Bruce Arians will be the Cardinals’ next head coach


Bruce Arians is the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Arians was offered the Cardinals’ job and will accept, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. The Cardinals met with Arians today and Arians said he got a good feeling from the meeting, and now both sides look like they want to get the deal done.

After being named the offensive coordinator of the Colts last offseason, Arians spent most of the season as the interim head coach while Chuck Pagano was out being treated for leukemia. Arians did an excellent job, leading the Colts from a 2-14 record to the playoffs, and he may receive the NFL’s coach of the year award.

Now Arians will take over as head coach of another team — one that can use his offensive acumen, but one which lacks a quarterback as talented as Andrew Luck.

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  1. GREAT hire, I can’t believe another team didn’t jump on him earlier, he would have been my first choice. Now he just needs to hire an excellent D coordinator.

  2. Yake a QB with a high completion percentage who comes off (in interviews) as intelligent, overly prepared and in love with the game. Oh yeah, one that makes those great decisions in the heat of the battle, too.

    Look at all the successful QB’s in the past few years and the above applies. The ones that failed seemed destined to fail.

    People think they can fix stupid or lazy. No time for that, anymore. You usually can’t anyway.

    If you fall in love with him before you meet and greet, you may end up with a Mark Sanchez or worse Jamarcus Russell or even worse, a Ryan Leaf…

  3. Great hire. This is what the Cards needed. Someone who can work with different types of skill sets and formations and isn’t limited to running his singular system “that worked when we went to the Super Bowl.”

    The biggest thing any NFL coach can do (head coach or not) is adapt to the players at his disposal. Whiz wouldn’t and lost his job because of it.

    Arians will. Love the hire.

  4. That’s too bad, sorry to see him go. I would have liked to see him take a more “ready” job like Chicago. If the Bears wanted an offensive mind and a player coach then Arians was perfect.

    The main question is… Can any Head Coach survive in AZ long term? Unless they figure out something about the QB position and some stability not sure Bill Walsh himself could right that ship. With SF and Seattle emerging, that division got much more difficult.

    Congrats to Arians though for earning a HC job.

  5. Not bad for a guy who “retired” from my Steelers in the offseason when he was actually run out of town because he was to friendly with Ben and we couldnt run the ball. Now Ben hates his OC and we still cant run the ball. Winner-Arians

  6. Man, maybe this guy will be a better HC than OC.

    He was awful in Pittsburgh. Despite having no offensive line all he drew up were deep balls to Mike Wallace, which was great here or there… but typically it just resulted in Ben getting clobbered.

  7. Wait? Like how Reid was supposedly going to the cards? And chip kelly staying in Oregon? I’ll believe it when I see it?

  8. He had been rumored to want to coach Chicago or San Diego. If he’s really going to the Cards, I guess he just wanted to be head coach anywhere that would have him. Good luck, Bruce…you’re going to need it.

  9. houstontexans99 says:Jan 17, 2013 8:34 PM

    Thank you for hiring Bruce Arians


    It doesn’t really matter who are OC is, we will at the very least still beat you at home. We could beat you with our 3rd stringers in Indy.

  10. He should have stayed retired when we told him to. Now he will coach a losing team and get the boot shortly after.

  11. He really left the Colts behind the 8 ball. All the offensive coordinators are taken. Who’s left???

  12. Just hope he is smart enough to keep Horton as the DC. I sure hope he brings in a quality OC & OL coach that can turn this trainwreck around. I am a Cardinals fan, but not happy with the hire. I would have preferred Bevell with Horton as the DC.

  13. No assistant did a better job this season than Bruce Arians. He earned this opportunity. Bruce Arians has a strong resume.He tutored Peyton Manning in Indy, Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh and Andrew Luck in Indy. That bodes well for whomever Arian’s QB ends up being in Arizona.

  14. I’m so happy for the Cardinals and Bruce. I just hope we can keep Horton as the DC! Finally Cardinal fans have something to be excited about. Been a long time. I just hope this is for real.

  15. steelbydesign says:
    Jan 17, 2013 8:34 PM
    Man, maybe this guy will be a better HC than OC.

    He was awful in Pittsburgh. Despite having no offensive line all he drew up were deep balls to Mike Wallace, which was great here or there… but typically it just resulted in Ben getting clobbered.


    Not a Cards or Colts or Arians fan, but you Steeler fans seem to love crapping on Arians. Just a thought, maybe the overall talent on the Steelers offense has fallen off, like in the O-line you mentioned. It’s not like Haley did really well this year either. So I guess everyone is an awful OC except Ken Whisenhunt.

  16. Didn’t Andrew Luck have 5 games where he brought the team back in the 4th quarter? Had they lost those 5 games, would Bruce even be considered? I know he helped with with those drives, but the Colts had a pretty easy schedule and had some great comebacks with a great QB…..

  17. Looks like the Cardinals saved the best for last. Congrats to Bruce Arians and Cardinals fans for the great hire.

  18. I like the hire. Horton must stay to keep the defense rollin’. Question now is does he go with KK, or go after Alex Smith in the off season. He has good set of WR’s and a promising tight end. With a good draft of linemen, the NFC west gets tougher and tougher. Next year is gonna turn into a street fight!

  19. In two years he will wish he stayed with his “retirement” job in Indy. He gets complacent over time as evident by his tenure in Pittsburgh. Guaranteed next year with the colts he would have started downhill. Pit would have let him go the year prior if wasnt for the lockout.

  20. Sad to see him go but very happy for him, definitely has earned his shot. Kinda sucks that its probably the worst job available just because of no quarterback in place and he’ll be in the same division as San Fran, Seattle and an up-and-coming St. Louis team but I’ll always be thankful for what he did for the Colts and I hope he does well. If anybody can overcome the odds there its definitely him.

  21. Bruce is a great leader and wonderful coach and a genuine Man but we will see how he competes with No Indy Andy Luck and Big Bum rozenbagger. cards will be 5-11 6-10 next year NO Q.B NO CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. That is a good hire. As bad as the quarterback play was this season, the offensive line play was far worse.
    Instead of drafting a quarterback in any of the first 3 rounds, spend those picks on the offensive line.
    This is a hint for you, the best available quarterbacks are in next years draft. None of the quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL draft are ready to play this season much less Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season. The top 5 quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL draft are a bunch of Blaine Gabbert clones.
    Do not inflict yourself with the misery.

  23. Trestman and Arians were my two guys for the Bears, I know Bruce was disappointed when he lost out…That said, I wish him luck and happiness in AZ.

  24. I am glad to see the Cardinals to get them a good hire @ HC. The only problem is if they will keep Horton.There has been rumors around saying that Todd Bowles has been promised the job as the DC for Arians,but I think what will happen is that they will keep Horton as the DC and bring in Todd Bowles as the DB’s coach.

  25. Just goes to show the Steeler ineptness. Forced out, their offense goes to pot and ends up 8-8 and missing the playoffs. Arians takes the Colts to the playoffs, which did I mention the Steelers didn’t make, then gets a HC gig. I couldn’t think of a better scenario.

  26. Congratulations and best of luck! Arians has always been nothing but a class act.

    He is now in a tough division swimming with sharks but if anybody can turn the Cards around it’s Arians.

  27. What Arians did was selfish and disloyal and his type will be figured out real quick by the players. Pagano could get sick again at any time but instead of caring about him, Arians runs off to take care of himself.

  28. Ok. Good move, but there are multiple reports saying that Todd Bowles could be the new DC under Arians.

    The HC change is good, but he would benefit more with his ex-Steelers colleague Ray Horton.

    All ills will be cured once they get a QB.

    As for Andrew Luck, the Colts are better off promoting 2009-11 play caller Clyde Christensen back to OC or getting Stanford OC Pep Hamilton, who is being sought by the Jets.

  29. Consensus says Arians was the better fitted HC candidate and I hope he keeps Horton as DC. Now if Keims and Arians with Horton could work together in the draft. Releasing guys like Snyder and Bradley and Wells and Brown we get better in those releases and cap space to draft and FA sign upgrades. It is clear where the team struggled our Oline and running game and QB. First two rounds Oline draft, 3rd round a running back replacement for Wells. 4th round either a TE or LB. If Geno Smith falls to the second round draft him. If 9ners release Alex Smith go after him then release Kolb cut Skelton and let Lindly work and learn from the third QB roll. If Keim is smart he will go Wormack at 7 and hopefully Eric Fisher or DJ Fluker in second. Lets not forget Keim was the lone voice in the room who wanted to draft Adrian Peterson when Wiz and Graves passed.

  30. I’d love this hire if he was keeping Horton but he’s already said he wouldn’t. The way Horton got jobbed in this whole thing is sickening. Especially considering it looks like his “interviews” were to satisfy a stupid rule

  31. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a reason this guy didn’t get a head coaching job sooner… He had P. Manning, Big Ben, and Andrew Luck to lead him to success before.

    Not saying he’s not worth it, he’s a great coach. Just hope he gets talent to support his ideas.

  32. I’m betting Tom Moore comes back. He already said he wants to coach again. Perfect fit. And b4 draft, he was so high on Luck. “Take Luck with first pick and don’t ever look back”

  33. I keep telling myself there’s only 32 coaching jobs in the league so if you were offered one you know damn well you’d take it. That the only reason I’m not going to say what I would have told them they could do with thier job. This may have been a situation where he would have been better served staying with the Colts and seeing if something better opened up next year.

  34. Anyone that thinks Arians is a flexible guy that adapts to the players on-hand didn’t watch any Colts games. He is a good motivator and leader but he is stubborn with his play calling. And the Cards don’t have much of an OL to run his slow-developing pass plays. Oh and they don’t have a QB worth a crap either. Good luck Bruce, thanks for one good season.

  35. Becoming the coach of the Cardinals is like marrying a Victoria’s Secret Super Model with herpes.

    Why that would be amazing, not only would I get to marry an underwear model, I wouldnt have to have the awkward…”listen, theres something i havent been exactly forthcoming with you about for the last 6 months” talk

  36. The problem is dealing with the Bidwells. Nothing like accepting a dead end job. You’ve heard of win-win. Well, this is a lose-lose situation.

  37. Congrats to BA on becoming a head coach!! Wish him great success, but it will be a challenge. Hope he finds a capable QB as Whis did initially with Warner–and that he remembers which of them is supposed to be in charge. Arians sometimes forgot that with Roethlisberger.

  38. The bottomline is that everyone’s already seen a glimpse of what Arians can do as a head coach based on being unexpectedly thrown to the fire with the Colts. Just because you are a good DC does not mean you will be a good HC.. duh.. This has nothing to do with the color if his skin. The Cards would have chosen him if they thought he was th e right fit. It’s not like they chose some snot nosed kid with no experience over him. The fact that he acted that way afterward is all the more reason that he shouldn’t have been chosen. Grow up dude. It’s not like your name was mentioned as a hot commodity by any other team.

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