Jets hire John Idzik as their new general manager

The Jets’ search for a new general manager has come to an end.

The team announced Friday that they have tabbed John Idzik as the replacement for Mike Tannenbaum. Idzik has been with the Seahawks since 2007 and currently holds the title of vice president of football administration. His responsibilities include overseeing the team’s contract negotiations and compliance with the salary cap as well as dealing with all football operations budgets.

That paints Idzik as a cap guy, similar to Tannenbaum, although Idzik has also been involved with player personnel decisions during his time with Seattle. The Jets have said that their next general manager will have final say on those kinds of decisions, but Idzik’s background suggests coach Rex Ryan will also be taking on a big role on that end.

The Jets interviewed at least 10 candidates for the job since parting ways with Tannenbaum in a search organized by Jed Hughes of the Korn/Ferry consulting firm. That will either be seen as a thorough vetting of the available candidates or the latest sign that the Jets lack a cohesive direction. Chances are the view will tilt toward the latter given the paper similarity to Tannenbaum.

Idzik will get an immediate chance to prove he was the right man for the job as the Jets need help all over the roster while they also unravel an ugly cap situation before the start of next season.

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  1. Tannenbaum was a cap guy who decided to roll the dice with a short window to win a title. In other words, sign a bunch of marquee free agents and hope it would be enough to carry the day.

    Unfortunately he signed the wrong free agents, which is also an indictment of Rex as a talent evaluator. Move the numbers any which you want, if there isn’t sufficient talent amongst the 53, it doesn’t matter.

    So now they get another cap guy and Rex is still in charge of talent evaluation. The king is dead, long live the king.

    I feel sorry for Jets fans to have to put up with this all over again.

  2. besides this guy, everyone and their mother is getting thrown out on the street in New York after this season. Yes, I’m talking about Rex Ryan.

    If they keep Ryan for now… he’s nothing but a flapless duck this year.

    And I bet John Idzik loves him some duck.

  3. Sounds like the plan is to let Rex control the roster,Idzik clean up the cap and draft the QB of the future with the 1st pick in the 2014 NFL draft after going 1-15 next year.

  4. This is like the winner of the Biggest Loser! Either the Jets didn’t learn anything from the Tannebaum hire, or… well the Jets never learn.

  5. Look at his record: Tampa– Super bowl
    Arizona- next year– Super bowl
    Seatle Seahawks – Playoffs
    Jets– Better, Better, Playoffs- on & on
    Great, Great hire
    Go Jets!

  6. And the jets get number 24 on their list of candidates.. I’m an awesome GM on my fantasy team, I should have applied for the job

  7. Rex Ryan will be in charge of draft and player personnel. There’s nothing Rexy can do as coach to turn the Jets around in one year and thus he will be fired after 2013 season. So Woody pulls another stupid move, having a headcoach who won’t be there a year from now be in charge of personnel and draft for upcoming year. Sorry jets fans, it’s not lookin’ good for quite a few years.

  8. @largent80
    When did Rex become a scout???
    He’s a head coach not a talent evaluator , head coaches don’t pick players unless you’re a dual which he isn’t never has been, the guy didn’t even have the power to hire or fire on his own staff stop blaming him for Mike and Woody’s mistakes like Teblow .
    He deserves a lot of blame like for running his mouth not for making a crap roster

  9. Dear woody Johnson thank you for being so incompetent in your comical & laughable search for your G.M post you pretty much could not give away. in doing so you chose a guy who’s team had 1 decent to good year based on a rookie q.b and some at times great D. but leave behind a central figure in a organazation that won 2 of the past 7 super bowls and competed for a 3rd. In Omar Khan who kept the glue of the foundation “salary cap” in tact long enough to win those championships. he is so overdue I actually expected him to get this Job that he did not leaves me so happy to know he will be around at least one more year to help clean up some of the current mess 8-8 squad 10 million over cap colbert suddenly can’t draft a decent human being to save his li no no job. so on behalf of Steeler Nation Thanks woodster good luck.

  10. Wow!

    the Jets need help all over the roster while they also unravel an ugly cap situation before the start of next season.
    Korn Ferry is well known for their recruitment of executives. The Jets and Idzik will have to hit on every draft pick with the current cap issues to have any hope of making the playoffs next season. Moreover signing free agents or their own free agents will be difficult.

  11. just further evidence to u jets fans that rex is running the WHOLE show–this guy is never going to be fired. not only cant he coach but hes a horrible gm

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not hiring Omar Khan. The Steelers can’t afford to lose our cap guru right now.

  13. As a Jets fan Its a good day… Tanny is gone and this guy CANT be worse. Tanny and Rex Ryan are deniers. They Denied how bad Sanchez, their offensive line, and offensive talent was just to save face.

    Having said that… This was not the best pick in the pool of candidates. The Jets already have a capologist who they had in house to assess talent. Talent evaluation is the Jets greatest need because they lack talented players on offense. Mike Ross was not a capologist… he was the lead college scout for the Jets. He helped bring in Victor Cruz as an undrafted free agent. He helped bring JPP. Meanwhile the Jets are drafting WRs who cant catch in the top 3 rounds as well as pass rushers who cant rush.

    Same ole Jets…

  14. Gettin tired of everyone pilfering the Hawks FO and coaching staff. Guess that’s the price you pay for success.

  15. Wait till its time for free agency and the only players that will sign with the Jets are the ones that received no offers from any other teams.

    This guy is going to be sorry he left a good situation in Seattle for a mess that will go on for years.

  16. My condolences to the Idzik family. He may never be the same guy after even one year working at the circus.

    Jets fans–Face it, 2013 isn’t your year. Yet again. Take whatever solace there may be in the knowledge that things WILL get better someday.

  17. Remember, the Seahawks essentially turned over most of their roster and rose within two years and became contenders.

    Not sayin’, just sayin’.

  18. I would hope all the folks who are giving credit to potential candidates as if they were the difference in their teams success, would shut up.

    Let the folks who actually were in the interview room, make the decision, not some fan who wants his selection for a GM based on a beat writers gut feeling.

  19. From the Pacific northwest, to the southeast, thank you for investing so much time worrying about the Jets and finding someone to write a reply for you.
    Since the Jets are in your heads, the least they can do is pay rent albeit the space is small.

  20. I guess since NO ONE wanted to join this mess that had to go with the first person to accept; someone who has ZERO experience with matters other than the salary cap. My bet is this experiment, with yet another “cap guy”, will last ONE SEASON; stay tuned to the “Jet’s Follies”!

  21. seems like a solid start under the circumstances. all depends what happens next. have to admit i’m probably too easy to convince. i always believe in whoever is the current president, regardless of party, even bush (i’m so sorry). imagine no regard for party the way the u.s. is these days! anyway that’s kept me around as a jet fan for many years and probably will again. go jets.

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