge of for 3 years and players he picked did not improve 1 bit over the time… So instead of letting Bates call the plays since he designed the game plans Tice does it himself because Tice wants to use the OC position to jump into a HC position again so he can scalp more tickets 🙂 But see Tice again has never called plays..but he can read…so while he may know/understand each individual word/play…he can’t form ANY sentences with them (e.g. coherent offense)…so we get what we garbage that Tice and Lovie call an offense…so Lovie and Tice deserved to get fired but Bates probably didn’t.

  9. My previous post may have been a bit harsh as Tice is a nice guy it seems…just a horrible OC and I’m not sure he is that good of an oline coach either.

  10. The Chicago Bears are trying to bring REAL change to the team and
    to do that Bates and the rest of the
    Lovie staff needed to go. NOW Trestman can bring in his Staff so they can teach the system to the players. AND just to be fair to the players who wanna play the new system Emery should get rid of anybody who dont. I call them the

  11. the only thing trestman has to do to make Cutler an elite qb is give him protection and run a NFL offense,something he has never had in Chicago.

  12. which coach is it that Cutler got fired? shanahan? he was let go because his defense sucked,Cutler had his best years under him why would have him fired? mcdaniels? he was in over his head and got canned because of it. he and Cutler never got along because he lied to Jay. it was not because he was trying trade him but because he lied about it. I would have loved to seen any of the elite qb’s play 1 game behind that line and with the play calling Cutler has had and see what their stats would have been had they made it thru the whole game.

  13. mjkelly77 says: Jan 17, 2013 10:52 PM

    “Bears. Who cares?”

    Actually lots of us do…Since you don’t, feel free to post elsewhere.

  14. Bears have had some of the best LBs in football for a long while. How does Babich get canned? Sad to see him, Toub, and Marinelli go. I’m a little afraid that The Bears are cleaning house for the sole reason of cleaning house.

  15. An incompetent ill prepared coaching staff can make you look foolish…just ask the York’s. A competent well prepared coaching staff can make you look like a bloody genius….just ask the York’s.

  16. Good lord, this Cutler-bashing just never stops. Cutler already said he didn’t think Bates was staying (many, many days ago), but has said again and again he is very excited about the changes that are coming.

    I keep reading about these supposedly deep character flaws with Cutler, but I have yet to see him actually exhibit any of them. But, so goes the ‘logic’ of those meatball fans who treat what some sports “analyst” throws out as pure gospel.

  17. Now lets get rid of that Tampa 2
    defense and start running a 3-4 like the rest of the NFL. Urlacher if you
    dont like it the door aint locked. Emery is about to bring Chicago into
    2013 and out of the 80’s

  18. Hahaaa… The cutler bashing is so ignorant! It’s my turn to be a meathead….. It’s Cutlers fault! Now I feel better.

  19. What coach did Cutler ever bash? Josh McDaniels? McDaniels lied to Cutlers face about trying to go after Cassel. I would bash him too.

    The way these articles are phrasing everything related to Cutler is inaccurate and the one of the reason why Herm Edwards said recently that the media unfairly criticizes Cutler.

  20. I love the way this article invites negative comments on Cutler, not by reporting something he’s done, but by predicting something he might ‘possibly’ do, even if you know he has already addressed the issue by saying he didn’t expect Bates to return.

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