Return, retire or test free agency? Steven Jackson undecided

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Rams running back Steven Jackson said before the Rams’ regular season finale that it was possible he might be preparing for his last NFL game. Three weeks later, he still says he isn’t sure if he’ll return to the Rams, leave in free agency or retire.

Jackson said on NFL Network that he expects to talk things over with the Rams before free agency begins in March.

“We’re going to sit down in this next coming month in February,” Jackson said. “Both sides have been very first-class about how we handle the situation. We’re going to talk about my possibilities, where I want to go and does it fit. I believe we’ll get everything resolved before March.”

If the Rams and Jackson don’t get something resolved, he’ll consider signing elsewhere, particularly if it’s with a team he thinks has a good chance of winning the Super Bowl. But he’ll also consider retirement, even though he’s only 29 and coming off a season in which he started all 16 games and topped 1,000 yards for the eighth straight year. Jackson believes there’s something to be said for walking away on your own terms.

“It’s a possibility for me to go into free agency and hopefully seek out that Lombardi trophy,” Jackson said. “Or even possibly going out like Barry Sanders. I’ve always admired that about Mr. Sanders.”

Jackson is actually a year younger than Sanders was when he retired, but he sounds like a man who’s satisfied with what he’s already accomplished on the football field. The way Jackson is talking, it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out we’ve seen him play for the last time.

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  1. I think he’s coming back to the Rams. He’s had his heart set on it and has indicated numerous times that he wants to retire a Ram. He should give Fisher a chance to get him a ring.

    The Rams had the 4th hardest schedule in terms of strength and finished with the 3rd Toughest schedule – but yet still posted a respectable 7-8-1 considering how bad this team has been. Largest roster turn over in the NFL and youngest team in the league.

    With 4 1st round picks in the next 2 years, this team isn’t far off – at all.

  2. He was always the best part of the Rams teams. Nothing around him to make that run. If he goes to Denver with P Dawg Manning, they would win a bowl game. New England, Green Bay, Steelers, or Colts would be huge as well.

  3. Rams are on the upswing but are part of a very tough division, are they going to beat 49ers or Seahawks for the West in the next few years? Doubtful, if he wants a ring perhaps he should move on for a fresh start…. This isn’t a slight to the rams I like where they are headed

  4. Class act the whole way through.

    Bears fan first, but I always wanted this guy to succeed. Shame the rams couldn’t do better. Easily one of the most talents backs in the league for 5 or 6 years.

  5. Well he is going to have to convince his new team he isn’t going to quit after One season. Even a team looking for a short term solution isn’t going to want THAT short. Heck even the Rams. Even the guy above who thinks they are close is banking on the draft picks of the next 2 years.

  6. If he retires will he still be able to give out free Steven Jackson jerseys because I haven’t gotten mine yet.

  7. I hope he does retire. I’ve loved watching him play and always over rated him in fantasy. With what we know about concussions and the amount of games and hits these running backs take, it’s the guys like Barry Sanders that didn’t push beyond their limits that will have the more satisfying post career lives. With that said I can’t see him not signing on with a team like the broncos.

  8. I could see him with sf filling the role Jacobs would have been but better…hunter won’t be back to his normal self so it could be like a red shirt yr for him to ease his way back in…and only if the price is right…you have to consider everyone that will make ur team better right?

  9. It would be monumentally embarrassing to the Rams to have a star RB retire this early, and even 1 year before Barry, oh my. I guess they have to pay a special premium to avoid this special type of embarrassment that only applies to them. No other way to max out a contract offer than you can through the Rams and in accordance with this type of threat! Sneaky sneaky, but I see right through him.

    The Rams should Franchise him and trade his greedy and phony nature to somebody else, and then replace him with somebody that offers more youth, monetary value, passion to play, and loyalty. Or let him retire and then exercise options the next year if he’s foolish enough to play out the bluff card.

  10. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jan 18, 2013 8:48 PM

    Yeah but they could have had RG3.


    Who will probably be hurt often. The Rams had many holes to fill due to bad drafting. The new GM and FIsher know how to draft and will turn those extra picks into a solid young team.
    RGIII is electrifying but he would’ve been beaten up if the Rams had drafted him without the extra picks to add talent to the team.

  11. I think he’s one of the defining football players of this generation. Obviously Adrian Peterson is the best back in the generation, but Jackson has been consistently great on consistently bad teams. Although I’m a 49er fan, if I had to pick one player to get a Super Bowl ring, it would be him, and he’d do it on the Rams.

  12. Packers need this guy. They don’t use the running game a lot but a threat like SJax would make it work better than the cast of characters we have now.

  13. The Steelers got “the bus” from us and he went on to have a good career and a ring, we replaced him later with Faulk and got a SB, I envision something similar to this happening with S. Jackson.He will walk during his prime and get a SB ring elsewhere and be replaced by another possible future HOF player.

  14. Going to the Jets? Oh that’s right he wants to have a chance to win a Lombardi trophy. Not!

  15. I just made an account to say this, and plan on making more comments, but Steven Jackson is one of the most classy and well respected players in the league.

    I will truly be saddened when he retires.

    As a Chiefs fan, I’ve always respected him as a player and an individual. I wish other all-star players would follow his example. If he doesn’t receive a superbowl ring (which he deserves), I hope he is a first ballot hall of famer.

    I appreciate what he has done in this league. He deserves the best.

  16. As a Niner fan I have nothing but respect for the guy. His running style is furious similar to Marshawn Lynch.

    He has essentially been the Rams entire offense until Jeff Fisher arrived and even now is still the work horse, much like Gore was before Harbaugh arrived.

    I would love to see him win a ring but like another poster said above I still think the Rams are a couple years away from that since they have to develop their high draft picks.

    With time not on his side I hope he signs with a team missing one or two pieces to make a SB run i.e Denver, Pittsburgh or a team that is a perennial contender such as New England or Green Bay.

  17. I would love to see Steven Jackson in a broncos uniform. He was my favorite even in college, I actually thought Denver was trading up to get him but the ended up drafting DJ Williams instead.

  18. He would look good in the Steelers Black and Gold. As already posted above, Bettis had a nice career after coming over from the Rams. Maybe with Jackson and a healthy O-line, the Steelers can make a run. Jackson would not come cheap, though.

  19. Steven Jackson has been the definition of a professional every year he has been with the Rams. 8 seasons with 1000 yards rushing is ridiculous only 5 other backs have done that. I’m a huge Rams fan so I would love to see him come back and retire a ram. that being said I would love nothing more than to see him win a championship, and it would be only fitting if he went to the Colts since it was Marshall Faulk that they gave to us that won us our first championship. I will say however if hr went to Green Bay they would score 40 points a game easy.

  20. As a Rams fan, I love Steven Jackson. I want to see him win a ring, whether it’s in the STL or somewhere else. Rams defense isn’t going anywhere though and defenses win championships, so the Rams aren’t as far off as people are making it seem. Just need a FRANCHISE LT (miss you Orlando Pace) and people to stay healthy across the O-Line and this could potentially be a top 10 offense, with or without SJax. Of course it’d be better with him, but Richardson has shown he’s no scrub and hopefully Peed lives up to the promise of a second round draft pick.

    P.S. Our WR core would be set too if we didn’t foolishly let Danario Alexander go. -_-

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