ProFootballTalk: New coach spells end of Gabbert?

New Jaguars coach Gus Bradley must figure out who will be under center for Jacksonville in 2013. It could be Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, or Matt Flynn. But it won’t be Tim Tebow.

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: New coach spells end of Gabbert?

  1. I think blame Gabbert gets another year. No sense in cutting the 2nd youngest “starting quarterback” in the nfl just yet. I do believe there has to be more competition in camp than henne. With a relatively weak qb Draft class I believe our best option is in trades or free agency. Flynn had one good game, Alex Smith had 6 Ehh seasons and one good. I am very curious to see who Caldwell will bring in. As sad as it is to say, qb was is not the most glaring issue. The lack of a pass rush, inconsistent o-line, and a injury ridden backfield were huge reasons for the 2-14 season.

  2. Best thing they can do for Gabbert is to keep Bob Bratkowski as O.C. Blaine has had far too much changeover in coaching/management/systems/ownership/etc. already in his short time as a Jaguar.

    Four different head coaches in two years. Four different quarterback coaches in two years. Two different offensive co-ordinators and systems already, with a good chance he is going to have to go through it all over again. Stupid.

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