Jets hire Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator


Apparently, the days of ground-and-pound in New York are over, and the speculation about another controversial quarterback has already begun.

According to multiple reports, the Jets are going to hire former Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to replace Tony Sparano.

After the Jets finished 30th in the league in offense, that’s no surprise. But Mornhinweg represents a significant stylistic change for head coach Rex Ryan and the Jets considering Mornhinweg’s West Coast Offense background and heavy lean toward the passing game.

The New York Daily News points out that this increases the possibility of pursuing Michael Vick, if new Eagles coach Chip Kelly doesn’t keep him.

There are about eight layers of chaos that would ensue if that happened, but nothing about the Jets makes you think they wouldn’t welcome it, or that it wouldn’t be an upgrade over Mark Sanchez and what they’ve been doing.

47 responses to “Jets hire Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator

  1. So the circus continues…Do you remember how it work out for Marty in Detroit…lots of hype, minimal results. And people wonder why the JETS are loosing fans. Rex time to go big fella

  2. Not a bad hire. Not a good hire. But not bad.

    Considering the Jets need improved O Line play, WRs beyond big game Santonio, and QB play. I don’t see how he’s more qualified than Hue Jackson who can develops all areas of an offense and has vast knowledge of multiple offenses systems.

    But whatever. Jets will be looking for a new head coach in 1-2 years.

  3. Sorry Jets, MW has trouble adjusting to defenses. He plans well and schemes well, but once defenses figure out how to stop him, he can’t adjust and close the game with a win.

  4. Marty was just an ornamental OC, Andy was calling all of the plays. If Marty wants Vick, I’m sure Chip will trade him for Tebow plus a 3rd. Eagles get rid of their problem child as does the Jets. Seems fair, and Tebow might shine in Chip’s offense.

  5. right after what i feel was a good move in Idzik, the Jets once again show their true colors and make a move like this.

  6. Even with all these coaching vacancies, Marty might be the only former head coach who is still active or young enough to coach that NOBODY EVER mentioned as a possible HC.

  7. My first reaction on seeing the headline was, “Sweet Jesus, have mercy on those poor Jets fans.” And I’m neither a Christian nor a Jets fan.

  8. In his 7 seasons with the eagles, they were top 10 in yards and points 5 times. Even this year they were 15th in yards, which is top half of the league (and their worst ranking under MM). And since when does it mean that Vick has to follow MM? Maybe he can actually develop Sanchez into something.

  9. I’m surprised Mornhinweg gets another shot at an OC job in the NFL this quickly. His style of play calling can be summed up entirely by the term, “head scratchers.”

    What the Jets can expect:

    1. Marty will spend more time trying to out-think the opponent’s defensive coordinator, than focusing simply on how best to utilize his own players.
    2. Starting QB throwing an ill-advised 50+ pass attempts per game, even against teams with dismal run defense.
    3. Inexplicable running calls on 3rd down in non-short yardage situations.
    4. A unwillingness to stick with what works in fear of being considered “predictable.”

  10. Marty is a really good offensive coordinator.The Eagles offense wasn’t their problem this past year it was their injuries and defense.I think alot of people have short memories.

  11. The NY press love this development for the chance to get Vick in their crosshairs.

    Look for them (and this site) to cram that drama down our throats as they do with any other run of the mill NFL news that gets overblown because it comes out of NYC.

  12. Eagles have put up some great offensive numbers in the past 7 (not this injury year). The problem with MM is that everyone knows he is going to throw. Even when he had Shady. Deep on 3rd down and short.

    Players must fit his system. When his OL was decimated he still looked to throw deep instead of just getting the ball into the athlete’s hands and letting them run with it… Slants, crossings, etc.

    Best of luck with MM. I’m glad he is gone.

  13. Well now that Ryan Leaf is officially behind bars, it only makes sense that Vick is the next best side show for the team.

  14. Marty Mornhinweg has a negative stigma and perception attached to him just like the Jets. He fits his new employer.

    Truth be told, Marty Mornhinweg has always been a very good offensive coordinator. He took over playcalling duties from Andy Reid in 2006 and The Eagles broke several team records and a couple of league records. Just go read his bio on for further facts.

    The Eagles from 2006 to 2012 lead the entire league in plays over 25 yards. Many of his coordinated offenses have ranked in the top 10. 5 different QB’s that worked under him made the pro bowl. He was also voted 2008 assistant of the year. This is very far from a “bad hire”.

  15. Great! Bring Michael Vick and the ASPCA to the circus as well!

    He’ll fit in well with Rex’s toe sucking tattoo wearing swinging lifestyle

    We’ll also have the storyline of Sanchez’s crushed confidence (nice job there too Rex) and a salary cap nightmare and a long list of, shall we say, colorful personalities already on the Jets, and you’ve got the making of one GREAT Reality TV show.

  16. Please Goddell please please intervene on behalf of the other 31 teams in the NFL. Protect the Shield.

  17. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

    Rex guaranteed a Super Bowl. He failed. So he guaranteed a Super Bowl the following season.

    Last season he brought in high profile competition for Sanchez at QB. Epic Fail.

    So by all means, bring in Vick. I’m sure Sanchez will respond well.

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