Greg Roman shrugs off lack of head coach interviews


Even before the Jaguars hired David Caldwell as general manager, many thought he’d take his former college roommate Greg Roman with him as head coach.

That opportunity never came, as the Jaguars hired Gus Bradley, but Roman shrugged off the suggestion.

Asked if he was surprised he didn’t get an interview, Roman told Matt Maiocco of “Not really.

“I’ve heard it’s [his name] been out there a lot. But most of the time when that happens, it doesn’t happen.”

Roman has interviewed for college openings, but hasn’t gotten an interview for an NFL head coaching job yet. And as he prepared for Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Falcons, he said the thing guys who don’t get jobs say.

“I’m so dialed-in on this that this is the furthest thing from my mind right now,” Roman said. “Believe me.”

He also has the backing of his boss, as 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has said all his coordinators (including defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and special teams coach Brad Seely) are qualified.

“You know how I feel,” Harbaugh said. “Any team would be lucky to have them as head coaches. That time will come — very confident of that.”

Of course, the 49ers are obviously happy to keep them all, as they’ve enjoyed a run of success that appears to be sustainable.

11 responses to “Greg Roman shrugs off lack of head coach interviews

  1. we’ll keep em. its so hard to build a dynasty, cause the moment you atart having success, everyother scrub tezam in the league wants to hire your assistants away.

  2. Make all the snarky comments you want. If Mike McCoy had been a little more “dialed in” maybe the Broncos would still be playing. 31s and 2 timeouts and you take a knee? Ridiculous.

  3. Maybe teams were frightened off that they’d miss out on good assistant coaches, as they expected he wouldn’t officially be available until the season was over.

    Still strange he didn’t get at least a couple of interviews.

  4. It suck cuz with the playoffs dragging on like this he didn’t get a fair chance to interview, The chargers came out and said they were going to hire wiz if McCoy couldn’t interview, meaning if the broncos would have won again we wouldn’t have the best rising young coach

  5. Here’s one Jag fan that is glad Caldwell didn’t hire a friend. Don’t need any other qualifications but football right now. He’s following Atlanta’s model and that is awesome. Dimitroff learned from the best and Caldwell learned from him: get a QB, build the team around him while he learns pro football, assemble a defense through the draft that your offense can outscore. It won’t happen overnight, Jag fans; that’s not the model.

  6. He got the best deal. Those head coaching jobs have more headache and stress than people realize.
    I am sure he wants to be a head coach but if you do not have cap room to improve the roster and if you are stuck with a bad quarterback then all you will do is destroy your credibility as a coach.

  7. I was wondering why? There has been one constant and it is his defense. Hell I wish the saints would throw the bank at him and bring him home.

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