Trestman said Johnson’s tweet helped them make contact


Wherever Jimmy Johnson got the information for last week’s tweet that Marc Trestman was getting the Bears job, it didn’t come from Trestman.

That’s because Trestman said he hadn’t spoken with his old mentor from his University of Miami days in 10 years, and that Johnson’s Twitter account helped bring them together again.

“So, it was surprising for me to see it,” Trestman said, via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “If it would have been 20 years ago, I would have shook my head and thought that this was something bad that would happen. But it was out of my control. What it turned out to be was a reconnection with Jimmy Johnson and I reconnected with him by getting his cell phone and texting him and saying I really appreciate that you would think of me [as being one of his guys] because I had no connection with him for so long.

“What it wound up doing was being an invitation to come down to Florida and if some point in time I was around and have a cup of coffee or a Heineken. So, that’s what happened.”

Maybe between beverages, Johnson can teach Trestman a little more football, or the ins and the outs of the breaking news business.

7 responses to “Trestman said Johnson’s tweet helped them make contact

  1. Looks like Jimmie Johnson wants the spot light again since the NFL season is almost over. His coaching days with the Miami Dolphins must be catching up with him for coaching Dan Marino to 0 superbowl victories.

  2. boy, would i like to see Jimmy Johnson go for one last ride with a team. I would be all over that. By the way, how are the Cowboys doing since they broke him off and Skeletor consolidated all the power. It’s pathetic when Jerry Jones said “I would have fired myself by now”. That is a classic example of “when someone doesn’t know he doesn’t know”.

  3. Still not sure what to think of Jim-may. He’s a rare breed to win a National Championship at the collegiate level, then win multiple Superbowls in the pro’s. But on his second go around with the Dolphins, manager to make an entire organization despise him, and Marino loathes him to this day.

  4. JJ built a Dolphins team that had a good run in the early 2000’s with a few playoff appearances. Also drafted two hall of famers in Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas. Not to mention some hall of very good players such as Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain in a very short period of time.

  5. Jimmy Johnson a coaching consultant for the CHICAGO BEARS
    … sounds good to me. Trestman is his guy and Jimmy picked him for the Bears long before the 13 coaches were done interviewing.

  6. Bear fans better be leary of Jimmy Johnson’s recommendations. He once left the Dolphins in the hands of Dave Wanstedt and also thought Norv Turner was a terrific hire both when he got the Oakland and San Diego jobs, as if the 7 years failing in Washington wasn’t proof enough that he was horrible.

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