Panthers promote Mike Shula to offensive coordinator


The Panthers elected to go for continuity rather than an outside voice, promoting quarterbacks coach Mike Shula to offensive coordinator, according to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

The Panthers interviewed Hue Jackson and Pat Shurmur (who runs an offense nothing like what they do) before keeping their own guy. Shula replaces Rob Chudzinski, who got the head coaching job in Cleveland.

While there’s familiarity with Shula, his only other stint as a coordinator didn’t go well, as his Buccaneers offenses of the late 1990s were among the worst in the league.

The Panthers also promoted a pair of assistant assistants to full assistants, making Ricky Proehl their receivers coach and Richard Rodgers their special teams coach.

There’s something to be said for familiarity, but it doesn’t come across as a strong mandate for head coach Ron Rivera in a make-or-break season.

21 responses to “Panthers promote Mike Shula to offensive coordinator

  1. OMG. What on earth is going on with the Panthers? It’s starting to look to me like instead of selling the team two years after his death, The Big Cat wants to destroy it and leave nothing but bad memories and endless losses to those of us who were loyal to his team for so long.

    This latest hire is just about the last straw. What with the tax on food and beverages so the common man can pay for a billionaire’s stadium upgrade, this is just getting to be too much.

  2. I’m aprehensive about this move, but I’m not passing judgment until we see a few games. Also, it’s awesome that they promoted proehl

  3. Rivera is just reinforcing what I thought of him when watching him mismanage games for the Panthers every week out of leads. He’s incompetent.

    Wonder how far into next season he’ll get before he gets fired. I’ve got a month in the pool.

  4. I agree with these promotions/hires, as going outside and therefore changing systems would take the team back. He’s stuck with what he has, however it would be wise to go all out for a quarterbacks coach and possibly hire a senior offensive assistant who understands their Coryell system.

  5. I think its a good move.

    No other quarterback in NFL history has had a better first 2 years, (statistically) than Cam Newton… Why change things around now?

    The Panthers should have beaten the Bears, Seahawks, Bucs(2nd meeting), Chiefs, and Cowboys. Not to mention a Haruki Nakamura 3 inch vertical to lose to the Falcons away from being a 12 win team.

    The Panthers are a sleeping giant and all you nfloracle’s know it.


  6. Mike is a good quarterbacks coach. He’s not the best choice for coordinator. But at least he won’t be the guy making the draft picks. That’s some consolation for Panthers’ fans.

    Having said that, I wish him all the best.

  7. The only logical way this makes sense is that Shula will use the same playbook Chud did and Cam doesn’t have to learn a new one. The problem will be execution and play calling. This is a double edged sword.

  8. I need to get some minimal coaching experience. I have a feeling I could have really climbed the coaching ladders in this offseason.

  9. Shula had poor quarterback play in Tampa Bay and they played to their defensive strengths…We all know you can be a genius but in the NFL poor QB play can make you look like a fool. Just ask Tony Sparano

  10. I hope the offense is in the top 3 in the NFL just to shut all of you experts up. Shula is a good hire because he has a great relationship with Cam and knows the offense that suits Cam’ skill set. In 1999, his QB was Shawn King and his offense was to give the ball to Alston and Dunn., if memory serves me right. The defense was awesome. Shula will be fine–wait and see.

    About Hue Jackson: If he is so awesome, why did no team hire him? Why did he get 2 interviews and was not selected? I thnk there is more to Jackson than the fans know. I am a Panther fan since the beginning, and I trust Gettlemen’s influence and RR’s decision. Chud was not a QB–now the OC and QB will think alike. Could be dangerous for you Saints fans who applaud the hire. I blame the Louisiana public school system and interfamilial romance.

  11. The last name is the ONLY reason Dave and Mike get hired. Coaching ability is not hereditary.

    Sorry, Panthers fans, but that’s the way it is. I hope I’m wrong about this.

  12. This is an absolutely bs hiring. Jackson has improved offenses for a long time. He even had the pathetic Raiders with no offensive talent outside of McFadden in the top 10 and we promote a guy that’s done nothing but fail in every stop along his career. To hell with continuity, I want improvement, not stagnation.

  13. I have been a die hard Carolina fan since they born in 93. Unfortunately it’s obvious Jerry Richardson is old fashion, stubborn and ultimately cheap. Until he goes on to glory and the team is sold to owners willing to invest properly in players and staff, the Panthers will continue to be bad to mediocre.

    Chaz/Greenville, SC

  14. Who will be the quarterback coach for the franchise player Cam Newton? As of now the most important position coaching position on the team is vacant.

  15. When Chud left I knew without a doubt they would hire from within. #1 Richardson never spends money in the correct spots. #2 I knew they couldnt get anyone else to agree on a one year contract because after next years 0-4 start Rivera will be fired. (Of course not during the season, Richardson is way to cheap to pay two head coaching salaries.

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