Hatcher waiting to hear where he’ll play in Cowboys’ new 4-3

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Jason Hatcher started 16 games in 2012 as a defensive end in the Cowboys’ now-defunct 3-4 defense.  With the team switching to a 4-3, Hatcher doesn’t know where he will fit, yet.

“[Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin] still doesn’t know where I’m going to play yet,” Hatcher told KESN-FM on Friday, via the Dallas Morning News.  “I don’t know if I’m going to be the Warren Sapp in his 4-3 defense or not.  He does have high hopes for me.  I’m going to be a big part of this defense, so I’m excited about this role I’ll have in this upcoming season.  I’m going to embrace it and be the best I can be.”

Hatcher doesn’t believe the transition will be difficult, regardless of his specific position.

“It’s just some different technique stuff that we got to work out, get our footwork back, get used to getting off the ball, getting up-field, instead of reading somebody,” Hatcher said.  “We can attack more now, so it won’t be much different.  I’m looking forward to it.  That’s the way I played in college, just get up field and attack people. I think that’s something I’ll benefit well from.”

Hatcher said he was was “shocked” by the decision to fire Rob Ryan, but Hatcher regards Kiffin as an “NFL legend.”

The Cowboys are still trying to perform like some legendary editions of the team.  Having some legendary coaching figures can’t hurt.

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  1. Dallas in a 4-3 Tampa -2 Idk bout that one ware is more effective standing up and do the cowboys have the safetys to play the deep ball that the scheme requires idk

  2. As a Bear fan…I actually like the “Tampa 2″…probably in the minority…the d has grown alot in Chicago so..I’m sure Marinelli will take a lot of that to Kiffin…that 3 technique that Hatcher speaks of is key for Dallas to get worked out. Tommie Harris was a stud and things were smokin when he was healthy but once he got hurt he was never the same so he didn’t get double teamed and then we would get gashed…not until Henery Melton started coming a couple of years ago did things start humming again…good luck to Dallas..Marinelli is first class…

  3. the hiring of monte kiffin, was the best thing jerry jones have done this offseason. with Rod Minelli on board as defensvie line coach to sell the players on the new Tampa-2 defense is a move forward. Heck even Tony Dungy, thinks the cowboys are moving in the right direction, with his ole defensive staff now coaching for America’s Team. I see the cowboys making it back to the playoff next season with tony romo finally hoisting that lombardi trophy in new york in 2014. Despite the fact that most of the experts are saying it will probably take 2 yrs for the transition to be complete. I think the cowboys defensive player will buy into the system an will catch on fast will result coming in 2013 instead of 2014. watch out America’s Team is coming back to the top. Romo is going to have the last laugh!!

  4. and… they’re on pace for a legendary mediocre run.

    Jerry just keeps poking his fingers in the leaks…
    Soon, he’s gonna run out of fingers… but the fans will be glad to give him one.

    Feels like the Cowboys are a secondary thought to Jerry… and his Stadium is first… I mean… Jason Garrett… C’Mon man!!!

  5. Hatcher was an animal last season! Him at DT or DE, Ware on the end, Lissemore over the noseguard, thats a scary d line. I hope Ratliff and Spencer will be back. With Lee and Bruce Carter back that’s an insane front 7

  6. The Cowboys are still trying to perform like some legendary editions of the team. Having some legendary coaching figures can’t hurt.
    Getting players that don’t choke like dogs in late season games wouldn’t hurt either.

  7. Hatcher is not a playmaker of any kind.Ordinary against the run and the pass.He should not be starting for any team in the NFL.Himself,Spears,Coleman etc.Kiffin does not know where to play them because they are just bodies.

  8. The Cowboys are still trying to perform like some legendary editions of the team. Having some legendary coaching figures can’t hurt.

    Kiffin resigned at USC after the Trojans finished last season ranked 60th in total defense.

    That’s 60th…I think it can, and will, hurt.

  9. Hatcher was the only constant on the Dline and pretty much the D itself outside of Carr. Very disruptive and the only guy to get pressure, it’s a shame that he hit rg3 in the head and prolonged that drive. He is going to transition nicely. All these ppl who think Dal has the bandwidth to cut a bunch of guys and sign whomever is sorely mistaken. 22 mil over the cap right now. Sure they’ll restructure some guys, but the team in place now is pretty close to what it’ll be. No Spencer though, too $$.

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