Dashon Goldson fined $10,000, admits “It was a good call by the ref”


San Francisco safety Dashon Goldson has been fined $10,000 for a hit in the 49ers’ win over the Packers, and he says he understands what he did wrong.

The NFL has confirmed that Goldson was fined for a hit on Green Bay’s DuJuan Harris. Goldson said he understands why he got a 15-yard penalty on the play.

It was a good call by the ref,” Goldson told the San Jose Mercury News. “If it was helmet-to-helmet, good call. But it wasn’t late.”

Goldson has had five unnecessary roughness penalties this season, but he says he isn’t a dirty player.

“I just play football, at the end of the day,” Goldson said. “I don’t try to hurt anybody.”

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  1. This guy has some of the skinniest legs I’ve seen- yet he’s a top 5 “boomer”
    His hits are devastating, you will probably see a couple tonight

  2. Wait. A call against theNiners that was correct? I’m not sure Harbaugh would agree. I mean in all his years of coaching this has never happened.

  3. Trent Balke needs to pay this guy. No more franchise tag – he showed up to camp early, wasn’t a distraction and brings all he’s got every Sunday

  4. It wasn’t late. But was helmet to helmet. Keep laying the wood young man. I love watching this guy play! Hits harder than lott! Yea I said it.

  5. Strong character to admit when youre wrong and point out those who are right. Now if he threw a fit and complained, that would make him a Steeler. And nobody wants that.

  6. Just your garden variety dirty cheap shot. Watch the play. Harris is trapped in the pile with only is head sticking out like a turtle in a shell with no arms to protect himself.
    Goldson then crouches real low and blasts this defenseless, head only, unprotected, after the play is over runner.
    He clearly did it to slow Harris’ juice, and it’s plays like this, Chris Gamble diving at Culpepper’s knees, and that idiot on the Jets diving at Cushing’s knee, not to mention Al Harris diving at AD’s knee that shows me and you that although the NFL can try to make the game safer, you can’t take the killer instinct out of the players. They are trying to hurt each other, and injuries are bound to follow. I would have fined Goldson 150K for that egregious cheap shot, and then you would have people playing football, not cheap shotting and putting livlihoods and brains at risk.

  7. 5 roughness penalties, but most don’t think he’s a dirty player. Meanwhile, Suh had one penalty all year and that was for offsides. And we all know what you people think of Suh. smh

  8. Really a story that has nothing to do with the hawkes and d bag has to bring up call in packer game let it go both teams are out of playoffs and seasons are over

  9. He sounds like a reasonable man.

    I suspect his fine would have been larger were he not so fair-minded about the the call.

  10. Come on this is football, Unless he launches with his head with intent, there should not be a call. When a running back sees contact coming he lowers his head. There is going to be helmet to helmet. But then I grew up in the era where Men were Men.

  11. It was definitely a good call for unnecessary roughness, but it wasn’t late. Aikman was throwing a fit in the booth about it being late, but he didn’t hear the whistle, which came after the hit. Either way, its refreshing to hear a player give a reasonable response.

    P.S. Mr. Suh – this is the right way to carry yourself.

  12. Hit with nothing but his helmet, player was defenseless, good call and props to him for admitting it. Had to be pretty blatant in that game to get called; I think some of the Niners just let go of Packer defenders yesterday.

  13. Why else would a guy hit helmet to helmet? Intent to injure – period!!
    Him admiting this is only based on distracting people from realizing what a dirty player he is.

  14. The issue isn’t being late in itself. Any ball carrier whose forward progress is stopped is defined in the rules as being defenseless, which means you can’t hit him in the head and/or with your helmet.

    Of course it’s a judgement call when exactly the forward progress is stopped, but Harris had been standing still for a while when Goldson arrived. That’s when the issue of lateness comes in.

    Other situations where the player is defined as defenseless: throwing, catching (pass or punt), lying on the ground, etc.

  15. Translation: I intentionally drilled the guy with my helmet to send a message and expected a little chump change fine.

    We do it all the time. Dont you watch Niner games?

  16. im immpressed, usually players dont say that and good character shown, looks like someone wants to stay on the team and get a big contract and who knows he might

  17. You guys are wrong, it was a late hit because his knee was already down and 3 other 49ers already got him down. However it can’t be a helmet to helmet because you can hit a running back with an accidental helmet. Running usually charges with their helmets and get to as possible to gain more yards. If it was a wide out, then helmet to helmet is assist.

  18. I am a Packer fan, but it wasn’t a late hit.

    However Harris was defenseless in two ways per the NFL’s definition:

    – A runner already in the grasp of a tackler and whose forward progress has been stopped

    – A player on the ground at the end of a play

    Because he is defenseless, you can’t go helmet to helmet.

    Small fine was appropriate, but I have to wonder what the fine/suspension would have been for a Ravens player hitting Tom Brady like that.

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