New OC Gase promises “pedal to the metal” for Manning


New Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase is 34 years old, and is calling plays for the first time.

The fact he’s calling them for a 36-year-old quarterback in Peyton Manning who has effectively been calling his own since Gase was in college doesn’t faze the recently promoted quarterbacks coach.

“I absolutely think I’m ready and I’m not nervous about calling plays,” Gase said Thursday, in comments distribute by the team. “You have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time as your quarterback — I’m excited. I’m thrilled to be able to have that opportunity.

“We’re looking to go pedal to the metal and play as fast as possible and be aggressive and score as many points as possible every game.”

The Broncos had enough confidence in Gase to promote him quickly, opting for continuity, and developing what was installed by former coordinator Mike McCoy and Manning this year.

And while he’s younger and not nearly as well-known as the guy he’s in charge of now, Gase doesn’t give the impression of being in awe.

“Peyton Manning wants to be coached,” Gase said. “He does a great job of, when you give him a play, if it needs to be better, he does a great job of putting you in that play. It’s the best situation possible for a guy calling plays. If you call something and it’s not good, he fixes it and puts you in a better play. That’s what he does that’s so great that I don’t think people admire enough. That’s why you don’t see a lot of bad plays with him.”

Asked if Manning ever ran out of questions, Gase replied: “That would be a firm ‘No.’

“When he asks questions, you’re sitting there going, ‘Gosh, that’s a great question.’ You’re sitting there thinking, you almost want to say to yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that? That’s a great question to ask.’ You’ve got to find answers. If you don’t know the answers that second, you better go investigate and find out what the answers are.”

The Broncos had opportunities to bring in more experienced coaches, but the trust they’re putting in Gase is a sign of the respect the young Gase has earned in a short time.

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  1. So you won’t be surprised when Peyton hands you the playbook and says here, go ahead and catch up……. Just groom osweiler to take over in the important phases of playoff games, you know, crunch time where I always seem to choke…. But, I’m all good in the regular season.

  2. I wonder if Manning regrets going to Denver now? Should have went to SF buddy! Now we got CK7, things worked out better for SF. Thanks Manning!

  3. PManning _CANNOT_ play in cold weather .. that has been talked about and proven over his 14+ years .. i thought his surgically-repaired neck would change that .. nope

  4. This will complete the ruination of the Denver franchise for the next 5 years as they guarantee Manning $40 million to get them as far as Tebow did. He will eat up cap space like he did in Indy and force Denver’s hand on other players they need for the future. When next year rolls around does anybody think that noodle arm will be any better in the cold weather of December and January? Once teams figure out that he can’t throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield with any zip on the ball he is doomed. It wasn’t Fox calling bad plays in the OT…it was #18 calling plays at the line of scrimmage..he knew he couldn’t throw downfield anymore…and kneeling with 31 seconds left in the game was the safe play to avoid a tipped ball interception from another 8 yard in-out pattern. Crazy Jim Irsay was right.

  5. @myosin10, what does that have to do with anything? Yeah he joins the niners, throws a pick, cost them a playoff game, yeah you fans would be livid.

    @keepingitrealdumb, manning has done nothing to prove that he can play in cold weather. You are as dumb as your name if you think it’s all on him broncos lost. The broncos defense made flacco go from playing like a mediocre QB the first game to elite the second game

  6. For you who still blame Manning for the loss….what game were you watching. He didn’t give up 3 TD’s of over 50 yards each….especially the one with 35 seconds to go for 70 yards. He didn’t have a ball hit him in the hands and then pop up for an INT for a TD. The fumble was the offensive line not doing its job and a defensive person hit the ball when he went back to pass and never recovered. Manning did his job until the very end….but hard to overcome the DB’s screwing up all day. Champ Bailey is the one who had the bad day….but don’t hear to much about that do we. Just saying…

  7. But how is he going to feel when the coach calls for kneal downs with 3 time outs and half a minute plus on the clock?

  8. Can the new OC help Manning make the deep pass in December and January? If not, can he get inside PM’s egghead and help him make better decisions…one that don’t involve throws on the run or that are more than 20 yards deep?

    PM and his 36-year old arm can’t throw deep in the cold weather. Denver was an odd choice to play.

  9. Let the new OC play and have Manning on the sideline strategizing.

    Adam Gase might put up a better playoff record than Peyton “I Clutch in Playoff Games” Manning.

    Paying Manning $40,000,000 makes as much sense as giving Rex and Rob Ryan free Taco Bell meals for two years.

    Cut him and move on. Experiment failed. Time to retire and become a talking head and pitch man for everything from toilet tissue to televisions for old Peyton, I’m afraid.

  10. WOW… lots of Manning haters out there… jealous much? He took a .500 team to 13-3… best record in the NFL with a #1 seed in the AFC… one guy on defense blew the Ravens game. It should never had made it into overtime. Peyton will get back to the big dance and win it before he CHOOSES to retire. The Broncos will be better than ever next season and this OC move is the first step in the right direction.

  11. All you manning bashers need to stop,I’m sure if he had picked your team over the broncos you wouldn’t be bashing him,he played well they were second in scoring and the last time I checked they put up 35 points against the ravens,that wins most games,yea his arm isn’t as strong as it used to be but I’m sure it’ll be much stronger after another year of rehab,as for the gase promotion only time will tell but “Pedal To The Metal” sounds good to me I just hope fox let’s him and manning do there thing GO BRONCOS!!!

  12. I wonder how many of you “wanna be” fb players could play in 13 degree weather after 4 neck surgeries,& missing a full season before coming back 2 a 13-3 season? I’m sure you are in the crew yakking that Manning will never be back. Green is not a good color on real men. Jealous?

  13. Winning is a team effort, & in this case losing was a team effort, not all Peytons fault. If 1 player can lose a game, the rest of the team must be terrible, not Broncos case. Manning bashers give it a rest!

  14. The Peyton Manning experiment is done. Keep paying 20M/yr for 1 and done’s. Start Osweiler. Kid has a lot of talent. Look at what luck, rg3, wilson, foles, weeden, and cousins are doing.

    Osweiler 2013!!!!

  15. Manning played well enough for the Broncos to win. Yea he threw 2 picks. Prior to the second pick though his statline was great.

    Champ Bailey on the other hand really was the choker. He didn’t realize his age through out the whole game. Getting burnt time and time again. You would think he’d ask for help, but his pride got the best of him and the rest of the choking secondary that day.

    Hope this works out for Denver, sound like a Josh McDaniels to me. That could be good or bad.

  16. To all you Peyton haters who know nothing,
    Jay cutler 7-9, 8-8
    Kyle Orton 8-8, 4-12
    Tim tebow 8-8
    Peyton manning 13-3

    This was broncos first winning season since 2006. Manning has been the best QB denver has since elway, say what you want but you wish your sorry teams had an elite QB like denver. If you were a decision maker and both tebow and manning were available, and you chose to go with tebow, your ass will be fired as fast as you can say tebow’s a winner

  17. As long as John “play not to lose” Fox is their head coach it won’t matter who’s quarterback or calling plays.

  18. translation if i call a play and he doesnt like it he will run what he wants “fix it” so i will look l ike im earning my money… where can i get a job like that ?

  19. You can’t put the “pedal to the metal” when the floorboards are rusted out.

    Manning is done and the Bronco’s went all in on him.

    Now, they’re screwed for a long, long time.

    Deal with it, Donkey fans.

  20. You Peyton lovers out there… what is Manning’s playoff and SuperBowl win records again?

    He’s a one-man show with nice numbers and individual records, just like his wannabe Cam Newton. Guess what? Nice numbers and individual records don’t meat squat in the NFL.

    Team and winning is what it’s all about. Manning has never put team first, and he’s never been about winning the big ones.

    Spend another $40,000,000 on him, Bronco fans, instead of developing a young, long-term winning QB. That way you can hoot and holler about Manning’s regular season record and then watch the whole shebang go down in flames during the playoffs.

    Case closed.

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