Matt Cavanaugh is the new Bears quarterbacks coach

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Marc Trestman’s hired a new quarterbacks coach for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears announced Friday that Matt Cavanaugh will take over the job most recently held by Jeremy Bates, who was let go when Trestman came aboard. Cavanaugh spent the last four years as the quarterbacks coach for the Jets before getting jettisoned along with offensive coordinator Tony Sparano at the end of a dismal season for the Jets offense.

While with the Jets in 2012, Cavanaugh had an opportunity to work with Tim Tebow. As Florio pointed out earlier this week, Trestman also has connections to Tebow. Trestman worked with him before the 2010 draft and coaching a Montreal Alouettes team that holds the CFL rights to the player who was discussed a lot while being used rarely with the Jets. There’s no reason to think Tebow’s headed for the Windy City at this point, although the familiarity does offer up a potential landing spot for a player without many others.

The Bears have also hired Skip Peete to be their running backs coach. Peete was let go by the Cowboys earlier this month after Dallas posted the fewest rushing yards in a season for the franchise since the NFL moved to a 16-game schedule.

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  1. well that settles it then the bears will trade their #1 pick to the jets for the rights to Tebow because the brainiacs at pft have put all the pieces together. actually he would probably be the best backup they have ever had because at least you know what he can do unlike the other clowns they have had here.

  2. I’m not sure I’d put “Jets QB coach” on my resume. I’m not sure I’d put any Jets experience on my resume, for that matter.

  3. Zero chance Tebow comes to the Bears. They have a quarterback and there is no reason to keep bringing it up.. you guys are almost as bad as espn with all this Tebow hype.

  4. The shame about Tebow is, all of his crazy fans who always push for him to play (even put up billboards in Denver) and the media that loves to cover him, they are going to hurt his career because I can’t imagine a team is going to want to deal with all of that for a probable back up QB.

    It’s a shame because he’s such a good young man and hard worker.

  5. Re: Tebow talk and btowngetsdown…

    All of this talk about Tebow being a hard worker. Well, going off and doing underwear ads and promoting your book and posing for magazines and doing a evangelist tours….that’s not hard work. Being recognized, almost apologetically, as a horrible practice player….that’s not a hard worker. When your game hasn’t improved in over 3 years….that’s not a hard worker.

    Show me the proof and the results.

  6. The man has an eye for talent- picking up the QB from one of the worst passing teams in the league and the RB coach from one of the worst running teams in the league.

  7. For the Bears and their fan’s sake, I hope he’ll be a better QB coach than he was as an OC. He was dreadful in that role with the Ravens under Billick.

  8. This move doesn’t make any sense to me. I’d rather they had kept Bates and have Trestman help Bates cont. to groom Cutler, not this guy from the Jets. Maybe Trestman and/or Emery felt that Bates was too hard-headed and wouldn’t be flexible, who knows. I wonder what Cavanaugh is going to do differently under Trestman that Bates couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do…

  9. Let’s see… So far Trestman has brought on board Kromer and Peete, buddies of his who coached the o-line and RBs during their Oakland Raider days in ’01-’02, and Cavanaugh, an offensive assistant from the 49er days back in ’96. Is Trestman filling up the staff with Yes-men? Or just grabbing whoever is available from his old, dusty NFL rolodex? I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

  10. Given that Tebow didn’t function as a quarterback–in any real sense of the word–for the Jets this past season, what would be the point of bringing the Jets’ QB coach to Chicago as a precursor to bringing Tebow? I’ll bet Cavanaugh is just happy to be working with a talented passer for a change (although at least Greg McElroy could actually play the position).

  11. @thevza every coach hires other coaches they have known along the way. Were you throwing a fit when lovie hired marinelli? Because if you weren’t then you are clearly a hypocrite who just wants to see his own voice in type

  12. I think this move is most likely predicated on compiling a completely new environment for Jay. Trestman really wants to push Jay as hard as he can and see if Jay responds and becomes the qb he all hope he can be

  13. To be honest, I was in shock when I read this. Mainly b/c the absolute first thing that came to my mind was Mark Sanchez.

    Cavanaugh is actually not bad. There is a reason he kept his job for 4 years despite poor work from Sanchez. His specialty is mechanics and footwork, something Sanchez was good at.

    Sanchez was terrible at making decisions and was a turnover machine.

    Cavanaugh should definitely bring out the best in Cutler — even better than Bates did.

    Again, it’s always a good thing to have some chemistry rolling. Trestman + Cavanaugh worked together before.

  14. hawksandsawx says: Jan 18, 2013 4:25 PM
    @thevza every coach hires other coaches they have known along the way. Were you throwing a fit when lovie hired marinelli? Because if you weren’t then you are clearly a hypocrite who just wants to see his own voice in type


    None of your baseless accusations makes any sense. I’m wary of cronyism in the Bears organization going back to Lovie convincing the team to pay big bucks to his pet project from St. Louis, Adam Archuleta. Or when he hired his old colleague from the Rams, Mike Martz. Or when Jerry Angelo brought on board his old buddy, the dreadful Tim Ruskell. The list goes on… How did those work out? You only mentioned the one example that didn’t end poorly with Marinelli. And yes, I was nervous when that hire was made.
    I’m not “throwing a fit” over any of Trestman’s hires, just questioning why he’s snatching his old boys up so quickly after being out of the league so long. I was at least hoping to see a little Phil Emery-esque due diligence.
    And lastly, you bring up hypocrisy and me wanting to see my own voice in type, but I can’t help but notice you left multiple comments on this page alone. Hmmm.

  15. holly cow. really? hire a qb coach from the jets??? really, they couldnt even throw against a college team this year??

    either this guys a freggin genius or the stupidest person in nfl coaching position right now…….

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