Report: Te’o had planned to go public on Monday

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In the end, Deadspin beat Manti Te’o to the punch by only five days.

According to Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports, Te’o had planned to disclose the hoax that he claims was perpetrated on him next Monday, January 21.

If so, it would have been a bad time to do it.  Bad news that emerges on a Monday sprouts legs and runs all weeks long.  The better move would have been to drop a press release in the late afternoon of Friday, January 11.  With the NFL divisional playoff games starting the next day, the subject would have quickly been changed — especially if Te’o had disclosed the information in a way that would have seemed plausible and correct.

Sure, Deadspin and others would have then probed the story, adding details and possibly contradicting one or more key contentions.  But the opening act would have been Te’o controlling the message.  Instead, the story exploded out of nowhere, followed by statements from Notre Dame and Te’o that created confusion and invited skepticism.

Forde also reports that Te’o was a “different kid” in the locker room before last Monday’s BCS title game against Alabama, and that he “wasn’t the same spark” in the locker room.

Actually, for some NFL teams the broader circumstances could help Te’o overcome the potential damage that a poor performance against Alabama may have done to his draft stock.  Given the stress he surely was experiencing as he knew that, eventually, he’d be at the center of a storm of embarrassment (regardless of whether he was the victim or the perpetrator or a little of both), Te’o understandably had a rough game.  It makes sense.

It’s about the only thing in all of this that does.

UPDATE 2:29 p.m. ET:  Adding to the confusion regarding an inherently confusing situation, it’s unclear whether Te’o had planned to go public on Monday the 14th or Monday the 21.  Forde’s article suggests that it was the 14th; we initially believed it was the 21st because Notre Dame A.D. Jack Swarbrick said Wednesday night that Te’o had planned to disclose the information “next week.”

44 responses to “Report: Te’o had planned to go public on Monday

  1. Yeah…after you get caught, its pretty convenient to say you were going to come clean about it

  2. Why involve yourself in drama? Ever?

    Take a hoax head on, from day 1 and that is that.

    Otherwise it becomes….drama.

    Or, he created it. Which would make him very odd.

    But his bad game does make sense now.

  3. I just don’t believe any of this. You had a month or so to come clean, but now that you were exposed you were planning on telling everyone a week later? Come on, that is just way to fishy. And yes, it could have hurt him before the BCS game but look at how many people have played very well after adversity, Torrey Smith had a great game after his brother passed the day of, the Redskins after Sean Taylors death, hell even Te’o played good the game after his grandmother and his supposed girlfriend died, so why would that have changed his mentality and made him play worse? Just don’t believe it, Te’o and his family have already been changing stories. He would have never came clean if that article dint break

  4. Yeah, I kind of think this story would have grown legs no matter when he dropped it.

    Heck even Snuffleupagus turned out to be real.

  5. maybe the kid is gay and really got caught up in the “girlfriend” idea to keep this from coming out.


    he is dum college kid playing a prank that got blown up.

    this entire story is crazy.

  6. I disagree that this helps out Te’o’s draft stock at all.
    If I draft a middle linebacker in the first round, I want a guy who can persevere through adversity and be a leader.

    Even if Te’o is the victim of a hoax, the fact is, on the biggest stage (the National Championship game), against the most elite opponent (Alabama), and when his team needed him the most (their entire season came down to this game), Te’o played at his worst. Alabama didn’t scheme to take Te’o out of plays – they ran *right* at him and targeted him in the passing game as well.

    This guy’s main selling point is his leadership, and part of being a leader is mental toughness. If this is the reason why he played poorly, it doesn’t make him look any better.

  7. There seems to be so many disparate characters involved in this web…that ultimately getting the whole truth of it is becoming virtually impossible.

  8. “Adding to the confusion regarding an inherently confusing situation, it’s unclear whether Te’o had planned to go public on Monday the 14th or Monday the 21.”

    I can clear that up: Regardless of when the story broke (last week, this week, 52 weeks from now), Manti was planning on going public the week after that.

  9. A whole lot about nothing…I hope the sports media can get back to football soon. If I want to concern myself with lying, cheating, he said, she said, “oh I can believe he lied” non-sense…I would watch The View.

    I just need to know if he can play on the level of a Sean Lee, Daryl Washington or Navarro Bowman. I’m more interested if he can shed a block rather than if he has a fake GF. He can have all the fake GF’s he wants if he is going to be a probowler year to year.

  10. Why should we believe Yahoo’s version of this story. We all know that media members are all trying to get their own scoop of some aspect of this story. Yahoo seems to be one of the least accessible source of truth.

  11. Monday generally might be a bad media announcement day – but Monday is MLK Day, a national holiday. That might have factored into the decision.

    Te’o! Te-ay-ay-o!

    Daylight come and me wan’ go home

  12. A late Friday conversation surely would have provoked the commentators of the playoff games to bring it up, you know they wouldn’t be able to resist saying something, and I’m not sure if it was me that I’d want those guys talking about my situation to over 30 million people that will be watching those games. He needs time for people to discuss this to their own satisfaction and a Monday reveal to have a long week’s discussion could be a good thing.

    Manti could position himself as a champion for the unsuspecting males out there that are often the victims and target of scandalous females. It’s a massive problem in society today that most men aren’t courageous to confront and talk about. Manti could be a hero for bringing another societal problem to the forefront and showing how something like that can happen to anybody and he could help a lot of victimized men find peace and resolution from their own horrifying experiences.

  13. I think the body-of-work is what is more important here. There is crazy stuff going on all the time that makes this whole situation PALE in comparison.

    If the kid drops, which is likely.. someone will get a player that will have a chip on his shoulder throughout his career.

    He was “catfished,” plain and simple.. only a fool would push all the tape aside.

  14. Shouldn’t this be posted in CollegeFootballTalk?

    What a waste of space this non-story is.

  15. pathological liar? do you know any info other than what news media reported initially? I still believe in innocent until proven guilty, would like to wait for more information before I make any assumptions. society today is ignorant, they believe anything, “I read it on the internet, it has to be true .”

  16. What he did was wrong & he lied.

    At least he didn’t buy a property just for the exclusive purpose of torturing crying & bleeding animals in some of the sickest ways imaginable for his own enjoyment/entertainment over & over again for a period of six years. Then once he was caught tell lie after lie after lie until he was backed into a corner. Then fail numerous drug tests. He didn’t knowingly infect any innocent women with a disease they will carry for life after being treated for it under an assumed name. He didn’t go bankrupt, hide millions in his mom & gf’s name after getting a 130M dollar contract.

    Seriously people – T’eo is an angel compared to others that have done much much much worse.

  17. Great! Now we have a new trend… Te’oing.

    Take a photo of you with your arm around an “invisible” girlfriend.

  18. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jan 17, 2013 2:32 PM
    The true story is Clint Eastwoods invisable Obama ran off with Te’o’s invisible girlfriend.

    Oh man that’s classic! can’t just thumbs up that one!

  19. Just covering the fact he is gay. Why else do you lie about a girlfriend. It would be strange if a young man went through college not being intimate with a woman unless you lie about the “love of your life”.

  20. I finally get my wish for PFT to not dog my beloved Jets for 24 hours and it comes at the expense of the humiliation of my favorite college program.

    Thank God hockey is back so I can watch my Islanders who only humiliate themselves on the ice (Tavares not included).

  21. Don’t believe anything that anyone tells you on the internet. Except for the stuff I say.

  22. Hey Te’o ,the ball is in your court and it is becoming a very humungous ball indeed. Every second that goes by it becomes more humungous. If you want to play on Sundays I would suggest you get in front of this Juggernaut and make the defensive play of your life. You just pretty much need to tell the whole truth and let the chips fall. The entire sports world ,and beyond,is calling for you to lay down your cards.

  23. The reason he was a different person is because he found out he had been exposed as a fraud before the BCS game. Deadspin contacted him for comment and he refused, so he knew it was coming.

  24. And now we get to the crux of the situation. Poor Manti Te’o was distracted by his fake dead girlfriend–the same fake dead girlfriend he reported as a hoax to Notre Dame on Dec. 26 but was still mourning to the media the week of Jan. 7. So naturally he couldn’t concentrate on the game and Eddie Lacy ran over him like so much dead grass.

    Alabama didn’t really bowl over Notre Dame 42-14. It was the stress over the make-believe dead girlfriend.

    Uh-huh. And back in the day, USC didn’t really come back from a 24-0 deficit to bowl over Notre Dame 55-24. It was a plot the Irish players devised to make their coach, Ara Parseghian, look bad. Remember that one?

    Some things never change, she types in total disgust.

  25. Reportedly, the Te’os revealed the info on Dec. 26. I can easily imagine that ND coaches and administrators counseled everyone to keep it all hush hush given the impending spotlight for the Championship game. Of course they didn’t want it detract from the unblemished record they had.

    What’s more difficult to imagine, though, is why ND came out with 100% backing of Manti. They appreciate him as a person and as a player who lifted the program up, and surely they want him to do well in the draft so its understandable that they support him. But why go the route of believing he’s 100% victim when even statements his parents made contradict that?

  26. “brohamma says: Jan 17, 2013 3:01 PM
    Great! Now we have a new trend… Te’oing.

    Take a photo of you with your arm around an “invisible” girlfriend.”

    Haha, well done.

  27. He should just add his name to the law suit against the NFL for concussions and say it was early onset dementia that caused this to happen.

  28. csilojohnson says:

    He is either an idiot or a scumbag. Pick one
    I pick both.
    umrguy42 says:

    I thought I read the 26th in a couple places… :/
    I heard he was going to tell the truth on February 30th.

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