Khan warns Jaguars fans to not be “delusional”


If you’re ever going to be optimistic as an NFL owner, the day to be optimistic is the day you hire a new coach.

The inherent implication when you make a change is that things can only get better, but Jaguars owner Shad Khan said during Gus Bradley’s introductory press conference it might take some time.

“Patience is one thing, but we have to be honest about ourselves and where we are,” Khan said, via the Associated Press. I think it’s very, very important not to be — the word is delusional.”

Khan said during the press conference that he overestimated the talent level of his roster when he bought the team a year ago, and misjudged how close they might be to improvement.

But from the holdout of Maurice Jones-Drew to the lack of development of quarterback Blaine Gabbert, things never quite came together the way he thought they might, which led to 2-14, which led to the house-cleaning which saw GM Gene Smith and coach Mike Mularkey replaced by David Caldwell and Bradley.

And since he’s not going to even offer his fanbase the hometown distraction of Tim Tebow (Caldwell shot that down immediately after being hired), better to brace them for what could be a slow build.

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  1. He actually wasn’t warning Jags fans, he was saying it in the context of why he let Gene Smith and Mike Mularkey go. He said it was his job to be candid and offer a fair assessment of where the team was, and that he was lead to believe it was much closer to being competitive than it really was.

  2. You don’t come to this county with $500 in your pocket and become a billionaire by being stupid.

    Khan is the man.

  3. Seems like he was firing shots at the previous regime and giving a warning to the new one, as much as he was cautioning the Jags fanbase.

  4. Shad is just managing expectations. For the sake of his newest employees. That way, whatever they accomplish will seem more than it actually is in the next couple of years.

  5. If he heard what Dimitroff taught Caldwell about building a winner, then Khan’s just prepping us for winning…about 2-3 years from next year. Fine with me. Never know in this league. A 3rd round rookie QB just led his team to the Divisional Playoffs from the Wildcard spot.

  6. Well it’s not suppose to be a pep rally. In a presser for the new HC he is simply telling fans to not expect us to go from 2-14 to 14-2 overnight. It changes need to be made roster needs a makeover in some places and in others it’s pretty solid.
    He is being a smart business man and not promising something that’s extremely outlandish.

  7. “sdbolt says:
    Jan 18, 2013 2:15 PM
    They really need to move the Jaguars to LA.”

    I can’t imagine why a guy with a user name like “sdbolt” would think that is a good idea.

  8. That’s sad that he’s already trying to lower expectations. Worst to first in the NFL is much easier to do than the other major sports. All he has to do is outsmart the competition, and the Jags are in the playoffs. If he can’t transform the team, then that’s on him for not hiring the right GM. The opportunity is his and it’s his responsibility to seize the success that is hanging out there waiting for the taking by the team that is smart enough to figure out the right moves.

    This isn’t rocket science, and there aren’t rocket scientists in charge of the other teams. Lame analogy I know, but the sentiment is solid.

  9. As a Seahawks fan I am rooting for Gus to turn the team around. But I can tell you that it does take a while and Gus was there to see it happen in Seattle.

    The only delusional thing that may or may not happen would be bringing Tebow to Jacksonville. Unless you want to make him a full back. See Michael Robinson, for example.

  10. As a die-hard Jags fan, why would anyone say something that might not hold true say as soon as next season? We’ve been at the bottom, both Chiefs & Jags fans have endured being the worst team out of 32 clubs, so why give the impression that you promised just to promise “this & that” & none of it happens? All the blah stuff occurs when Owner’s, GM’s, &/or Head Coaches create an illusion that simply isn’t there. Lack of talent is why this particular club was 2-14. Coach Bradley didn’t give any timetables, nor did GM Caldwell. As we’ve all seen before, changes are constant on a yearly basis. For example, the Eagles looked destined to make a Super Bowl run on paper, & we all know what happened with that. On the flip side, the Colts & Redskins were both bad teams last year & both made it through the divisional round before getting kicked out. You can also add Seattle to that list as well.
    Jacksonville is in great shape having the #2 pick, the 2nd most cap space, an owner willing to spend, & a GM who’s practically seen it all back in Atlanta, this team “could” make a huge leap towards success as long as they keep focus. If we draft well enough, & sign the right FA’s, there’s no telling where we’ll be this time next year.

    All in all, great press conference, good questions by the media, & more importantly great answers from our trio of guys.

    “Everything will eventually work itself out” was perfectly said. Great hire Duuuuval!!

  11. So, the quickest path to the Super Bowl is NOT drafting a punter in the third round when your team has glaring needs on both sides of the ball? Because there were a WHOLE lot of Jags fans here after the draft bragging how they were going to constantly win the “field position battle” and that was going to make all the difference in the world.

  12. Talk about out on context. He was talking about not being delusional (himself) with the quality of the team. He was saying he was delusional as was Gene Smith and Mularkey on the team last year being close to competing for the playoffs. Khan actually never even discussed how fast the Jags would become a competitive team. Gus Bradley however was asked that question (how many years will it be?), to which Bradley said that’s the wrong approach. He said he was going to focus on just getting better and how the wins and the rest would come with getting better. But nice spin guys, need to make news some how.

  13. Hats off to Peyton ,but TT took them further in his season at QB , than Peyton, and he didn’t even get a full season, and was brought in when the team was already behind the 8 ball, and was fighting an uphill battle against the entire coaching staff. TT was much better than Elway,both Mannings and many other “elite ” QB’s in their respective first few seasons, yet nothing but hate in the press comes his way, why? You can ask the question how did a nation such as ours with a constitution unlike any that has ever existed in the history of the world, allow communists to take over the media and the the white and the entire federal government. It will prove that TT isn’t the only person they hate ,not by a long shot.

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