Report: Raheem Morris to interview with Bears


When Raheem Morris signed on to coach the Redskins defensive backs before this season, many felt that it would be a temporary stop on the way back up the ladder for the former Buccaneers head coach.

Morris is getting chances to prove those people right. Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Morris will interview with the Bears for their defensive coordinator job on Saturday.

It’s the second known interview for Morris this offseason. He met with the Browns about their defensive coordinator position before Cleveland opted to hire former Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton on Friday. Because Morris is under contract, the Redskins would normally not be required to allow him to interview other jobs but reports have indicated that the team agreed to permit him to interview for coordinator jobs when he signed onto Mike Shanahan’s staff.

Rod Marinelli, who led the Bears defense in 2011, decided not to remain with the team after Marc Trestman was hired as the team’s head coach. It’s believed he will be heading to Dallas to take a role on Monte Kiffin’s defensive staff.

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  1. This would be a very good hire for the Bears especially since Horton already went to Clevland.

  2. Unfortunately, this shows a lack of creativity on the defensive side of things for the Bears. I’d rather see them revamp the defense than bring in a guy to run the same system. The veterans are aging to a point that it’s time to start considering moving on, not building around them again. Also, Morris was a defensive backs coach before becoming a head coach, and then reverted back to that with the Redskins. He has never been a coordinator, that I know of.

    It’d be nice to see them implement a more attacking 3-4 scheme in Chicago. With teams like the Packers and Lions in the conference, having the extra standing man can help in coverage. Or, at the very least, make the QB think about it. I can picture Urlacher and Briggs in the middle, with McClellin on the outside. Sure, they’d have to figure out where to put Peppers, but he’s versatile enough to do anything in the front seven. They have a good, young rotation of DTs that could fill in the middle, and coverage corners that can hold their own. And a GM that is experienced in finding 3-4 talent and scouting it in the AFC West (where only the Raiders don’t run a 3-4). I’d rather see that than a guy like Morris who rode Monte Kiffin’s coat tails to a head coach job.

  3. A Raheem Morris World Tour? Really? Last I checked, his backfield was getting burned for a gazillion yards and he was supposed to be the upgrade. Any kind of backfield help would have made the Redskins’ record up at least two wins. Hoping Shanahan is letting him play the field to avoid firing his ass.

  4. @dabears2485

    The bears dont have the players to play a 3-4. They would need to find nose tackle first off. Secondly we really don’t have the ends for a 3-4. Whether briggs can play inside linebacker in a 3-4 is debatable. They usually are thumpers.

  5. Oh really? How is this a potential upgrade over Lovie Smith. He was way over his head with the Bucs. Many of us knew it, few of us said it. Go ahead, Chicago, hire him. And this time next year you’ll be screaming for Lovie Smith back. And I mean screaming. Maybe begging.

  6. So far his best asset seems to be an ability to relate to his players. He can’t lead them and be a buddy. Until he figures that out he is destined to be the next rooney rule block filler.

  7. To be fair to Raheem, he inherited a Redskins secondary that lost two of it’s four projected starters. Even before losing their entire safety core, they weren’t expected to be a very dominant group.

    Add the losses on the pass rush team and that only further exposes weaknesses in coverage.

    He actually did very well in helping to coach up a somewhat pedestrian secondary in the second half of the season.

  8. Raheem ruined Josh Freeman, and the guy is just a loser. Why any owner would consider this guy for any coaching position higher than assistant, would be the real question. The cheap and chintzy Bucs took this guy from an assistant coach on the defense to the defensive coordinator and literally, the next day made him the head coach. If that’s not insanity I don’t know what it is, but the owners of the Bucs just hate to spend any of their money on the Bucs.

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