49ers waive kicker Billy Cundiff


The kicking competition in San Francisco is officially over.

David Akers will continue to be the kicker for the 49ers as the team announced they have waived Billy Cundiff on Friday.

Cundiff was signed nearly three weeks ago amid concerns over Akers consistency over the final few games of the regular season. Akers missed 13 field goals during the regular season and had missed four kicks in the 49ers final three games.

San Francisco has carried both kickers on the roster since then but Cundiff was not active for the 49ers Divisional Round victory over the Green Bay Packers last week. Akers made his only field goal try of the game, a 36-yarder, and converted all six PATs in the 45-31 win over Green Bay.

27 responses to “49ers waive kicker Billy Cundiff

  1. Steeler Nation (in all of its glory): We have sixty rings.

    You: No, I’m pretty sure your tremendously successful franchise only has six rings.
    Steeler Nation (in all of its glory): Wrong you are. See, every ring that we have conquered carries ten times the magnitude of another franchise’s.

    You: That’s a ridiculous and a rather arrogant claim.

    Steeler Nation (in all of its glory): Viewing history from afar, the Steelers are the most decorated professional football franchise since the birth of the Super Bowl era. We (Steeler Nation in all of its glory) have materialized ourselves into something beyond mortal standards; thus, the scope of our greatness multiplies to compensate this superiority.

    You: I see now! There is no denying the Steelers’ immensity, and I’m starting to question why they aren’t getting much respect lately despite significant adversity from the league “string-pullers”.

    Steeler Nation (in all of its glory): This is why we (Steeler Nation in all of its glory) have decided to leave this trivial league following the 2013-2014 season (and a final Lombardi capture – despite the league’s efforts to stop us) to begin our own magnificent association, free of corruption.

    You: Great! I look forward to this marvelous football revolution. All hail the Steelers’ leadership in the face of football’s destruction from Goodell, agents, and lawyers.

    Steeler Nation (in all of its glory): Good to see that you follow. You may leave now.

  2. This is a good omen for the Ravens heading into a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game!

    If this guy was still playing on a team and the Ravens lost… that would just be too much.

  3. Smart move to get rid of Cundiff before the championship game. After the game, it would be too late.

  4. I can’t believe they would cut a guy right before they board the plane to the NFC Championship Game. No class! LOL!

    No chance now that Akers misses a game winner as time expires. None. No really…..

  5. I think Harbaugh wanted to test Akers’ mettle.

    Akers could still blow it in the playoffs, but I don’t think Cundiff gave them any more confidence.

  6. Guy has been inconsistent since being a Cowboy. I cringed when the Skins signed him. Good kicker with confidence issues. Some team will start himnext season

  7. maybe we shouldve kept him. if akers misses 2 fg’s in the 1st half then i give cundiff a try at the 3rd attempt within the same distance. akers doesnt stir my world with confidence. im sure every 49er fan is a nervous trainwreck when akers steps on the field for a fg.

  8. David Akers. Hmm. kicked the carolina panthers out of the super bowl just after they had taken the lead against the n.e. pats in houston in super bowl 38. can’t wait to see him again!!

  9. watermelon1 says:
    Jan 18, 2013 5:43 PM
    This is a good omen for the Ravens heading into a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game!

    If this guy was still playing on a team and the Ravens lost… that would just be too much.
    Grow up son! Your team is good enough to win this game without omens. Get off your knees, stop praying and stand wearing your purple with a beer in your hands and watch the game like a man.


    A Patriots Fan

  10. All you Ravens fans need to wake up and stop blaming that game on Cundiff. If Lee Evans doesn’t hang on to a td pass that hit him in the hands, that kick never needs to be attempted.

  11. @ benroethlisberger7 :

    Steeler Nation wishes you would get a job, so you’d stay off the computer and no longer be an embarrassment to every other Steeler fan in the country

  12. reed20fence says:
    Jan 18, 2013 5:48 PM

    We forgive Billy. He’ll always be a Raven. We just can’t look at him.


    Speak for yourself. I certainly don’t wish anything bad on him, but I will never forgive him. An NFL kicker needs to make that chip-shot field goal that he shanked, no matter how much pressure there is.

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