Seahawks hire Dan Quinn to replace Gus Bradley


After Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley was hired as the new head coach of the Jaguars, the Seahawks moved quickly to replace him.

The Seahawks have announced that Dan Quinn is their new defensive coordinator.

Quinn was the defensive coordinator at Florida for the last two years and had coached the defensive line in Seattle for two years before that. He’s also been a defensive line coach with the Jets, Dolphins and 49ers.

Quinn is well regarded in NFL circles and was mentioned as a candidate to become the defensive coordinator of the Browns, Eagles or Jaguars as well.

16 responses to “Seahawks hire Dan Quinn to replace Gus Bradley

  1. Great move. This helps maintain the continuity on Defense as Quinn has already been a part of what Carroll does in Seattle.

    He also was able to get the best out of Mebane, Clemons and Red Bryant in his time as the D-line coach…so he should be able to coach up Bruce Irvin really well too.

  2. Based on his Florida Defense in the Orange Bowl – EVeryone on Seattle’s 2013 schedule applauds this move.

    BTW – Where did all the Seahawk fans go?

  3. Based on his Florida Defense in the Orange Bowl – EVeryone on Seattle’s 2013 schedule applauds this move.

    BTW – Where did all the Seahawk fans go?


    We are still here and ready for next season. No depressing offseason or wallowing over our final game. We had an awesome season and are ready to watch Wilson and the rest of the draft class make the leap to year 2 in the NFL.

  4. I really like the move because we have one of the strongest defensive line’s in NFL but there is room for improvement. Lets just hope with games on the line he can be more aggressive than Gus. There were 4 games where the defensive schemes in close ones lost the games for Hawks. They gotta sign Allan Branch back as well. Him and Mebane are a strong pair inside.

  5. Sounds like they had Quinn on speed dial. Great pickup though. Seahawks largest flaw is an inconistent pass rush. Hiring Quinn, who was our old D-Line coach, makes perfect sense. He was the one who suggested moving big Red Bryant over as a DE. Go Hawks!

  6. Solid!!! We need a guy like this to help the focus on establishing a better pass rush. With his d line knowledge and petes experience with secondaries this defense should be even better

  7. Welcome back Dan!!

    Now go get Irvin and make that kid pump some Iron in the off-season and develop some guns……

  8. Like this move for a few reasons. First, it happened so quickly, you know the team had to have a contingency plan already in place in case Bradley got poached. That’s a sign of good planning.

    Second, the guy has a history with the team and the players. That will make integrating into the locker room a lot easier.

    Third, in 2011, Quinn’s defense at Florida was second in the nation in third-down defense. Third and long, and last-minute situations, were the biggest weakness of the Seattle defense all year long.

    Fourth, Jaye Howard, a Florida product, was a fourth-rounder last year, and was on the roster all year, but didn’t do much. Maybe his old college DC can get more out of him.

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