Browns hire Ray Horton as defensive coordinator


It didn’t take long for Ray Horton to find a new job.

Horton, the former Cardinals defensive coordinator who was reportedly unhappy when he was passed over for the head-coaching job in Arizona, has landed in Cleveland as the Browns’ new defensive coordinator.

We are truly excited that we were able to get someone of Ray’s caliber as our defensive coordinator,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said in the team’s announcement. “He possesses a great deal of experience as a player, position coach and coordinator in the NFL and has been part of some of the top defenses in the league throughout his career. He is an extremely talented coach and I know that he will work very well with the young nucleus of players we have on defense.”

Horton has been the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator for the last two years. Prior to that he spent seven seasons on the coaching staff in Pittsburgh, two seasons in Detroit, five seasons in Cincinnati and three seasons in Washington. Before becoming an NFL assistant coach he spent 10 seasons as an NFL player.

55 responses to “Browns hire Ray Horton as defensive coordinator

  1. I … I just … how are they so good at hiring coordinators and so dumb as to hire Mike Lombardi!?

  2. Credit where it’s due: Norv Turner running the offense and Horton the defense….. Nice. Too bad they hired Lombardi. But great hire for the coordinators and I like Chud as the head coach.

  3. Awesome. I thought just maybe the Cards would keep Horton. That they would luck out and also get Arians. Now it is like who knows. As for the Browns the hiring of Chud was not glamorous. But adding Norv and now Horton this is a better run team than the past group.

  4. As a lifelong Seahawk’s fan………..Congratulations!

    So glad he is out of our division. Great job Cleveland, your defense under this man is going to be STRONG!

  5. So I’m guessing the move to the 3-4 is official…nothing like changing gears again after stocking up on 4-3 lineman.

  6. Not sure about the first time head coach, but he seems to be doing a pretty creditable job of putting together his staff.

    Not a Browns fan, but I do root for them to improve. Great fans who don’t deserve the crap they’re handed on a weekly basis.

  7. Other then keeping Jauron this is the best choice for the Browns defense.

    Sign Alex Smith in the off season and use your #1 pick on a pass rusher and the Browns will be serious contenders next season.

  8. coolowlbro says:
    Jan 18, 2013 4:44 PM
    I … I just … how are they so good at hiring coordinators and so dumb as to hire Mike Lombardi!?


    Mike Lombardi scouted Darren Sproles. Unfortunately , he was overruled by Al Davis.

    He is a respected personnel man and wouldnt get called out of television if he wasnt good.

    Let me know when you get your agent license or scouting department position, sport.

  9. great hire!!! now if only you can trade for Patrick Peterson, another shutdown corner, a hard hitting safety, Calais Campbell and a few other GOOD players….you’ll be superbowl bound for sure!!!! silly browns fans

  10. Everyone surmises we will go to a 3-4 or a hybird between 4-3 & 3-4. I remember a 4-4 called the “Bears” Defense. That was both a 3-5 on prevent downs and on a passing down be a 5-3. The Bears used to get sack after sack. In the middle was Perry, a BIG dude. Well, we have several big dudes, and if three of the five bull rush the QB, and DE’s rush from the outsides, we’ll soon be playing against a second string QB, then a 3rd string QB.

    I like the idea of 3 DT’s and 2 DE’s

    2 LB’s 2 CB’s 2 S

    My mouth is watering in anticipation.

  11. With the hiring of Chud, Turner and Horton the Browns should be go to go for a couple of years, running on the foundation Heckert layed down. Then we’ll start seeing just how bad or good the Lombardi hire is.

  12. This is great for the Browns organization. Alas it will only be temporary. Horton will be targeting the inevitable HC vacancy’s next year, and someone will offer (again) Norv another HC job. And the poor factory of sadness will be left with just Lombardi. It’s next season or bust Cleveland, I hope you pull thru.

  13. yess who said we will be a 3-4 defense again
    horton will look at the tape and say the defense is getting better we need LB’s to help d.jackson and DBs to help hayden the front line is good and young and will only get better on the offense all we need are WRs “ala D. Bowe from KC and a TE other then Watson,Cameron & were set and maybe some RB detp behind T-Rich”

  14. This guy led a defence that allowed 58 points and his guys actually gave up on the field. And thru a tantrum when he didn’t get the head job after. Great.

  15. Mike Lombardi scouted Darren Sproles. Unfortunately , he was overruled by Al Davis.

    He is a respected personnel man and wouldnt get called out of television if he wasnt good.

    Let me know when you get your agent license or scouting department position, sport.


    Mike Lombardi also thought Jamarcus Russel was worth a #1 pick, chief. Get a grip, nobody else in the league was interested in the clown.

  16. The coaching staff is coming together quite nicely but than we go out and hire Lombardi as VP of Player personnel. Remember, Lombardi used #1 picks to draft “Touchdown” Tommy Vardell and Jamarcus Russell.

    I will cut him some slack and see how this draft goes but…

    It looks like we’re going to be busy in Free Agency.

  17. As an unbiased observer of the AFC, it sure seems like the Browns are making all the right moves. If they can find a quarterback to go with that defense and running game, they could be dangerous.

    And, it seems like it’s about time. It’s always fun to see a team rise above themselves and elevate a franchise. It’ll be interesting to see if the Browns can be that team.

  18. Strongly considering the Browns for a sleeper playoff pick next season. Obviously Chud as HC is a question mark right now, but he did do a great job as OC. They now also have 2 great coordinators. Get this team a WR and a QB if they can find a solid one and they’ll be in business. If not, I think McCoy could end up being the starter as Chud excels at keeping defenses off balance with misdirections and would likely prefer a mobile QB to do so.

  19. Jerry Jones needs to take note. Hire a GM, head coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator. Not an owner/GM, headcoach/OC, and DC.

    How do you expect your team to be great if your head coach is too busy coaching the offense?

  20. Cleveland must have thought Rob Ryan wasn’t available, since he said it would only take him 5 minutes to find a job.

    Great hire by the Browns. Finally a little less gloom in the Factory of Sadness…

  21. Good luck trying to cover Gronk/Hernandez/Graham/Pitta/Miller/most TE’s in the league in a 5-3 base defense.

    Of course, you could put 1 of the 2 CB’s on him, then watch the secondary get torched.

  22. If your a jaguars,bengals,jets,lions,eagles,cowboys,cardinals fan please stop making comments on browns storys your an embarrassment to the league an we dont need to hear your input.

  23. As another Seahawk fan I too am very happy about this. Arizona was a team that could beat you at any point with the D.

    Shocking that they didn’t hire this guy as HC. I think he was a better coach than the guy they hired – what is with these coaches getting credit for pure “Luck”. That made all the difference in Indy doing what it did. Horton didn’t have a Luck player to make him great.

  24. now if the Browns can get a QB….. maybe Smith or Flynn…. could turn around there franchise…..

  25. Pulling for the Browns this year for sures. Not sure there is a city more deserving of a successful team in all of football.

    As a Panthers fan, I wanted Chud to stay (as long as he fixed the running game) but I’m glad he got his dream job.

    congrats Cleveland, you may have the best coaching staff in the league.

  26. Great coaching staff thus far, keeps O-line coach special teams coach in place from last year, adds Turner and now Horton-I believe things are looking up with regards to the change. As far as Lombardi, his drafts in my opinion have been hit or miss at times, some of which with the Raiders could have been blamed on the late owner, who knows for sure. It could be hard to argue against the point that out of the the 27 picks he made in the 1st and 2nd rounds of draft over the years, only 6 became starters in this league. Hopefully Banner is a man of his word and makes it a collective process in picking talent, not an absolute by one person. If the front office TEAM makes those picks, then we will be fine. Im excited as usual for the draft. Go Browns!

  27. This Steelers fan congratulates the Browns on their on-field hires. It’s fun for our team to face a competitive Browns team, win or lose.

    Now if our team can just get its act back together…

  28. Well Browns fans- hitting on 3 of 4 hires is pretty good! Lets just hope (more like pray) that the 1 bad hire doesn’t end up running the other 3 out of town!

  29. I love the hire. But for all the people saying Chud needs a mobile QB, do they forget that he made Derek freaking Anderson a Pro Bowler? If anyone can match that output in a similar vertical passing attack its Brandon Weeden. Especially with the speedster Benjamin and Josh Gordon who had a huge season for being a supplemental player who had sat out a full season.

    Browns with Norv/Chud running the offense and Horton running the Defense (which was already pretty good) should surprise quite a few teams next year. Dont forget the Browns lost 5 games by 7 or less points while playing large chunks of the season without their 2 best defensive players in Phil Taylor and Joe Haden.

  30. @jtk1985

    11-5, get hot in the playoffs, win first of 5 Super Bowls in the next 6 years.
    Completely plausible fantasy.
    Don’t let the world bring you down.

  31. Got to like what the Browns are doing. Wanted Horton in Chicago, that would have been sweet.Horton as the DC, Turner as the OC , both classy hires. Stick with the classy uniforms, Browns are back ..

  32. The Browns have made some significant upgrades to the coaching staff. Mike Lombardi as GM?

    Need to see how this works out, he should listen to the coaches and let them draft the players they want on either sides of the ball.

  33. Norv like big strong recievers. Greg Little is his new Malcom Floyd. Josh Gordon is an all around good reciever and go to guy. We have speed in Benjamin. Lets see if they keep Cribs and get him involved. I am sure Watson will get more use too. Schurmur had no imagination.

  34. I understand the flack Lombardi is getting on some of his drafts, but with Al Davis as his boss how many times do you think he was I overruled and had to go with what Davis wanted. Could be wrong just saying….. But very excited with the direction of staffing the Browns are going. 48 mill under the cap and a great staff is a good recipe for success.

  35. At some point one has to wonder what is the point of being a Browns fan. It’s like a dog chewing on a dried out bone, trying to find some flavor, when there just isn’t anything there. Wake Up!

  36. Good hire for the browns, but they will still finish in the cellar. If you truly know football you know this. Keep talking it up . Every year the browns rebuild and lose.

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