Report: Horton out, Bowles in as Cardinals defensive coordinator

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For most of the last two weeks, it appeared that the Cardinals were attempting to implement a cake-and-eat-it approach to Ray Horton, keeping the head-coaching candidate as defensive coordinator and hiring an offensive-minded head coach.

Though the latter is what happened, Horton apparently won’t be staying.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that Horton is out as the Arizona defensive coordinator.  Per Silver, he’ll be replaced by former Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Bruce Arians’ staff.

Bowles was elevated to the position in Philly after Juan Castillo was fired.  The Eagles went 1-9 with Bowles in the job, with the Eagles giving up on average 31.9 points per game.

In contrast, the Cardinals’ defense was the only bright spot for the team last year.  And if Horton is available, he’ll surely land on his feet elsewhere — perhaps even sooner than Rob Ryan, who said last week he’d have a new job in five minutes.

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  1. As much as I like The Bruce Arians hire by Arizona. This move takes away some of the positivity towards that hire. Bowles is not even in Horton’s league as a coordinator. Problem #2 is that Bowles is a 4-3 defensive coordinator and he is inheriting a 3-4 defense.

  2. Ouch… Bowels had a stable of talent in Philly and yet he could not get them to play together as a team. This is a big hit for the Cardinals defense!

    Looks like Ray Horton was “Roonied”… Thats to say that he was only interviewed to satisfy the Rooney rule but was never really considered a true candidate.

    Thats sad because the Cardinals had a really good defense but their offense…. That was really a mole fore the opposition more than a true offense. That Jets game between Sanchez and the Cardinals was truly the worst thing I have seen since 9/11.

    Its likely that the reason why he was not selected was because most teams like offensive coaches since they tend to do better. Look at the Jets and Bears… But there is the Patriots as well…

    Ray Horton should not have been surprised but this denotes the Rooney rule hurts black candidates as they almost never get hired and are forced to interview and waist their time… as well as get their hopes up. Its like a wealthy family promising to adopt a child and then driving off when they try to open the door.

  3. The Titans would love to have you Ray, please take a minute to consider Tennessee!……Oh yeah, hey Bud, he really is good and deserves an interview at minimum….unless your good with as many points we are giving up per game.

  4. And the rest of the NFC West thanks them for mucking this up. And does Arizona know that they don’t have to hire guys with ties to Pittsburgh?

  5. Go back to Pittsburgh..LeBeau could use a extra set of eyes over there..but seriously..dude is a good coach. He’ll have his day

  6. Dumbest hire in the history of mankind? Did anyone see his numbers with the Eagle defense? 31.9 POINTS PER GAME! Tons of miscommunications in the secondary, players quitting…

  7. With the Cardinals staff wanting to follow the trend and select an offensive coach as a result hiring a defensive coordinator that has been sub-par(to be nice) the past two seasons leads to the Cardinals staying status quo position while Ray Horton has the opportunity to go towards any team of his choice continuing his climb towards possibly becoming a head coach within the near future.

  8. NFL coaching stock sure trades in a unique manner. Who knew going 1-9 and giving up 30 points per game could keep your value high enough to get another job?
    There was a time when those stats would make the stock price drop to an all time low.

  9. Why was my comment

    “The HC change is good, but he would benefit more with his ex-Steelers colleague Ray Horton.

    All ills will be cured once they get a QB.

    As for Andrew Luck, the Colts are better off promoting 2009-11 play caller Clyde Christensen back to OC or getting Stanford OC Pep Hamilton, who is being sought by the Jets.”


    Is this WRONG to say??

  10. firstand4ever says:
    Jan 17, 2013 10:13 PM
    As much as I like The Bruce Arians hire by Arizona. This move takes away some of the positivity towards that hire. Bowles is not even in Horton’s league as a coordinator. Problem #2 is that Bowles is a 4-3 defensive coordinator and he is inheriting a 3-4 defense.

    What?? He was in Miami for like 5 years, and they ran 3-4 the entire time…

  11. WOW you string the guy around with two interviews about being head coach and then run him out of town when he was the only competent guy on the staff?

  12. Wont be a 3-4 defense this year! LMMFAO the Only bright spot was the defense besides Fitzgerald and they hire Bowles?? once again a GM making bad personnel decisions

  13. Well the cards were looking up for all of about 3 hrs… poor fans deserve better than what they keep getting handed

  14. the only downside of any team hiring Horton is he might be looking for a HC job next year so you could be lookin for anothe DC within a year of hiring him..

  15. As an eagles fan, I don’t get this move at all. Horton seemed to be running a great defense, and Bowles was absolutely terrible at defensive coordinator last year.

  16. I am going to organize a Cardinals Jersery burning in front of the Cardinals Practice Facility in Tempe to show my distaste for this decision and this team. Who is with me?

  17. Last year Bowles was in a no win situation, by the time he took over, the players had quit.

    With regard to Horton, he didn’t want to stay, so they had to get rid of him.

    I hope he finds something somewhere – he would be a good fit in Dallas as a DC.

  18. If Bowles couldn’t succeed with DRC, Non-D Asomugha and the rest of the “Dream Team,” then how is he going to succeed with the Cardinals? Better yet, how is he going to handle Darnell Dockett?

  19. I’m as nutty for Horton as any informed Cards fan, but there MUST be something else going on here. He was interviewed multiple times for the job, and it never stuck.

    After awhile, you gotta ask why that is. Puh-leeze don’t give me the “he got cornrows” thing.

  20. Be nice if the Ravens could scope him up. Everyone knows our DC job is a straight shot to a head coaching job, just look at Pagano. One good year and then straight to the Colts. Besides we could sure use his help rebuilding after losing Lewis and Reed this coming off-season, hopefully after their superbowl victory.

  21. Talk about a slap in the face.

    He shouldn’t have trouble finding a DC job with another team and likely a better one.

  22. dietrich43 says:
    Jan 17, 2013 10:19 PM
    And the rest of the NFC West thanks them for mucking this up. And does Arizona know that they don’t have to hire guys with ties to Pittsburgh?

    The rest of the NFC West swept the Cardinals save for a week 1 win over the Seahawks. Nobody is thanking the Cardinals, we just disregard them as usual

  23. Bowles? Really? I understand having to part ways with Horton after hiring Arians, but honestly Rob Ryan would’ve fit perfectly as DC there.
    {face palm re: Bowles}

  24. I’m not familiar with Bowles, but from what I’m reading it’s good for the Bears he’s off the grid now…AZ should have tried to get Lovie as DC.

  25. This is a good hiring. Bowles is a really good coach who got put in a bad situation in Philly.Todd Bowles also comes from the Bill Parcells coaching tree.

  26. Major sports coaches and heads of Fortune 500 companies are the only jobs in the world where people continue to get hired after complete failure at the last job.

    Bowles managed to do worse than an offensive line coach. Hard to believe Harry.

  27. The Eagles went 1-9 with Bowles in the job,
    giving up on average 31.9 points per game.


    1-9 . . that’s only 1 more than me,
    and I don’t know anything about being a D.C.

  28. Don’t be too hard on Todd Bowles on his time in Philly,the whole secondary stinks and that’s being kind.I said a month into the season I would cut Jason Babin the one trick pony and they finally did.How good of a job could Buddy Ryan have done if he was forced to work with that stupid “gimmick” wide 9 …it just wasn’t going to work-I wish Bowles the best of luck because this Eagles defense is a joke and for the most part has been since Jim Johnson passed away

  29. As a Seahawk Fan I must say that this move makes me smile. The Defense was the tough part of that team and this seemingly makes them weaker in my eyes.

    Go Seahawks!

  30. Just a terrible waste… had one good thing going for them and they let it go. No worries Horton won’t be looking for work for long.

  31. It’s not a big philosophical difference running a 3-4 vs. 4-3. It is about having the personnel to do it. The Cardinals don’t have 4-3 personnel. It’s not like Bowles has to tweak anything. However, that said, he can still screw up a good thing. You’d THINK the offense could only go up from here.

    They still did Horton foul…

  32. You have to appreciate Arians not wanting to keep the guy who didn’t get the job and is angry, that’s a tough way to start a united coaching staff. Can’t say much for the hire choice though…

  33. This is clearly proof of the good ole boys club. Bowles played for Arians at Temple back in the 80’s. Bowles couldn’t be a successful d coordinator on the high school level. As a season ticket holder for the Eagles watching his grimace on the sidelines week in and week out grew old as the Eagles went from 8th in the entire league under Juan Castillo who wasn’t even a real d coordinator to last in the league under Bowles. The secondary was confused never knew what each other was doing. That’s coaching. And to think I wanted Arian’s here in Philly. thank God Philly hired Chip Kelly. If Arian’s came to Philly and tried to keep Bowle’s as D Coordinator he would have been run out of town. Mr Horton would you please bring your 3-4 scheme to Philly where you will be appreciated? I will even pick you up at the airport and show you around town.

  34. Bowles was horrible as the Eagles d-coordinator after taking over for Castillo. Anyone that would hire him after watching his adjustments and explanations of what went wrong is asking for failure. Zona fans get ready for a rough year.

  35. bigshirk says:
    What?? He was in Miami for like 5 years, and they ran 3-4 the entire time…
    Um he was there for 3 years 08-11 and was the team’s secondary coach and assistant head coach the only time he was a D cord. was with the Eagles and his defense gave up an ave. of 30 points a game.

  36. Wow! the good news is Horton won’t be unemployed long.. Hard to believe the Cards wouldn’t give Horton a shot but then again the team is run by a Bidwell…

  37. This situation tends to resemble the situation in Oakland last year. The Raiders hire a new head coach who didn’t know what he was doing. HE ends up hiring an offensive coordinator who didn’t know what he was doing Greg Knapp was a BAD fit for the Raider personnel. The team’s progress on offense was halted immediately and Oakland finished 4 and 12. I have been a Raider fan longer than Dennis Allen has been alive. As soon as I heard the name Greg Knapp I knew it would be a disaster. This situation in Arizona has the exact same feel. Sorry about your luck Cardinal fans

  38. The NFL needs teams like the cardinals and eagles so we’ll have somebody to laugh at. Both organizations don’t have a clue.

  39. When did Philly fire Bowles…last I checked he is still under contract and the cardinals have not stated anything about Horton beiing fired……sounds like another 95% certain story to me!

  40. Horton to the Bears seems most likely. More defensive talent than the Eagles or Browns with just as much ability to completely control scheme and the defensive unit almost entirely.

    It’s imperative for Trestman to hire a Horton (or gulp, Ryan) as that defensive unit isn’t going to respond well to just any Tom, Dick or Harry after 9 years of Lovie Smith, Chico Rivera and Rod Marinelli. Horton/Trestman combination is likely the most balanced coaching unit the Bears have had since Ditka/Ryan… god is that sad…

  41. Horton should go to Cleveland and turn them into a 3-4…I think that would be a good fit..Phil Taylor in the middle and turn sheard into a pass rushing linebacker and they can use their 1st round pick on a pass rusher opposite sheard. and dont forget about dqwell Jackson…I think that has potential

  42. If this was Arians decision, his first one was a poor decision. If so, he’s fallen into the managerial trap of hiring people from the good ole boy school rather than on the basis of their skills, competencies and results.

  43. I think we can all agree that Bruce Arian’s owe’s his new Head Coaching job to Andrew Luck. Imagine if Arians had spent the past year being the OC for heaven forbid Jacksonville, Kansas City, or Buffalo. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say if he had he wouldn’t be a new head coach right.

  44. Snyder, now is the time to drop Haslett and get Horton. Our record would have been a lot better if it wasn;t for the defense in the first half of the season. Look at the Rams game, Bengals game, and first game vs. the Giants.

  45. As Bowles is entering and Horton is leaving, the conversation has to come straight out of Hoosiers, as Gene Hackman was taking over practice from the interm coach.

    “First, let’s not be so formal, OK, my name’s Todd. Second, your coaching days are over.”

    “I don’t know why Bruce drug your tired old bones in here; he musta owed you somthin’ fierce.”

    “Leave the ball, would ya, Ray?”

    But this in not going to end anywhere near as good as Hoosiers.

  46. Horton, I’m sorry they did that to you. You deserve more. Want to come to STL and get revenge on those Cards twice a year? Sounds like a good plan. We’ll see you at the arch.

  47. Bruce Arians seems like a likable guy, good luck to him. He’s going to need it. With no Roethlisberger or Luck to work with, things are going to get pretty heated in the desert.

    PS. Whiz, Russ Grimm, Horton, etc and now Arians. Isn’t it about time the Cards stop taking cast-offs from the Steelers org. and create their own freakin identity?

  48. Does anyone else find it funny that Arians and Horton worked together with the Steelers from 2004-2010? That is a LONG time for people to work together.

    I know people hate on the Steelers, but you would think that having that kind of history together that Arians would welcome the idea to have a coach with that kind of past together. He would know the system, they should be a great team.

    I guess that this really shows that there is a serious problem between these two.

  49. Arians should have hired Butler as his defensive coordinator. Would have been a much better choice if he was going to ditch Horton. Bowles is not qualified for the position.

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