ProFootballTalk: Why Arians in Arizona?

With the hiring of Bruce Arians as their next head coach, did the Cardinals make a high-risk, high-reward decision?

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1 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Why Arians in Arizona?

  1. Good hire. Losing Horton as DC is not productive, but new regime must have full control of the locker room. Defense still full of solid players, Todd bowles would be wise to not change too much on this def unit. If Arians can coach Kevin Kolb to his full potential, then Arizona may have really found something special here. With a good passing game plan, who wouldnt want the Fitzgerald/Floyd/Roberts wideout tandem? They have to find oline help, my opinion is specifically in the OG position. They need some beef movers to establish a non-existant run game. All in all, AZ has their work cut out.. niners and hawks are in control of the division…

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