Falcons kicker Matt Bryant can speak to alligators, sort of

Getty Images

When his football career is finally over Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant might be able to find a role on the television show Swamp People.

According to Jim Corbett of the USA Today, Bryant is somewhat of an “alligator whisperer.”

I was watching the National Geographic Channel one day, and heard them mimicking the mating sound that brings an alligator,” Bryant said. “So I figured I’d try and mimic the sound. Sure enough, a baby alligator came up from a retention pond behind our Tampa home.”

Bryant has taken the talent to the golf course on multiple occasions to impress, or scare the hell out of, members of his foursome. However, while on a golfing trip to Cancun, Bryant got a little more than he bargained for.

“We were in Cancun for an event and were playing golf when we heard something thrashing in the mangroves. I did the sound and, all of a sudden, the thrashing stopped. And from me to where Tony Gonzalez’s locker is (12-feet away), a saltwater (crocodile) stuck his head up. He was a 12- to 14-footer. He scared everybody, scared me. So I stopped making the sounds,” Bryant said.

The Falcons may need to hope Bryant can summon some of his reptile friends to the Georgia Dome on Sunday. Atlanta could use the extra help as they try to keep San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in check.