NFL wants nothing to do with proposed Las Vegas stadium

The city of Las Vegas is exploring the possibility of building a massive new “Mega-Event Center” on the UNLV campus that would rival Cowboys Stadium in regards to its size and excess. The stadium would be able to host a number of major events if it is built, although it’s still in the development phase right now and hasn’t been approved.

Proponents of the stadium plan have floated the possibility of the NFL bringing the Pro Bowl or preseason games to the new stadium as possible events that could generate nearly $400 million in money for the city.

One little problem remains, however, the NFL’s approval.

According to Alan Snel of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the league would likely not consider hosting any events in Las Vegas due to sports gambling.

The league would need to approve Las Vegas as a location of any preseason game to be held in the city. With the NFL still fighting the state of New Jersey with a lawsuit to keep sports gambling out of the Garden State, the league would look pretty hypocritical for looking to host events in Las Vegas.

New York Giants owner John Mara has said he doesn’t believe “there is a chance in the world” the NFL would allow another Super Bowl to be hosted at Metlife Stadium if they fail to win their lawsuit against the state of New Jersey. If the NFL is unwilling to allow one of the most powerful owners in the league to host another Super Bowl in the largest media market in the country because of sports gambling, the thought Las Vegas would be able to host any NFL event is pretty much zero.

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  1. Yeah lets put 20 year old kids with millions of dollars in Vegas for the Pro-Bowl.

    Nothing could go wrong there.

  2. LOL because playin a NFL game in Vegas would just destroy the “Integrity” of the shield right??

  3. Oh get over it NFL. There is no reason not to have a team in Las Vegas. Everyone bets sports everywhere anyways… It would do really well here.

  4. The NFL needs to get over themselves – their views are archaic.

    Limited sports betting should be allowed in every state that wants to implement it. For example,in Europe they have official state run or sanctioned”toto” (no, not the band) games on Soccer matches outcomes. The only reason it’s illegal here is because the powerful horse betting lobby is against it.

  5. I know it’s a dead issue for the time being, but when the league was kicking around the idea of expansion, I always thought that a good compromise would be 3 preseason games, and 17 reg season games (with 2 bye weeks).
    That 17th games would allow Vegas, London, Mexico, LA, Canada, to host a game. Each team would play 8 home, 8 away, 1 neutral site.
    This would mean there would be 16 neutral site games a season.
    Why not have 4 games in Vegas, 4 in LA, a couple in London, or Mexico City, or Tokyo, etc. I know there are financial obstacles to overcome of course, but it could be a fun thing to get NFL games in front of more fans.

  6. So is the NFL trying to tell me that sports betting doesn’t, legally, happen in London?

    I guess this really throws a wrench into the London franchise idea now doesn’t it Roger?

  7. Dumb. Really. Start an advocacy program against fantasy football while you’re at it, Roger.

    I love the idea. The fans and players would too.

  8. The NFL’s issue with sports gambling is comical. Injury reports are there because of gambling and nothing else. They could have a “super stadium” in Las Vegas and play all the Super Bowls there with zero logistical issues. You don’t have to physically go to Las Vegas to bet on the games so what is their point?

  9. Has anybody told the NFL execs that gambling occurs online?!?!

    Hmmm… Pretty sure the NFL supports gambling in the form of fantasy football as well. (Just saying)

  10. I’ve lived and visit the LV Valley a lot. I follow the local press and recently whey I heard UNLV was discussing a new indoor stadium to replace the joke that Sam Boyd stadium is… I figured something similar to Syracuse, about 25,000 would be real nice… but leave to the rich LA boys to come in and unveil an grandiose plan for a on-campus retractable domed stadium and multiple other buildings to form a complex over 1 billion $$$, seats 70,000 – with a planned video board larger than the one at Cowboy’s Stadium, I just about fell over.

    Leave it the city of excess to try to get something like this built. They sure won’t have the issues that LA does in permitting… Money talks in Vegas.


  11. Yet the NFL insists on teams adhering to the ridiculous injury report, which has nothing to do with Vegas…

  12. I love the way the nfl embraces fantasy football but hates gambling. Like every last one of us in here doesnt play fantasy football for money.

  13. Sports gambling goes on all over the country; perhaps a resident in 1 of 5 households partakes in this national activity. At least when it occurs in a State where it is lawful…the State reaps significant benefits. Elsewhere, the proceeds are for the most part going to shady off-shore companies. So which is better? The days of the ‘Black Sox’ are over; the NFL should get over its false notion that it is protecting the sport by its protestations.

  14. Yeah, nobody who lives outside of Nevada bets on games. And stadiums across the country don’t put up Fantasy Stats on scoreboards during reg season games.

    I’m glad the NFL doesn’t want to seem hypocritical. It’s not like the betting that goes on in Vegas benefits the league or anything.

  15. And who will pay for this ridiculous project? The people of Las Vegas, who are still among the most unemployed in the country. Cowboys stadium cost $1.2 billion so let’s go with that figure.

    Vegas has no football team, it has no team that would regularly use the stadium at all. With a combined population for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, NV under 2 million, it is not hard to see why; Las Vegas lacks the population to support a major sports franchise. Hell, they can barely even support minor league teams.

    The gambling is such a stupid point of contention. The real one is that it is completely unfeasible to do this. Shame on the powers that be for considering shelling out that kind of cash simply because they cannot accept the fact that Vegas is just not big enough for a sports team.

  16. Generate $400 million for the city, but Cowboys stadium cost $1.2 billion. That pretty much sums up the economics skill of today’s modern GOP/Democrat representative. Only one of those fools could think an $800million deficit is a good choice.

  17. “While we understand that gambling significantly increases the interest in our product, elevates television revenues and continues to grow the NFL, we don’t want to admit any of that is occurring nor even risk bringing that to light with any physical connection to Las Vegas.”

    They are already hypocrites.

  18. “…the league would look pretty hypocritical for looking to host events in Las Vegas.”

    A cynic would tell you that the popularity of the NFL in its early days stemmed from the fact that stadiums could sell beer on Sundays. Likewise that same cynic would claim that the phenomenal and continued growth in popularity comes from wagering on the games.

    The NFL is well aware of this and its continued snubbing of Las Vegas is the apex of hypocrisy.

  19. MORE people would bet on the game because it was played nearby? Much like the ‘war on drugs’, it just keeps money flowing to the wrong places.

  20. I think someday the league has to stop being so high and mighty and give Vegas it’s blessing. When you have teams like the Bills and Raiders that struggle in their own markets and you have a viable revenue stream you need to realize that Vegas should be seriously considered.

  21. dotdashx4 says:
    Jan 17, 2013 6:40 AM

    Vegas has no football team, it has no team that would regularly use the stadium at all. With a combined population for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, NV under 2 million, it is not hard to see why; Las Vegas lacks the population to support a major sports franchise. Hell, they can barely even support minor league teams.
    The Vegas metro area is very similar in size to the Charlotte metro area. The Panthers have only had 4 games blacked out in 17 seasons at B of A Stadium. The Bobcats drew very well the 1 season they were any good, and of course the Hornets sold out 360 straight games at one time. The AAA hockey team does very well. The AAA baseball team doesn’t draw well, but that’s mainly because they play in the next county, and will do much better when they start playing in their new downtown park next year. Vegas is plenty big enough for 1 or 2 major league teams.

  22. At some point, someone in the league office is going to tell Roger that the NBA had its all-star game in Vegas a few years ago (Roger is so busy being Discipline God that he probably completely missed it). Someone else is probably going to tell Roger that since the league hosts a fantasy football program on, they actually already encourage gambling (Roger is so busy being Discipline God that he probably doesn’t know you can play fantasy football on And then someone is going to tell Roger that the league could make bucketfuls of money with even a preseason game in Vegas (Roger is so busy being Discipline God that he probably has forgotten that the NFL brings in about $9 billion a year, and needs to be reminded it can be more than that).

    Then, we will see a magical transformation into the NFL being OK with games played in Vegas.

  23. The NFL should get on board with this idea, and announce that Las Vegas will be the permanent home of the Super Bowl as well. Las Vegas is the best place in the country to hold an event of that magnitude, especially compared to places like Jacksonville or NYC (New Orleans does a nice job, though). That would also take away one of the tools that owners use to extort money from local taxpayers to pay for their shiny new stadiums.

  24. They won’t look at Las Vegas for a team because of the betting but they will consider London?

    Maybe the NFL will need to realise that sports betting does take place in London and some of the soccer stadiums even have places in them where you can place a bet!

  25. Lots of people already think NFL games are fixed. That will only get worse if the NFL were to embrace gambling.

  26. As a long time resident of Las Vegas I can tell you it isn’t about the gambling per se. Years ago you could watch the SuperBowl in any casino. They all had huge parties set up in ballrooms and theaters where you paid a $40 entrance fee and all the beer and food you could consume was included. They had showgirls and retired players show up to these parties, as well as betting stations right there. When Paul Tagliabu was commissioner, ALL the owners approached the Nevada Resort Association and told them that they deserve a cut of the profits that the casinos made on superbowl sunday because it was “their product” that was making the money. The casino owners promptly laughed at that request. So the NFL sued the casinos in federal court claiming copyright infringement. As a result you are no longer able to bet the “SuperBowl” in Las Vegas. You have to bet on ” The Professional Football World Championship”. You can only watch the game in the sports book. This is all about the greedy NFL owners getting snubbed and not being able to put their sticky hands in someone elses pockets. If the casinos cut them in for a piece of the pie, you would see games here every year. They are going to build some kind of stadium here, and when they do look for some marquee college games to be played here. The NCAA isn’t as greedy.

  27. The real concern should be safety. Go goggle when the NBA all star game was in town a few years ago. The city set a homicide record

  28. I’d imagine it’s a jealousy issue. Whoever was able to buy up a Vegas team would clearly be making money hand over fist every season, even if their team was miserable. I can see other owners citing that as some sort of competitive edge.

    With all that money walking into your stadium you’d have to be incompetent on Shad Khan levels to not make your team better.

  29. Does Vegas really need that much more money??? They could probably get us out of this recession right now with all the bills flowing through there.

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