Lurie went straight to media with his concerns regarding Banner

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On Friday, a feud suddenly emerged between Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and former Eagles president (and current Browns CEO) Joe Banner.  Lurie believes Banner has been criticizing Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman, and Banner denies it.

The strangest aspect of the situation is that Lurie didn’t take the spat public as a last resort, but as his first move.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Lurie raised no concerns privately with Banner before accusing Banner via comments to of planting negative information about Roseman.

It’s a sign of a serious fracture in a relationship that lasted 44 years, and it suggests that Banner’s departure from Philly was far less amicable than believed.  Here’s hoping that they find a way to work things out.

Then again, maybe it’s better for our business if they don’t.

13 responses to “Lurie went straight to media with his concerns regarding Banner

  1. Laurie should work in the Jets organization, he loves the spotlight. To bad he doesn’t have a clue about the game of football.

  2. No offense, but if Banner’s spreading lies through the media, I wouldn’t say Lurie initiated the media involvement. I trust Lurie’s opinion on the issue more than an NFL blogger’s that has been so far off the mark concerning the franchise. Most recently their coaching search.

  3. Since Jeff Lurie bought our team, I can honestly say he does not strike me as a spiteful or less than honorable person. He has taken the high road every time, and has shown a history of class.

    Joe Banner…has shown that he can be a snake in the grass. Guess who wanted to resign fan favorite and Philadelphia icon Brian Dawkins, and who wanted to show him that he wasnt worth what he thought by testing free agency?

  4. Banner is the biggest slimeball in sports. First he tries to snake Chip Kelly by flying out to interview him ahead of the Eagles, then when he wasn’t interested in the Browns, he dissed Howie Roseman to save face.
    A snake in the grass.

  5. I’ve never seen a wider range of opinions in fewer comments.

    To be clear; Lurie said “IF” the league source that spoke to La Canfora negatively about roseman is in Cleveland “that’s not right.” He never made an accusation (or committed slander). He simply suggested that if it was from Cleveland, where Banner works, he’d be disappointed.

    Banner’s response, which was very defensive on the subject, suggests that he’s been carping to someone about Howie.

  6. please football gods, bless the Eagles and Browns so that they might actually be playing in the division title games sometime in the near future. It’s a sad turn of events when the only action those teams are getting is a spat between the two old geizers running the organizations.

  7. Don’t think for a minute that the timing of a slimy kelly has nothing to do with this. Plus, I cant speak to the team environment, but personally Roseman is absolutely a snake.

  8. The way I see it this is a foursome between two old buddies and the old and new coaches. First Banner showed Schurmur the back door. Then Lurie let Pat in the front door. Joe is laughing because Jeff doesn’t know what he’s getting. And it’s even funnier because he is sticking it to Chip. After Chip stuck it to Banner. I think they all need to get tested.

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