Bruce Arians hires Harold Goodwin as offensive coordinator

New Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is bringing along a Colts assistant as his offensive coordinator.

Harold Goodwin, who coached under Arians as offensive line coach in Indianapolis last year, will be the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator this season, according to multiple reports.

The “disappointing lack of diversity” that the NFL has decried in the hiring of head coaches and general managers has also extended to offensive coordinators, so the hiring of Goodwin is a step in the right direction. However, Arians indicated at his introductory press conference that he plans to call the offensive plays in Arizona, so it appears that Jim Caldwell in Baltimore and Pep Hamilton in Indianapolis will be the NFL’s only African-American offensive play callers in 2013.

24 responses to “Bruce Arians hires Harold Goodwin as offensive coordinator

  1. Cards also blew out the entire Defensive asst coaching staff today. I understand Horton’s departure, but the asst coaches all being fired seems very surprising. Guess Arians gets to do things his way on D, too. Better be right on the defensive side of the ball, and replacing Horton with Bowles does not give me great confidence in the new defense.

  2. Well, I’m a Cardinals fan, and I have to say, this is starting to sound familiar. Starting to wish they would’ve fired Graves and kept Whiz and Horton.

  3. As a Cards fan for almost 20 years, this just goes from horrendous to worse! All that Bidwill needed to do really was to build an 0-line, get a QB (with the right O-line, might have gotten by with tweeking), some depth at RB and maybe a pass rusher. The defense was solid and getting better. These players were loyal to their coaches not to Mickey Bidwill and I would be surprised he they were easy sells to the hatchet job done on theh coaching staff, not to mention the smack of racism that surrounded the HC selection…What an embarrassing mess we are once again in. Arians should have done his homework on the Cards organization and internal dynamics beforing being so eager to leave the Colts…the Cards and their fans are not a warm and fuzzy bunch! He will be one and done with the HC gig.

  4. All you sports fans out there you think you have problems try living here in Phoenix with Bidwill as the owner of the Cardinals Sarver as the owner of the Suns, Kendricks as the owner of the D backs….. And no official owner of the coyotes

  5. Graves and Wiz had to go there time was up and we weren’t getting better no matter how many times Wiz said they’re were working hard at getting better. Teams are build in the drafts as good picks come in and the right FA added teams go to playoffs. These next couple drafts have got to be smart picks.

  6. Wiz had three years of huge loosing streaks as our leader leading us to loosing streaks. His wants via draft had us moving backwards.Keim I trust more then Graves and Arians well all see in a couple years if he makes the grade.

  7. you’re looking at one of the worst, if not worst offensive line coaches in the nfl. Goodwin was terrible when he was a coach with the steelers, terrible with the colts. now b.a.(below average) has goodwin as offensive coordinator,laughable, arians will be fired in 2 years.

  8. They have destroyed everything good they had going. Thanks for the two 49ers wins in 2013, Mr Bidwell. Gonna be a couple years before I get nervous about playing the Cardinals.

  9. I said from the beginning that the hiring of Arians would doom the Cardinals & now the choices of Bowles as the DC & Goodwin as the OC, reaffirm it. I will NOT continue to be a Cardinals fan. I will not purchase any Cardinals items, will not attend any games. Bidwill has ruined Cardinals football for me.

  10. I just wished it didn’t have to be about the color of the skin. Owners/GM’s should be able to hire the best man for the job. Until people get past a quota system there will always be discrimination. And until the stories quit being written to let everyone know the “count” then it is always going to be on people’s minds.

    Maybe Horton will be a good head coach one day. He appears to be a pretty good defensive coordinator. I’m sure the cardinals just needed a clean sweep. Horton, if he got the HC for the cardinals may have failed miserably. It might be better for him to goes elsewhere.

  11. Good luck bruce. think in time he can turn it around really depends who he has at Q.B so if they can strike in free agency draft or trade bruce and co. can get IT quicker

  12. I’m not sure the fact that the went with BA as thier coach was racist. But, it sure looks like that may have been the case here. Frist of all you fire Ray Horton. And, I can understand why you would have done that. He was upset because he didn’t go the HC positon. So, it wouldn’t have worked well with him and BA working togeather. But, you replace him with a DC that coached one of the worst defenses in the league last year, who by the way happens to be black. Now, and as a black man this is the way I read this, you hire a OC the worked with BA last year, But, he won’t be calling the plays. The HC will be doing that. And, the OC you hired also happens to be black. This seems to me that the cards are trying to say, “see, we’re not racist. We’ll give anyone a chance” The owner has the right to hire any coach he wants. It’s his team. But, please don’t try to appease the situation by hiring one man that clearly leaves a lot to be disired as a DC and another man that seems to be nothing more than a figure head.

  13. Losing streaks of more than 6 games three years in a row was giving a coach a huge break if you ask me! He had three years to get a QB or even move up in the draft to get one like the redskins did! Constantly rotating QB does not really instill confidence in them to do the job when they are constantly worried about their position! Peyton manning was not good his first year…would Whisenhunt kept with him or switch QB three times!

  14. Whiz and Graves philosophy was build a team around a mediocre QB and you can be successful. 3 years after the great Warner and it didn’t work so IMO the Bidwell’s made the right moves. As a long time Cardinals fan (I used to sweat my you know whats off at Sun Devil stadium) I for one think they are getting a bad rap!

  15. cardinalsfan87 says:
    Jan 19, 2013 9:20 PM
    I’m a diehard cardinals fan and I support the team no matter what. If you don’t like it quit complaining and go follow another team.

    I’m a Saints fan. And, the posting wasn’t so much about football has it was about hiring practicies. And, I will continue to complain anytime I see something that could be even perecived as racism rearing its ugly head. By the way, I’m not sure that’s the case hear. But, if you don’t like seeing the post, here’s a thought, stop reading them.

  16. I love the Cards but its hard to watch them make one bonehead move after another. I just want a season where after 7 games we’re already waiting for next years draft.

  17. This is turning out really well for the Colts!! They get rid of an OC who specializes in getting QBs hit and now he takes their awful O-line coach with him!! So sorry for the Cardinals!! May this somehow work out for you … Really … Maybe a short term turn around and then he retires before he gets your QB killed … Though I guess you need a QB before you can worry about him getting killed!!

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