Mayock “a little bit confused” by Te’o situation

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Of all people in the media, Mike Mayock occupies the most unique position when it comes to the question of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s draft stock in the wake of the hoax that he was or wasn’t involved in.

Mayock is NFL Network’s in-house draft expert, and he also provides on-air analysis during Notre Dame’s home games for NBC.

“Like most of the people that surround the Notre Dame program and all over the country, people that watched those games, I’m a little bit confused right now,” Mayock said Thursday on NFL Network.  “I have a lot of respect for Manti Te’o, I’ve gotten to know him over the last few years and at this point all I can do is what I think NFL teams are doing, which is taking a step back [and] waiting for the facts to come out.  And ultimately these facts will come out.  In addition to the public understanding, I also think that all 32 teams will get ample opportunity to interview this kid.  How he handles this going forward is going to be critical to his future as an NFL player.”

Mayock is right.  But we still don’t know how Te’o will handle it, because he has remained silent in the wake of the news that his deceased girlfriend never existed, but for a written statement in which he claims he was the victim.

He will soon be the victim of a fickle and judgmental public if he doesn’t share his story, especially since the vacuum is being filled with more and more nuggets highlighting inconsistencies and raising questions about whether he truly had no role in the hoax.

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  1. This all came out yesterday and I am already officially sick of hearing about it. He’ll drop a little bit, not a lot. Some team will look passed it and take him. This situation in no way shaped his talents or enhanced his performance.

    Move on.

  2. I don’t know why this website keeps acting like Te’o owes anybody anything. People are curious about this but the kid didn’t seem to do anything illegal even if he did know what was going on. “Oh no, the fickle and judgmental public doesn’t like me!!!” Said no (soon to be) millionaire ever. Curiosity does not equal demand or outrage.

  3. While all the facts are not yet out, Mayock is definatley being pretty careful with his language, towing the ND company line to make sure he doesn’t lose his own golden goose of a job.

    He’s doubted other players entering the draft, who have a lot less questions surrounding them then this guy.

  4. I want to believe him badly. Im sick of athletes and celebrities disgracing themselves and generating negativity.

  5. Has he committed a crime? Physically hurt or abused anyone? Taken PED’s? Could be he’s just another collegiate athlete that has done something stupid? If he CAN play at the next level, someone will draft him. If he has really gotten a good education at Notre Dame, he may realize that he can overcome this and be a highly motivated athlete in the NFL. This guy is nowhere near some of the “characters” that now play professional football.

  6. The issue is not whether he has done anything illegal but the fact that he is clearly mentally unstable. This is the most bizarre story I think I have ever heard. It could be the fact that no one has any real insight as to what happened or the guy’s just out of his mind. Normal people don’t make up stories about imaginary girlfriends dying of cancer, and then claim to be set up in some sort of hoax when it comes to light that it was all a lie.

  7. I am not confused. ND is just a school, & that does not stand for anything other than itself.

  8. I don’t see how it could drop.

    I mean, it’s not like he killed someone. He can be a good MLB and now that this is in his past he can go on and have a Hall of Fame career. He just needs to do a funky dance before games and give rah-rah speeches to his team mates.

  9. Hey it’s all good Ray Lewis got accused of murder where someone actually died, and people forgave him… So I’m pretty inclined to think people will forget about this Te’o thing once another NFL person kills themselves, or someone else.

  10. I still get this feeling the school was behind this hoax, especially after the Vice President acted like he was choking up defending this kid. That story would have been a good diversion from their issues with boys being raped.

  11. No matter what he says or his “handlers” say, this is a situation SO ridiculous, that there is NO plausible explanation. Any team that would draft him simply needs to decide whether his skills on the field outweigh his rather “vivid” imagination, as well as his “imaginary friend,” if the organization decides to draft Te’o. Te’o, on the other hand, will need to assess whether or not the bottom-line offer he receives is “real” enough for him to accept. All the rest of the discussions, debates and scenarios are just so much background noise. Let the GAMES begin!!

  12. Every once in a while
    I’d see her smile
    And she’d turn my day around
    A girl with those eyes
    Could stare through the lies
    And see what your heart was saying

    Think of Lennay Kekua but laugh don’t cry
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    That’s the kind of girl she was
    Taken away so young
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  13. Believe in a hypocrite or hippocrates. My mom is a better person than all of these jokers, & that is what is important:)

  14. OK, so I’ll try this again…

    I think he did it for the same weird reason people say they were Navy Seals and such (even though they never were). They do it for attention and to boost their ego. Te’o has a mental illness, period. The jury may still be out if he loses it from the stress of the NFL and can’t handle the pressure. I’d drop him to the 2nd round, like Janoris Jenkins was.

  15. Our wonderful media wins again. The facts aren’t known at this point. Teo could have been involved or not. He is a good player. That can’t be disputed. I hope the kid doesn’t get railroaded. If he is at fault, he deserves what he gets, but let’s wait for the facts before we bury the kid.

  16. I don’t see how any of this is newsworthy. Teo may have lied about having a girlfriend and may have been complicit in lieing about her death. So what? Since when is that even close to anything resembling a crime? When you discover he trying to collect on the girl’s life insurance policy, let us know. Until then, drop it! It ain’t news and it definitely ain’t NFL news!

  17. I dont buy that a kid going to a major university is dumb enough to be tricked by someone online pretending to be a girl. Youre telling me he cant find a nice religious girl at ND!? All these stories bout talking on the phone and stuff, who would go to such lengths to prank him? and that the girls pic was sent to his cousin? The timing of the fake gfs death to correlate with the death of his gma reeks of a cheap pr stunt and thats just deplorable. Even if he is dumb enough to be tricked like that how is he gonna learn an NFL playbook or read an NFL offense?? Either way his mental capacity should be in question as should his personality. NFL teams have blacklisted players for a lot less. Dudes sick

  18. It’s just crazy how some commenters see this as a non-issue. That’s nuts. He perpetrated a fraud. He did so extensively and elaborately over a long time. He’s lied about the situation before and after the hoax was revealed. Now he’s “lawyered up” (the PR version) behind handlers.

    People raised funds to battle leukemia based on his B.S. story. They spent hard-earned money for jerseys after hearing his whole crock. If you care about Notre Dame (I don’t, but if you do), he’s just undermined your program with an enormous scandal that could well have economic impact on the school for years to come.

    And that’s not even considering how this scandal prompted Notre Dame, in one of the stupidest press conferences ever, to throw themselves in hook, line and sinker with Te’o’s story and claim he’s completely innocent — even when there is a ton of evidence showing that he (and possibly his dad, depending on what the dad actually was told) lied numerous times throughout the process.

    Seriously, wake up.

  19. At some point you almost have to start worry about the guy. I mean I don’t feel bad for him, but he is possibly mentally unstable, and right now almost everyone is against him. He also probably cost himself millions of dollars. Even if his draft stock doesn’t drop, he certainly just went from being a commercial golden boy to someone that nobody will want to represent their product. I’m sure that it seems like there is no way out to him. Like I said though, I don’t feel bad for him, nor do I think people should ease up on him or anything. But I do worry about the guy’s well being.

  20. Stock was already sliding after how he performed against Bama and that NFL caliber oline that continued to run right at/over Manti!!! Cue Sec hater responses stat! Lol

  21. I don’t understand everyone’s outrage. He believes in all things imaginary. I don’t see the difference between all powerful beings and a woman he believes to be his girlfriend. Everyone’s has imaginary friends growing up.

  22. Everyone needs to reserve judgement until he speaks for himself. Why would he take this kind of risk? There’s nothing in his past that would suggest that he would. Is it so hard to believe that a kid with a pure heart was over-trusting? Is it inconceivable that someone thought the future millionaire might send his “dying” girlfriend money perhaps? My guess is there are some people on here who know someone who’s been duped online. If he was conned, which I believe he was, what would you do after you found out the way he did, as a national figure and a media poster boy? I bet most of us wouldn’t know what to do when we were 22. Lay off the guy.

  23. At the end of the day, we know this. Te’o is a liar. When you go back and read Te’o transcripts from his various interviews, you can see that he’s a fraud. So sad. This guy has issues. Nothing adds up. Now the same media that he played and he will have to answer to. This will not go away. He deserves what he gets. He is no victim and he is now known to be a joke. He tugged on the nations heart string for his own personal satisfaction. What a shame.

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