Jets G.M. hire coming today or tomorrow

The Jets should draft linebacker Manti Te’o, if for no reason other than gratitude.

Te’o’s travails have made us all forget, for a while, the dysfunction enveloping the New York Jets.  But we’ll be reminded of it soon, when the Jets hire a General Manager.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, that hire is coming on Thursday or Friday.

Roughly 10 candidates were interviewed, and an unknown number of them were interviewed a second time in New York this week.  The finalists are believed to be John Idzik of the Seahawks (pictured), Omar Khan of the Steelers, and Jets assistant G.M. Scott Cohen.

Whatever the Jets do, the move will be criticized and the G.M. will be scrutinized and another bad season could get everyone fired in 2014.