Suggs convinced ref not to flag him for challenging a friend to a fight


The NFL Films cameras caught an amusing incident between Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and Broncos defensive tackle Justin Bannan during Saturday’s game, in which Suggs challenged Bannan to a fight — but convinced the ref not to throw a flag by saying the two are friends.

As the Ravens’ defense was walking off the field and the Broncos’ defense was walking on the field following a turnover, Suggs ran up to Bannan from behind and started yelling at him.

“I’ll fight you, a–hole,” Suggs said with a laugh.

Bannan turned around and stuck his finger in Suggs’ face before the players were quickly separated. As referee Bill Vinovich approached, perhaps to throw a penalty flag on Suggs, Suggs explained that he was just joking around.

“That’s my friend,” Suggs said.

“We don’t know that,” Vinovich responded.

But Vinovich believed it and didn’t throw the flag. Suggs and Bannan did, in fact, play together on the Ravens for four years, and Suggs apparently was just joking about wanting to fight.