Gus Bradley vows to “bring some enthusiasm to Jacksonville”


New Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley was energetic at his introductory press conference on Friday morning, and he said energy is what he’ll bring to the moribund franchise in Jacksonville.

“Let’s bring some enthusiasm to Jacksonville like the city deserves,” Bradley said.

That’s important for the Jaguars, who haven’t had a winning record since 2007 and are dogged by questions about their long-term viability in Jacksonville. Bradley says he’s going into this job excited about what he can bring to the franchise.

“I just want to be me, and we talked about it during the whole head coach search: I love coaching football, I love helping players get better, helping coaches get better,” Bradley said. “I had a great opportunity to lead 30 guys up in Seattle. What I’m most excited about is to lead 80 guys. I love that opportunity to lead this team and to maximize everybody. Not only the players but the coaches, and let’s do it better than it’s ever been done before.”

Bradley comes to this job after having served as the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator, but he says he isn’t simply focused on defense.

“I don’t want all the games to be 10-7,” he said. “We need to be explosive. On the offensive side, one of the things I understand is what hurts defenses, what causes us problems. Multiple personnel groupings, multiple formations, diversity with the quarterback running game, with spreading it out, with the two-back run game, the zone.”

The biggest question facing Bradley’s new team may be whether it has a quarterback who can run that explosive offense. Although new Jaguars G.M. David Caldwell has slammed the door on bringing in Tim Tebow, Bradley did not close the door on trading for Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn, saying only that he can’t talk about it now while Flynn is with the Seahawks.

Whether it’s Flynn or someone else, a new quarterback may be even more important than a new coach for bringing some enthusiasm to Jacksonville.

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  1. Shouldn’t there be a script for new coaches? They all give the same speech – “Energy, enthusiasm, passion, pride, aggressive, hard nosed football, blah blah blah.” Not picking on Bradley, but it’s just that we have heard this speech 1000 times before.

  2. I watched the press conference with Gus and I really like his personality and energy. I think that J-Ville got the right guy, congrats Jags fans.

    Titans fan

  3. How about putting an axe and a big piece of tree stump in the locker room? That should provide some excitement.

  4. The Jaguars are the Bucks of the NBA, the Tamba Bay is Minnesota of the NBA (won once, along time ago) and The Dolphins are more like the Knicks of the NBA, a popular team that did well in the 70s and has done next to nothing since. Jacksonville will not win another division for at least 15 years thanks the Luck and the Colts. The Bucs won’t win a division for at least 4-5 years thanks to the Saints and Falcons. The team that actually has a chance in Florida is the Dolphins. The Jets and Bills suck and Brady only has 3-4 more top flight years ahead of him, if that. So Jacksonville get used to the losing because it wont stop until your team is moved to Europe or LA.

  5. But whatever you do, do not bring Tebow to Jacksonville. Nothing is enthusiastic about going three and out 20 times a game, though it does allow you to maximize the value of that 3rd round punter (remind who the next player picked in the draft was, I sure hope it wasn’t a franchise QB…)

  6. As a Titans fan, this is the most concerned I’ve been about the Jags in several years. Their offense my remain undefined, but seeing the intensity and focus Bradley brought to Seattle’s defense gives me pause. Even worse? I’m much more confident the Jags are headed in the right direction than my own mess of a team and organization in Nashville.

  7. How ironic…

    Most of the time, a fan base wonders if the coach selected is good enough for their favorite team. Here, Gus Bradley fans are wondering if this team is good enough for Gus…

  8. As a Hawks fan I was bummed to hear that he was leaving. He was a players coach that got them to gel well together and bring the pain. Jags got a good character guy. Hoping for great success coming your way except when they play the Hawks. 🙂

  9. Sounds like when Mike Smith left the Jags to take over the Falcons when everyone was thinking it was going to be a big-name hire. Caldwell learned from Dimitroff and Dimitroff has the best mindset for building a team for the long haul. Jags fans, its not an overnight process.

  10. As an Eagles fan, I am beyond dissapointed in the incompetence of our ownership and front office. They should have never let Gus leave Philadelphia without a deal, and should have passed on Steve Spurrier 2.0. Once again, Dumb and Dumber think they are smarter than everyone else.

    I hope I’m wrong, but after decades as a Birds fan, I highly doubt it.

    Congrats to the Jaguars on a great hire.

  11. Tebow wouldn’t have sold many tickets because most of the Gator homers around here can’t afford them. I’ve never seen so many lawn guys so loyal to a university.

    It’s a shame the Jag fanbase has to suffer the idiocy of Gator fans who cannot admit yet ANOTHER Gator QB bust in the NFL.

    We ranked 20th in league attendance going 2-14, even with those silly tarps. Better days are indeed ahead.

  12. Jacksonville fans are enthusiastic considering the losing. The team had become pretty stale with the old regime..It will take some time, but with the new owner, GM and coach we can look forward. Besides, the GM made it very clear that he cannot imagine Tebow as a Jaguar..There are some vocal fans here that scream about it, but most of us see this as another positive move! GO Gus, GO Jags!

  13. It would be interesting to see a trade of Matt Flynn to the Jags, but he’s not really the mobile QB that it sounds like he wants.

    Matt Flynn is a solid QB and he deserves his shot at being the lead dog on a team. But he’s a pocket passer, and he could develop into a great one. With quality receivers we all know what he can do. But that goes for any QB really.

    Sad to lose Gus, but I wish him the best and the best of luck to the Jags going forward. And I know this is a (big) stretch but it would be really fun to watch Seahawks vs. Jaguars in the post season next year.

  14. For all the impact Matt Flynn would have on the Jaguars quarterbacking situation and Blaine Gabbert, his name might as well be Matt Fly. He couldn’t even beat out that squeaky little mascot in Seattle.

  15. Look what the guy did while having to deal with Cheat Carroll, a bunch of roided up morons, a toy quarterback, and a notorious donut thief up in Seattle. Sky’s the limit now that Gus is in a locale where you can actually see the sky.

  16. It amazes me how clueless people outside of Jacksonville are! Everyone outside the city thinks the Jags are moving, have no fans, tarps cover half the stadium, and Tebow is coming to the Jags. But then again, some of the people who post comments probably don’t have any higher than a 3rd grade education, keep a stack of low quality porn lying around the house, and enjoy NASCAR!

  17. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jan 18, 2013 12:48 PM
    Look what the guy did while having to deal with Cheat Carroll, a bunch of roided up morons, a toy quarterback, and a notorious donut thief up in Seattle.

    Sounds like jealousy.
    Would you take our CBs over yours? yes
    How about QB? a million times yes
    Golden Tate? yes

  18. Gabbert should get another year to see what he can do. His rookie year he played behind a horrible O-line with no weapons and last year he got hurt. Henne is a back-up at best. Put Gabbert in the new system to see if he can be the guy. Use those high picks to get more playmakers.

  19. FYI, there were twelve NFL franchises with lower average attendance than the Jaguars. FYI, Blaine Gabbert was in the top half of all starting quarterbacks in percentage of long passes attempted last season (20 yards plus), according to Total Football Stats.

    It’s like a day out to visit Animal Farm, coming on here. All the sheep bleating the same tired tune in unison. Even though it’s hopelessly out of key and out of date.

  20. “pflynn20 says:
    Jan 18, 2013 12:44 PM
    Those 10,000 fans in the stands will be rocking”

    Nice try. Let’s take a look at 2012 average attendance and see what we find.

    20 Jacksonville – 64,984
    21 Buffalo – 64,950
    22 Detroit – 63,769
    23 Chicago – 62,329
    24 Cincinnati – 61,188
    25 Pittsburgh – 61,141
    26 Arizona – 60,890
    27 Minnesota – 60,725
    28 San Diego – 59,964
    29 Miami – 57,379
    30 St. Louis – 56,703
    31 Tampa Bay – 55,102
    32 Oakland – 54,216

  21. Jacksonville is in great shape having the #2 pick, the 2nd most cap space, an owner willing to spend, & a GM who’s practically seen it all back in Atlanta, this team “could” make a huge leap towards success as long as they keep focus. If we draft well enough, & sign the right FA’s, there’s no telling where we’ll be this time next year.

    All in all, great press conference, good questions by the media, & more importantly great answers from our trio of guys.

    “Everything will eventually work itself out” was perfectly said. Great hire Duuuuval!!

  22. Gus Bradley vows to “bring some enthusiasm to Jacksonville”

    Also vows to not pressure the quarterback and play a soft zone defense on 3rd and long that will more often than not give opposing teams a first down.

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