Report: Jaguars interested in Pete Carmichael


The Jaguars hired Gus Bradley as their head coach, bucking this year’s trend by hiring someone with a defensive background to lead their team.

Going that route leaves them with a pretty big job to fill at offensive coordinator. One name that has popped up on the screen is current Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jaguars have requested permission to interview Carmichael for the job. Carmichael doesn’t have a contract for next year, although this year’s contract hasn’t run out which is why he’d need permission from New Orleans to interview for what would be a lateral move. Schefter also reports that the Saints are still trying to re-sign Carmichael so it remains to be seen whether the Jags and Bradley will get a chance to speak to him.

Carmichael has been a Saints assistant since Sean Payton took over in 2006 and has moved up the ladder from quarterbacks coach to coordinator. He wouldn’t have anything close to Drew Brees to work with in Jacksonville, but it would let him call the shots for an offense that isn’t largely seen as the head coach’s creation.

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  1. Show a little respect for Gabbert, guys. Brees didn’t step into the NFL throwing 45 touchdowns a year. Matter of fact, when he was Blaine’s age he had no NFL starts. Played in just one game, which he lost. Two years later, when he was close to 25, he went 2-12 or something for the Chargers. They ended up with first overall pick in the draft (E. Manning) and moved to replace Drew with Philip Rivers. Blaine is off to great start in the league by comparison.

  2. Brazil – Hotbed for Soccer
    Australia – Hotbed for Surfing
    Asia – Hotbed for women’s golf
    Jacksonville – Hotbed for NFL coaches

  3. thegreatgabbert is a funny guy.
    So Carmichael should leave a hall of fame quarterback with a lot left in the tank and a rabid fanbase for an unproven QB and tarp covers.


    Truthfully if he does end up leaving for the Jags it would likely be for the money more than anything.

    Why else would anyone want to move to Jacksonville?

  4. @ilovefoolsball,

    You seem pretty upset that the arrow is pointing up for Jacksonville and the Saints will continue to fight for a wildcard spot the next decade.

  5. @ ilovefoosball I think you were dead on about the situation. I wouldnt leave the comfortability of the Saints which are in contention for a title every year while Jacksonville hasnt been relevant since Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor days. How could anyone feel that the arrow is pointing up? Cause they have a new HC that no one has ever heard of? Still gonna be in last place in the AFC South.

  6. Nearly half the teams in the league had lower average attendance than the Jaguars last season. Despite the fact that they finished tied for last in the standings. The bandwagon crowd buying tickets to see the Stains will dissipate soon enough.

  7. If this guy thinks he’s remotely legit and there is an offer on the table, why not take it? New owner with tons of cash, a GM who’s ready to make a splash and a #2 draft pick. This is an attitude driven league, don’t be a girl Carmichael, grab your junk and take a calculated risk…..if you know you have what it takes.

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