Raiders hire Greg Olson as offensive coordinator


Greg Olson is the new offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders.

Olson, who spent last season as quarterbacks coach of the Jaguars, was hired by the Raiders late on Friday, according to multiple reports.

The Raiders fired Greg Knapp as their offensive coordinator at the end of the season, and they generally kept things under wraps about who their candidates to replace Knapp were — other than a surprising report that Mike Martz was under consideration. There were no reports that Olson had interviewed the job before Olson got the job.

Before taking the Jaguars job a year ago, Olson was offensive coordinator of the Buccaneers from 2009 to 2011. He has also been an offensive coordinator in Detroit and St. Louis.

46 responses to “Raiders hire Greg Olson as offensive coordinator

  1. raiders are done ,

    i would bleed silver and black , it aint the same without AL,

    al made things exciting , rebel – like, and RAIDER LIKE , even in his last years,

    hue jackson had this offense putting up points, bresnahans defense blew 4 games in 2011.


    they just dont want established coaches to get the voice of the locker room over Dennis Allen,

    this is disgusting.

    Reggie McKeznie you better PUT A WINNING TEAM ON THE FIELD THIS YEAR

    how is a back to back year 8-8 in 2010, 2011

    all of a sudden a complete rebuild project, they were 1 game away, 1 4th Q away from playoffs last year,

    how are they this bad, i thought allen was a D coach, how is the D worse then 2011?


  2. I really like this guy as our OC!! When he called the plays for the rams in 2006 they had a 4000 yrd QB, 1500 yrd RB and two 1000 yrd WRS & were 10th in the league in scoring!!! And that was with Marc Bulger!!!! Great hire RM & DA!! Powerblocking scheme too!!!

  3. Jacksonville, St.Louis, Detroit… what a stellar resume. How do these guys keep getting NFL jobs?

    Not a fan of ’em, but still sad to see the Raidahs trapped in mediocrity.

  4. Because he had no choice but to let some of the key players on those 8 -8 teams go due to their salary cap hit, courtesy of Al! It’s going to be a couple of years before they are a genuine contender. None of it being Reggie’s fault.

  5. fishfiletkray says:
    Jan 19, 2013 8:13 AM
    Get ready for the end around Raider fans!
    I don’t know if any coach ran more end arounds than Hue Jackson

  6. I guess Dennis Allen likes Offensive Coordinators who’s failed everywhere they’ve been.

    Nothing like building a successful program with coaches who have a history of failure.

    Will this Dennis Allen Era hurry up and end.

  7. “Raiders hire Greg Olson as offensive coordinator”


  8. This is the same guy from Tampa Bay a couple of years ago that was found to have a disturbing lack of leadership and offensive game planning skills, right? Wasn’t he fired right before the season started?

  9. When will faid fans realize that good coaches don’t go to oakland, period.

    Get used to bottom of the barrel scraps because thats all there is in your present and future.

    Players have no choice to be traded to a bad team, but coaches have options.

  10. Are you kidding me? Greg Olsen? This is the late bloomer hire we were all waiting for? I was hoping for Chris Ault from Nevada who happens to be the master. At the pistol power run scheme. Which fits Dmac perfectly! We should hire Romonowski as our LB coach and bring back big Wiz to run the line and keep Saunders working with out TE `s. Ault can then go get Tebow who nobody seems to want anymore and knows the pistol better then anyone. It was Ault who creater Kapernik and he could have done something with Pryor as our back up and more with Tebow. We hand Palmer & Lovehearttheir walking papers and if Myers wants to go then let him. I think Ausberry is a beast and with some coaching up by Saunders he would be awesome! He reminds me of Steven Jackson with the samerunning style “aggressive ‘” run you over. If RM & DA want to shake things up for the future so we can start winning again then shake the out of it! Im really concerned about what the hell these two are doing! Im losing my faith in these guys and their decisions. We eithet get with where thethe new. NFL is evolving and stay ahead of the curve or we will keep losing. The big,mobile,fast Qb that has the big arm is whete its going. If they cant see that defenses cant stop that type of offense, thay should not be GM or HC! How can we the fans see all this but they cant? Raider fan since 75…. Just Win Baby! !!!!

  11. So why fire hue Jackson?

    Olson only had that one good season with freeman in 2010.

    He gets the job??

    Again, you should have brought back hue like how the Chiefs and Cowboys brought back their respective ex-HC’s Gunther Cunningham and Dave Campo.

    The Raiders are going nowhere!!

  12. I will take it as it is, nothing sexy, but a vast improvement over Greg Knapp…thats the bottom line. Plus Al Saunders is still up in the box, and with the team.

    I will keep an open mind, and wish hip all of the success in the new gig in Oakland. I think he will quickly learn the Raider Nation does not have patience…it’s all about winning…winning cures all…

    (good thing Raiders are coaching the senior bowl, and it helps if you have coaches)

  13. I feel for Olson. He went from one of the worst teams in the league to the other candidate for worst team in the league. The Raiders have gone TEN (10) straight seasons w.o a winning record including seven straight w at least eleven (11) losses, an NFL record.

    Just lose, baby!

  14. And there lies the problem with an ubber young HC. They don’t have the rolodex that and well seasoned veteran coach has.

    Not sure this would be an upgrade to Knapp.

    Just when you “thought” there was no where to go but up…..

  15. Greg olson??…who. . .I have a feeling that reggie offered all his candidates a cheap contract ($$$) and that is why big names like norv turner, mike martz, and ken whizenhunt turned it down. . They offered a contract that only a guy like greg olson would take. . .SMH

  16. 40 Plus years of being a Raider fan..What a joke this organization has become. The QB coach from the second worst record team in the NFL?

  17. First off to Raider Haters, if you don’t like the Raiders, then why come to our page? Stay away and keep your dumb comments to yourself. Second, I don’t see Olson working as OC. Allen dug his grave with Knapp, now he fell in it with Olson. Chucky won’t coach this coming year and I see maybe Allen is gone after this coming year. Maybe Chucky will see his way back. I really hope Olson works out, but I don’t think so and see another long season. Go Raiders anyways!!!!!!!

  18. As a Raider fan, I’m willing to approach the Greg Olson choice with an open mind – wait & see.

    However I think that the Raiders should’ve made Al Saunders the OC (if he was interested in the job). Saunders is already on staff and he’s a proven commodity.

  19. Greg Knapp’s resume is better than Olson’s.

    Ken Zamese
    Geep Chryst
    John Morton(after learning from Harbaugh)
    Sean Ryan(who can grow into the position)
    Al Saunders
    Hue Jackson

    We end up with Greg Olson. Dennis Allen has one of the most coveted jobs in the country, only 32 of them. And he hires Greg Knapp and Greg Olson to be offensive coordinators. OCs who longest stint with a franchise doesn’t exceed 3 years. I mean what the h- e double L is he thinking.

  20. The Raiders on Friday hired Greg Olson to be their offensive coordinator, a person familiar with the situation confirmed Friday night.
    Olson spent last season as the assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He replaces Greg Knapp in Oakland and will work under coach Dennis Allen.
    Olson has six years’ experience as an offensive coordinator in the NFL, including three with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, from 2009-11. He also had one year in that capacity with the Detroit Lions and two with the St. Louis Rams.
    During that time, Olson was credited with the rapid development of Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman into one of the league’s more promising players and for getting the most out of the Rams skill position players.
    In 2006, the Rams became only the fourth team in NFL history with a 4,000-yard passer (Marc Bulger), 1,500-yard rusher (Steven Jackson) and two 1,000-yard receivers (Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce).
    It’s also worth noting that Olson favors a power-blocking scheme

  21. I think the biggest problem is there’s no money for top tier players or coaches. I think Mark Davis will have seen enough by years end and they will both be gone. If we dont make the playoffs when we were 1 quarter away two years ago now, the writing will better be on the wall. RM and DA are destroying this as fast as they came in. I dont believe in either one of them and their lack of experience is starting to rear its ugly head. Maybe just ma ybe after RM. fixes. our cap, he fires DAand gets some real coaching and players in here. Thats my last shred of hope for atleast RM but i think DA should fit into right into the Knapp mold and should have been walking with him. He is a gutless wonder!

  22. All you bandwagon fans jump off now and don’t come back, you’re as useless as that snake in the grass, Hue Jackson.

    To the real Raider fans here: The Raiders only need a play caller, not an OC, because Al Saunders is still there.

  23. Drew Brees’ quarterbacks coach at Purdue, Olson has spent six full years and part of another as an NFL offensive coordinator. His units have produced the best seasons in the careers of NFL playmakers Steven Jackson (2006) and Josh Freeman (2010). The common themes of his offense, which now will put Darren McFadden in a downhill, power scheme, have included:
    •Explosive ground games that ranked among the league’s top 10 in rushing plays of 50-plus yards during four of his six years as an offensive coordinator;
    •High-octane elements that fueled two finishes in the NFL’s top 10 in plays of 20-plus yards;
    •Three 1,000-yard rushers in six years as an OC, three 1,000-yard receivers, and two of the more impressive passing seasons by an NFL quarterback in the last decade (Marc Bulger in 2006 and Freeman in 2010);
    •Four Pro Bowl selections, all skills players;
    •A knack for punching in touchdowns in goal-to-go situations (two finishes in the top eight of league rankings);
    •A propensity for protecting the ball (finished among the NFL’s top six in fewest giveaways on two occasions);
    •An ability to consistently find paydirt in the run game, something the Raiders lacked in 2012;
    •A noticeable lack of dropped passes and negative-yardage plays, especially negative runs.
    Look guys, D.A has stopped the penalties and the raiders have cap space to pick up the players that they want, if they draft well this team will be back on top trust me…

  24. For anyone who thinks this is a bad hire consider this. He had the offense in Tampa bay play very well. They went 10-6 under his play calling. Back when he was with the rams, he had Steven jackson rush for 1,500 yards and the qb throw for 4,000. Even last year in Jacksonville he had Blaine Gabbert looking good by throwing him in the shotgun formation. Heck, even Chad Henne went neck to neck with the Colts offense because of him. At the very least we get a great QB coach out of him.

  25. slickster35 says: Jan 19, 2013 9:55 AM

    When will faid fans realize that good coaches don’t go to oakland, period.
    Get used to bottom of the barrel scraps because thats all there is in your present and future.
    Players have no choice to be traded to a bad team, but coaches have options.
    Like the option of going to the Kansas City Chiefs, the worst team in the league in 2012, a team so wretched they got swept by the Raiders? When will Chief fans realize their team hasn’t been relevant since 1970, and when people talk about inept franchises around the league, KC is in the conversation? If you really want to feel superior, go root for a winner.

  26. There might not always be a ton of pessimistic fans in raider nation, But the sad truth is that there will be because of the recent history of failure. RAIDER NATION!!! I speak to all of you at this time.

    Al Davis has passed on and with the help of great minds such as John Madden and Jon Gruden, Mark Davis has made the decision to put Reggie McKenzie in place to run this organization. We know that when an organization is in a rebuilding mode there will be some growing pains. We saw that this season as Dennis Allen had made the mistake of putting Greg Knapp in place as the offensive coordinator. Raider fans know better than that, but a rookie head coach unfortunately had to learn the hard way. All I’ve heard since Greg Olsen the new offensive coordinator was put into place is negative comments from some of our so-called loyal fans. Greg Olsen has a good resume although it may not be perfect because he inherited a bad Jaguar team and the bad Jaguar quarterback look at what he has accomplished. And I will tell you that it is impressive.

    We have the POWER BLOCKING SCHEME back. We all screamed at the television this last season for the power blocking scheme. Now that we have it back keep your head up, put a smile on your face, and have faith that this guy will get it done.

    The reason the Jaguars hired him is because they were a mess and needed someone like him to clean up their mess. As we all know you can only polish a turd so much. He did a good job but with so much to work with things take time. This time he will have Darren McFadden running the right scheme, a veteran quarterback, and a speedy wide receiver core.

    Don’t shake your head side to side, shake it up and down because I guarantee this is the guy to turn things around.

    Rise up and come together raider nation. This is the time where we start to make our mark in the post Al Davis era. God rest his soul.

    We will be great once again!


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