Jets will not hire Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator


The New York Jets have one less name to consider for their vacant offensive coordinator position.

According to Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday, the Jets will not hire former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron as the replacement for the fired Tony Sparano.

Cameron was fired by the Ravens in December after two straight losses despite Baltimore starting the season with a 9-2 record.

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton and Cincinnati Bengals assistant Hue Jackson are all still in the mix for the job.

17 responses to “Jets will not hire Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator

  1. After the phony negative spin, “Jets can’t give gm job away” story spread by the media. Then came the Marc Ross “Snubs” the Jets nonsense after he decided to “snub” the Jets two weeks after they interviewed him and never invited him back for 2nd interview.

    Now the Jets are forced to leak out news about their intentions of not hiring people like Cam Cameron to avoid the negative spin that Cam Cameron “snubbed” them that would have been irresponsibly reported by the media.

  2. Maybe not the best candidate but his offenses have been much better, even in Baltimore, than his reputation with fans. One thing his offenses really do well is take care of the football. It can be argued that his passing attacks are basic but he seemed to have Brees, Rivers, and Flacco on at minimum solid footing after working with them and the Rice doesn’t get the ball meme, while true on occasion, overall is a myth when you actually look at the numbers.

  3. Unlike their “bum-ble” of a search for a GM, it looks like there’s decent interest among those vying to be in position to be head coach when Wrecks is fired.

  4. Remember 3 years ago when everyone in the media was proclaiming how great Rex was and how every free agent was going to line up to play for him because of the atmosphere he creates? Just another thing the media turned out to be wrong on.

  5. Cam is great for helping new pocket QBs build their NFL fundamentals. His playcalling favors the run game and protecting the football. His personality would be an absolutely disaster in the Jets franchise however. He demands control.

  6. Caldwell had never called plays before and has done a better job with the offense that Cam designed himself. The guy doesn’t deserve an OC job. He’s terrible at it.

  7. Aren’t they leaving out the Saints qb coach Joe Lombardi. He’s a candidate. Being in some young blood!

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