Rod Marinelli could be leaving Chicago


The Chicago Bears seemed hopeful they would be able to hold on to defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli in the wake of firing head coach Lovie Smith at the end of the season.

However, with new head coach Marc Trestman in place, Marinelli may no longer want to stay in Chicago.

According to Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times, Marinelli could opt for a “fresh start” out of loyalty to Smith. Trestman is expected to meet with Marinelli and other members of Smith’s staff on Thursday to decide who he wants to keep.

Per Jason La Canfora of, “signs point” to Marinelli leaving the Bears.

It would be a big blow to a Bears defense that was among the league’s best all season. Chicago finished the season as the fifth-ranked defense and led the league with 44 turnovers.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Cowboys new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is hopeful to get Marinelli to join his staff in Dallas.

With Kiffin already in place as defensive coordinator, Marinelli would likely be taking a lesser role (likely as defensive line coach) if he went to Dallas. It’s possible he would be named assistant head coach to Jason Garrett, which is a title he also holds with the Bears.

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  1. Marinelli may take a “lesser role” in Dallas, but would it be for “lesser money” than he made in Chicago. It doesn’t make sense that he would take 2 steps back.

  2. really hope he stays, he has done such good work with the young guys on the d-line the last few years. melton and wootten are just hitting their stride, shea is next. losing marinelli would be big.

  3. I don’t get it. I understand the loyalty and respect he has for Lovie, but I don’t really understand why he would take a demotion with another team because of that. I’m just surprised he would essentially leave the Bears defense when they seem to have so much respect for him.

    I really hope he decides to stay.

  4. Rod,

    IIRC you spent time in Hell when you were with the Lions organization. Don’t step back into it by going to work for Jerry Jones. You have a good job as DC on a team with a new offense-minded coach, stick with it.

    (I have no dog in this fight, I’m an AFC guy)

  5. Noooooooooooo…..please…please…..nooooooo…..!!! Just when his prowess has truly started to pay dividends…make him the highest paid DC and then maybe he stays….

  6. Uh-oh.

    I hope this isn’t true. Keeping Rod would be huge for the Bears. Both him and Lovie shared similar philosophies in defense which is perfect for the Bears.

    Stay in Chicagooo!

  7. Hey chip Kelly do yourself a big favor and look to a guy like this or even lovie himself to run the d. Give them full control and you do your thing on offense.


    Bleeding green nation

  8. This would be a great move for Dallas, and possibly the beginning of the next move to get Lovie Smith to Dallas as soon as Jerry Jones wakes up enough to release Jason Garrett. He could also offer to keep Garrett as the OC since he has to pay him anyway. If all those pieces fall into place which are just waiting to happen, Dallas could become the team to beat in the East.

  9. Good riddance. We in Chicago saw it year after year how this defense beat up on the lousy teams and put up all these wonderful numbers but against the better teams in the League they’d get exposed and humiliated; the San Fran game comes to mind, or Chicago vs the Pats in 2010. Marinelli is nothing special and Mr. 0-16 can follow Lovie right out the door for all I care. Get someone who actually schemes and makes adjustments to call the defense because the toothless “bend but don’t break” philosophy we had basically guaranteed opposing offenses would march down the field at the end for the winning score.

  10. The Packers would welcome him with open arms assuming they read the writing on the wall and fire Capers

  11. This would make me one angry Bears fan. The only way I would be able to get over it is if they bring Juron back. He had that Cleveland D playing out of their a$$. Should never have been fired. Not sure if he’d do a round 2 in Chicago though.

  12. Chip Kelly please hire this man and bring him with you to the eagles. Name him your defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. Restore our image as one of the more feared defenses in the league like we were every year under Jim Johnson. Do it please!

  13. This would be a real shame if he left. Rod seems to have done a great job here but he has to realize Lovie had his chance and came up short. The offense has been a mess for 4 yrs now and Lovie just didn’t address it soon enuf.

  14. That would be pretty petty of him to take a demotion with another team just because his boss got himself fired for missing the playoffs five out of the past six years. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…

  15. They could refuse to grant permission for a lateral move, but if he doesn’t want to be here that’d just cause tension in the locker room, and undermine Trestman among those defensive players who are also loyal to Lovie. I hope Trestman wins him over in Thursday’s meeting. If not, promote one of his assistants and keep some continuity…I would hate to have a new system that doesn’t emphasize takeaways so aggressively.

  16. We got the offensive genius with Chip in the fold. Time to go show the money to Marinelli and give him full autonomy on Defense like he did with his DC in Oregon. Let’s right this ship fast.

  17. In a way, I was shocked that they didn’t fire Rod with the rest of Lovie’s staff. When we brought Emery aboard, everyone knew he was a 3-4 guy. His first draft…he took a prototypical 3-4 guy in the first round (Shea).

    Maybe he is just thinking to get one or two more years out of this existing D before switching over. But watch, if Rod goes, he takes the 4-3 Tampa crap with him. Todays NFL is moving more and more towards the necessity of having a solid 3-4.

  18. This just gets better everyday. thats
    GOOD!! get Rod out of Chicago and bring in a NEW defensive coordinator. I dont want to hold hands with the players on defense they are professionals so if Urlacher dont like it he can keep going too. Im loving this!!! anybody else wanna cry the lovie blues and walk out? PLEASE give another young player a chance to step up and prove hes a star

  19. As a long time bucs fan, I can tell you Rod is superb. If you ask Sapp, who made him great as a coach, Rod’s name would be said first then maybe Dungy.

    Good luck Rod. I wish there was a chance you could come back to us as dc but I know the nfl is biz and that’s not possible. Wish u the best.

  20. I love Rod and what he has done for the D-line. He can go at any time though. The quicker we get away from that worthless tampa 2 defence the better. The tampa 2 only slows down the mediocre QB’s (Romo, Stafford) in the league. The decent ones figure it and you get like the end of the Seattle game where they make back to back 90+ yard drives to win the game. You wont get the big plays but you can go all the way down the field 7 yards at a time.

  21. Come back and coach the Lions. Can’t do worse than 0-16. I’m sure Calvin can steal a win somewhere on the schedule

  22. I would hate to see Marinelli go for a number of reasons, not the least of which is watching Phil Emery interview another 30 guys for the DC position.

  23. Fewell runs a bend but dont break defense in NY. Maybe Marinelli can sign on and help Perry out. I’m sure he would like working with the stable of DE’s the G-Men breed.

  24. Rod if you are threating to leave make sure somebody cares. I for one wont miss you or Lovie and I hope Urlacher follow you out the door too. I WANT CHANGE FOR BETTER OR WORSE. Like Emery Im NOT AFRAID. and tell Hester that the door aint locked

  25. Rod-So I’ll be the assitant coach

    Jerry-Well Rod you’ll be the assistant to the coach. coffee , buying wive’s b-day presents and what not. is that a problem?

    Please let them figure this thing out. My faith in jerry dwindles everyday. Kiffin and marinelli. let’s hope it works.

  26. Real BEARS FANS wanna see real change. so Rod.. Urlacher.. Hester..
    and anybody else crying about Lovie can follow him out the door.
    Please leave NOW!! there are good coaches thats looking for a chance to really show what they can do. and Great players who just wants a good chance to become a Star and some of them wont even get drafted I wanna give them a chance
    to be the next Urlacher… the next Hester.. the NEXT CHICAGO ICON

  27. Why would Marinelli leave? To start over? Moving is stressful. He would have to learn all new players, a new system, move his home, and lose all the credibility he built up with the Bears organization.

    Add to that the fact that he is 63 years old.

    Further, if he did leave why would he ever go to the time-bomb known as Dallas? That is a sinking ship and the rats are fleeing-see Joe De Camilis and Garrett little brother. Jones is still considering firing the HC.

  28. Rod’s prettymuch telling you he’s not a coordinator.

    He was never a defensive coordinator before getting the bears job.Lovie smith was the brains in chicago as was monte kiffen where rod worked for much of his career in tampa as an “asst d-coordinator”.

    In detroit his defenses were worst and near worst in nfl history.That’s a fact!
    His unqualified son in-law was the coordinator with an assist from rod.

    You might’ve not have improved your head coach but you will have dodged a bullet weather you know it or not keeping rod.He’s not the guy who will make the half time adjustments.

    This guy is a d-line coach, and by all accounts a pretty good one.Having seen him as the leader for 3 years my impression is he had a TON of help.

  29. “out of loyalty to Smith. ”

    This is what happens when you hire your fishing buddies like Lovie would do.
    No one in the league was beating down Marinelli’s door after that cluster in Detroit but now he wants to leave because Lovie is gone?

    You can’t stay tied to Lovie’s hip forever and Lovie has shown that he will fire an assistant in a heartbeat if he is getting too much credit or seems like a threat to Lovie’s job.

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