Lions hire John Bonamego as special teams coordinator


The Lions have made another addition to their coaching staff, with the hiring of John Bonamego as special teams coordinator.

Bonamego comes from the Jaguars, where he was the special teams coordinator last year. In Detroit he replaces Danny Crossman, who left to join his friend Doug Marrone and become the Bills’ special teams coordinator.

The Lions’ special teams were terrible last season, and they were due for a change, although the Jaguars’ special teams weren’t great, either.

However, Bonamego was well regarded as a special teams coach in other stops prior to Jacksonville last year. He’s been a special teams coach in New Orleans, Miami and Green Bay. Bonamego is a Michigan native who played his college football at Central Michigan.

10 responses to “Lions hire John Bonamego as special teams coordinator

  1. Well regarded?

    Based on the rankings I saw for his special teams since 2002 most of the time his groups end up in the bottom quarter of the league and he gets fired every two years. I even think he got fired mid-season in 2010 by the Dolphins no?

    It’s a mind-boggling hire by a GM/Coach that seem to be in way, way, way over their heads right now.

  2. Hopefully it’ll work out for Bonamego and the Lions. No matter how good of a position coach you are, you have to have the players to work with.

  3. With the offseason still in its infancy, it’s not too early to surmise that the Lions are already planting the seeds for an underwhelming 2013 campaign. Given the opportunity to upgrade in the front office and at virtually every position on the coaching staff, they stood pat where they needed to change and either changed where it appeared less necessary or substituted with either lateral or inferior moves. Add to the mix of middling coaches a roster in major flux with free agency leaving no capable starters in the defensive backfield or at defensive end, one physically/mentally healthy WR, slow footed RBs, aging offensive linemen, a talented but poorly coached QB and significant salary cap woes, the only thing to look forward to is the 2014 press conferences introducing the new administration and head coach.

  4. The Lions have a troubling pipeline established from losing teams and inferior organizations to Detroit. Mayhew and Schwartz continue to mine players via trades and FA and hire coaches from teams at the bottom of the NFL. Just look at folks from the Jaguars organization: Durant, Mike Thomas, Shack Harris, now this… Message to Mayhew because you obviously need the help: You get better by bringing coaches and players to Detroit who know how to win and have won championships! These bozo’s are due for another terrible 2014 campaign. Just sell the team already and get moving to LA.

  5. Meh…I have lost faith in the coaching and management of the Lions… I hope they don’t screw up the draft… Unfortunately I believe the Lions are in for another sub-standard year and then firing the GM and Coach next off season…
    I hope I am wrong… I really do… The Lions do have some talented players, I do not want to to see them wasted… I need to win… Lions fans have been too patient… (The Lions should trade Suh too…before the draft…)

  6. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that Schwartz is doing everything, humanly possible to get his butt fired by Thanksgiving. But, what’d I know, I just a fan.

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