PFT Live: Decker: Broncos ‘just getting started’

Broncos WR Eric Decker joins Mike Florio to discuss the impact Peyton Manning’s work ethic has on the entire team, Denver’s early exit from the playoffs, his thoughts on being nominated for the Vizio Top Value Performer award, and more.

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3 responses to “PFT Live: Decker: Broncos ‘just getting started’

  1. Now, I know what Pittsburg felt like, except they didn’t Drop $95 million dollars, and trade away the guy who helped them win last year, to have the $95 million guy turn the ball over 3 times costing 17 points and a loss.

  2. ******** ONLY JOHN ELWAY **********

    Only a stargazing john elway “executive VP of football operations” for the Denver Broncos would pull up a Buick to the hospital emergency room with $100 million in the trunk an let a patient named peyton drive off with it .

    Pat Bowlen and the dejected bronco players won’t be as confident on the field next season.
    Manning gets paid regardless. He should play for free next season.

    flimflam man has strikes again…

  3. $tat$ Rag Arm was no good beyond twenty yards. Once it became obvious to the Ravens and FOX there were limits to their options.

    Like Manning calling an Audible to a run on 3rd and 7.

    LMAO for $19M Peyton can`t throw on 3rd & 7.

    Same Buddy you watched take the Colts $26M to rest and Rehab.

    Now write that check slick for the next $40Mil
    and go 15 & 1 on the season with the Patriots waiting in the playoffs. Play the raiders and kc
    twice and get hyped as the best team in the league during the regular season.

    Pat Bolen deserves better.

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